Joe mauer partner

Joe Mauer is a 37 year old American Baseballer. Born Joseph Patrick Mauer on 19th April, 1983 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States, he is famous for Minnesota Twins catcher. His zodiac sign is Aries. Joe Mauer is a member of the following lists: People from Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1983 births and All-Star Futures Game players. Joe Mauer had a surprising guest for his number retirement ceremony: rapper T.I. By Andrew Mearns @mearnspsa . June 15, 2019. The stars were out at Target Field on Saturday, as the Twins honored the career of hometown hero Joe Mauer by retiring his No. 7. ... and longtime partner-in-crime Justin Morneau offered some kind words. “You were a ... View Joe Maurer’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Joe has 7 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Joe’s connections ... Joe Mauer is a name that stands out not just in the category of baseball, but across the entire sporting world. Let’s discover his Biography, Net Worth, Age, wife/partner, Family, Affairs, Measurements, Achievements & Much More! Biography Baseball star Joe Mauer is the greatest baseball player in the history of the sport, and that success […] Joe Mauer profile page, biographical information, injury history and news Joe Mauer and Mom Partner with Kemps St. Paul-based Kemps, LLC, announced Friday that it has signed a three-year promotional partnership with Twins catcher Joe Mauer and his mother, Teresa Mauer. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Here are the possibilities for the upcoming conquest mission's "former MVP" reward.

2017.08.11 23:31 Woolly_Mattmoth Here are the possibilities for the upcoming conquest mission's "former MVP" reward.

According to the blog post today, the new conquest missions next week will lead to a former MVP reward. Here is a list of every player in the game who's won an MVP award that we don't already have in the game, while eliminating some that seem unlikely:
1969 Harmon Killebrew
1969 Willie McCovey
1970 or 1972 Johnny Bench
1975 or 1976 Joe Morgan
1978 Jim Rice
1980 George Brett (We already have the postseason Brett for collecting the AL, this would upset people who locked in millions for that card)
1980, 1981, or 1986 Mike Schmidt (We just had a 99 3rd baseman program and the vs. CPU missions for a 99 Phillie)
1984 Ryne Sandberg (We already have a 99 Sandberg program)
2001 Ichiro (Giving out this card for free would piss off everyone who locked in the AL West for the other Ichiro)
2006 Justin Morneau (Honestly this card just won't be good enough to give out as a major mission reward at this point in the game)
2007 Jimmy Rollins (We just had his double play partner as the reward for the last vs. CPU missions, I think SDS will aim for more diversity than this)
2008 Dustin Pedroia
2009 Joe Mauer
2011 Justin Verlander
2011 Ryan Braun
2014 or 2016 Mike Trout (LOL yeah right)
2014 Clayton Kershaw (Too similar to his live card and the leaked flashback was a 2015 all-star card, not a hardware)
2015 Josh Donaldson
2016 Kris Bryant (It's possible, but wouldn't be much better than his live card)
Overall I think that leaves us with a group of Killebrew, McCovey, Bench, Morgan, Rice, Pedroia, Mauer, Verlander, Braun, and Donaldson that we can reasonably predict from.
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2016.04.29 17:17 ihavenothing13 The Best Player Platoon Splits Over the Past 20 Years

I feel like I should explain this post a bit. These are not the best platoon partners, as I tried to find after seeing this post by u/thedeejus, which turns out to be very, very hard to figure out. However, a few platoon guys (in addition to big name players) do make the odd appearance here and there.
Instead, what I bring to you today are the greatest hitters of the past 20 years (1996-2015), ordered in a small variety of ways, based on the following split statistics:
Sorry for all you switch hitter enthusiasts, but they are excluded from the same handed matchups. So, Dmitri Young's five at-bats against lefties where he batted left handed will not appear below, even though he had three hits (all singles) for a .6/.6/.6 slash line (uh oh) and 1.200 OPS.
The only requirement for possible inclusion in one of these Top 10's was at least 1,000 plate appearances over the course of the 20 year span of time. That way I got to see some of the lesser known platoon guys. I've also included an Honorable Mention or several at the end of each list just because.
Left Handed Batting Stats
Rank LHB's Name Avg PA (vs. LHP) Rank LHB's Name Avg PA (vs. RHP)
1 Tony Gwynn .347 719 1 Tony Gwynn .344 1633
2 Ichiro Suzuki .328 2936 2 Larry Walker .335 3404
3 Larry Walker .324 1374 3 Reggie Jefferson .332 1178
4 Nori Aoki .321 648 4 Joe Mauer .324 4148
5 Alex Sanchez .317 387 5 Todd Helton .324 6762
6 Ben Revere .304 788 6 Dave Nilsson .323 1392
7 Mark Grace .300 1232 7 Will Clark .320 1750
8 Rusty Greer .300 997 8 Barry Bonds .317 4591
9 Todd Helton .298 2691 9 Robinson Cano .317 4714
10 Mo Vaughn .298 1277 10 Joey Votto .316 3285
HM #14 Brock Holt .293 336 HM #12 Rusty Greer .311 2614
HM #15 Ross Gload .293 305 HM #18 Scooter Gennett .307 976
I never realized just how horrific Scooter is against lefties. He has a .350 career OPS. Holy crap.
Rank LHB's Name OPS PA (vs. LHP) Rank LHB's Name OPS PA (vs. RHP)
1 Barry Bonds 1.078 1977 1 Barry Bonds 1.201 4591
2 Larry Walker .966 1374 2 Larry Walker 1.064 3404
3 Mo Vaughn .915 1277 3 Jim Thome 1.051 6373
4 Tony Gwynn .912 719 4 Todd Helton 1.001 6762
5 Joey Votto .905 1472 5 Lance Berkman .995 5989
6 Nick Johnson .860 852 6 Carlos Delgado .992 1392
7 Jason Giambi .854 2481 7 Joey Votto .981 1750
8 Rafael Palmeiro .845 1952 8 David Ortiz .975 6608
9 Todd Helton .837 2691 9 Jim Edmonds .970 5210
10 David Justice .835 899 10 Prince Fielder .960 4368
HM #11 Rusty Greer .832 997 HM #11 Brian Giles .958 5610
HM #16 Daric Barton .809 577 HM #13 Dave Nilsson .956 1392
HM #17 Blake DeWitt .809 229
(I was going to do Home Runs, but it was really boring and mostly just the OPS guys again, so I chose BABIP because the leaders are so strange.)
Rank LHB's Name BABIP PA (vs. LHP) Rank LHB's Name BABIP PA (vs. RHP)
1 Brock Holt .391 336 1 Reggie Jefferson .385 1178
2 Mo Vaughn .373 1277 2 Christian Yelich .371 1054
3 Akinori Iwamura .367 519 3 Shin-Soo Choo .357 3322
4 Todd Hollandsworth .362 415 4 Joey Votto .356 3285
5 Alex Sanchez .361 387 5 Rich Becker .351 1771
6 Joey Votto .360 1472 6 Joe Mauer .350 4148
7 Brennan Boesch .359 399 7 Nyjer Morgan .348 1799
8 Ichiro Suzuki .353 2936 8 Wilson Betemit .348 1766
9 Larry Walker .353 1374 9 Dee Gordon .348 1458
10 Christian Yelich .352 404 10 Larry Walker .346 3404
HM #12 Mike Carp .349 192 HM #11 Matt Carpenter .346 1692
Fun Facts from running the HR numbers for Lefty Hitters (remember that this just includes data from the time period of 1995-2015):
Right Handed Batting Stats
Rank RHB's Name Avg PA (vs. RHP) Rank RHB's Name Avg PA (vs. LHP)
1 Miguel Cabrera .322 6323 1 Tony Fernandez .354 470
2 Vladimir Guerrero .316 6847 2 Jose Altuve .353 792
3 Nomar Garciaparra .313 4576 3 Roberto Kelly .344 563
4 Edgar Martinez .321 4108 4 Moises Alou .344 1331
5 Albert Pujols .317 7425 5 Freddy Sanchez .342 936
6 Manny Ramirez .310 6592 6 Juan Gonzalez .340 1112
7 Mike Trout .310 2108 7 David Wright .340 1710
8 Paul Molitor .310 1453 8 Ryan Braun .335 1309
9 Matt Holliday .309 5363 9 Derek Jeter .332 3205
10 Dante Bichette .307 2745 10 Paul Goldschmidt .332 659
HM #13 Buster Posey .303 2225 HM #11 Geronimo Berroa .331 456
HM #15 Derek Jeter .302 9346 HM #20 Jordy Mercer .324 320 (career .257
Rank RHB's Name OPS PA (vs. RHP) Rank RHB's Name OPS PA (vs. LHP)
1 Mark McGwire 1.104 2457 1 Mark McGwire 1.134 775
2 Manny Ramirez .988 6592 2 Albert Belle 1.086 766
3 Albert Pujols .915 7425 3 Manny Ramirez 1.060 2220
4 Mike Trout .912 2108 4 Juan Gonzalez 1.043 1112
5 Miguel Cabrera .905 6323 5 Paul Goldschmidt 1.035 659
6 Jeff Bagwell .860 5156 6 Ryan Braun 1.030 1309
7 Alex Rodriguez .854 8763 7 Sammy Sosa 1.025 1595
8 Edgar Martinez .845 4108 8 Jeff Bagwell 1.024 6608
9 Gary Sheffield .837 6116 9 Frank Thomas 1.014 5210
10 Vladimir Guerrero .835 6847 10 Albert Pujols 1.010 4368
HM #11 Ellis Burks .832 2954 HM #15 Mike Stanley .992 704
HM #12 Frank Thomas .916 5104 HM #21 Junior Spivey .987 570
HM #13 Jose Abreu .914 974
Rank RHB's Name BABIP PA (vs. RHB) Rank RHB's Name BABIP PA (vs. LHP)
1 Mike Trout .364 2108 1 Starling Marte .392 385
2 Austin Jackson .359 2624 2 Chris Johnson .391 724
3 Yasiel Puig .358 1032 3 Jose Altuve .387 792
4 Paul Goldschmidt .350 1989 4 Roberto Kelly .386 563
5 Miguel Cabrera .349 6323 5 Eric Davis .377 612
6 Derek Jeter .346 9346 6 Jeff DaVanon .376 217
7 Jose Abreu .346 974 7 Geronimo Berroa .376 456
8 Julio Franco .345 1730 8 Matt Kemp .373 1359
9 Lorenzo Cain .345 1356 9 Emilio Bonifacio .373 797
10 Chris Johnson .344 2007 10 Paul Goldschmidt .372 659
HM #11 Mike Carp .343 1541 HM #11 Brandon Barnes .371 396
HM #18 DJ LeMahieu .340 1396 HM #12 Wily Mo Pena .371 650
Story #1: Austin Jackson had a .359 BABIP vs RHP, but only a .278 batting average vs RHP for a difference of -.081. That was by far the greatest disparity between the two categories for any player in the Top 20 and is second only to Jose Hernandez and his .335/.251 (-.084) difference out of players in the Top 50+ (likely many more, I don't have all day) for BABIP vs. RHP. I'm not completely familiar on the relationship between BABIP and batting average, so could some explain what's going on here? Does Jackson essentially just make a lot of contact, but his balls in play are mostly all just weak mid-range fly balls that are easy to get under?
EDIT: I wrote the above prior to doing the Righty/Lefty babip leaders. DaVanon's .268 avg vs. lefties was 108 points lower than his babip, Bonifacio's is 87, Barnes' is also 108, and Wily Mo's is 96 points lower. Drew Stubbs sits at a .371 babip too, but his average of .275 is 95 points lower. What the heck, guys?
The Right Handed HR numbers are pretty uninteresting due to the overwhelming number of RHP in the majors, so I'm skipping that part.
Story #2: Instead of HR numbers, I'm going to talk about Jose Valentin, who might have a case for being the worst switch hitter in MLB history, at least given how long he was a major leaguer and kept up his charade of being a switch hitter. Batting left handed against RHP, Valentin had 4893 plate appearances, hit 225 HR (one every 22 trips to the plate, more than respectable), drove in 692 runs, and slashed .253/.331/.486. That's a plenty decent .817 OPS, which was more or less average for the era of baseball in which Jose played (1992-2007).
However, when Jose was facing a LHP and chose to bat righty, it was a whole different story. Valentin had 1370 plate appearances, but hit only 22 HR (one every 62 PA), drove in just 115 runs, and slashed a meager .209/.284/.309 for an abysmal .593 OPS. His tOPS+ of 57 (a bref stat) indicates he performed 43% worse than his career averages in this split.
Why did Jose continue batting righty against LHP? I wonder if a coach ever tried to get him to stop. SSS be damned, but we will forever have the 14 plate appearances Jose had batting left handed against LHP, wherein he was 5/12 with a sac, walk, and 1 HR. What if, Jose? What if...
You know, maybe this section should have been its own post.
And one final fun fact/story: * Of all the switch hitters I noticed, Mark Teixeira had the most plate appearances hitting as a RHB against a RHP. What did he do in those 44 PA? Oh, just slash a ridiculous .341/.364/.659, good for a 1.022 OPS. He went 14/41 with two walks and a sac fly, driving in 5 runs with 3 HR and 5 doubles. I decided to dig a little deeper to try to figure out why Texieira did this and found one game that stood out. In 2009, Teixeira did this once, going 3/3 with 2 doubles against a RHP. Well, it turns out that game was against the Red Sox and knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. Switch hitter Teixeira stood in the RH batter's box three times against RHP Wakefield and went single, double, double. For his 4th AB, Ramon Ramirez had replaced Wakefield on the mound, so Teixeira switched to the left side and blasted a 2 run HR. His last at-bat was a groundout against RHP Papelbon from the left side. The Yankees lost 5-6.
I didn't try to find all of Teixeira's games where he batted RH against a RHP because it would take even more time than I've already devoted to this post, but if you want to take a crack at it, here's all the years in which he did it. I wonder if it was always against a knuckleballer.¶ms=platovs%20RHP%20as%20RHBteixema01batAB
Interestingly, he's done it in at least one game in 10 out of his 13 seasons and one of those in which he did not was his injury plagued 2013. He did it 4 times in 2015.
If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I at least helped you pass some time in a fun way. It was a lot of fun to put this together. Also, a huge shout out to the Baseball Reference Play Index. It's an absolutely outstanding tool and I highly recommend purchasing a subscription. $36 for a year's worth of wasting a ton of time at work. You couldn't ask for a better deal.
Also, if I made any errors above or you have questions about any queries I ran, feel free to point them out in the comments below.
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2015.10.29 20:37 davoarid My Off-Season Plan For The Twins

I do this every year, trying to come up with plausible scenarios for both sides (Twins and their trade partners; players and agents, etc)... if only they'd listen and let me run this team!
  1. Release Kurt Suzuki. Tell him to spend our money wisely.
  2. Non-tender Casey Fien.
  3. Trade Adam Walker and Michael Cederoth to the Orioles for Brian Matusz and Caleb Joseph.
  4. Trade Trevor Plouffe to the Nationals for Blake Treinen, Jakson Reetz, and Abel De Los Santos.
  5. Trade Tommy Milone to the Mariners for Chris Taylor and David Rollins.
  6. Sign John Jaso to a 1-year, $5,000,000 contract.
  7. Sign Trevor Cahill to a 1-year, $2,000,000 contract, with 2 Team Options for $4,000,000 each.
  8. Sign David Hernandez to a 1-year, $1,500,000 contract, with a Team Option for $3,000,000.
Leaving us with this team:
C: Caleb Joseph 1b: Joe Mauer 2b: Brian Dozier 3b: Miguel Sano SS: Eduardo Escobar LF: Eddie Rosario CF: Byron Buxton RF: Aaron Hicks DH: John Jaso
Bench: Oswaldo Arcia (LF/RF), Josmil Pinto (C), Chris Taylor (MI), Eduardo Nunez (IF/OF).
SP: Phil Hughes SP: Ervin Santana SP: Kyle Gibson SP: Ricky Nolasco SP: Trevor May SP/RP: Tyler Duffey RP: Trevor Cahill RP: David Hernandez RP: Kevin Jepsen RP: Blake Treinen RP: Brian Matusz CL: Glen Perkins
Waiting in the wings (hitters): Max Kepler (1b/LF), Kennys Vargas (DH/1B), Jorge Polanco (SS), Danny Santana (SS/CF).
Waiting in the wings (pitching): Alex Meyer (SP), Jose Berrios (SP), Taylor Rogers (SP), David Rollins (RP), Abel De Los Santos (RP).
  1. Yeah. If he’s on the roster Molitor will play him. He needs to go away. He was one of the worst regulars in baseball.
  2. Eh, he’s cheap—maybe around $2MM in arb—but he’s thrown a lot of innings the last few years, and his K-rate has declined precipitously, as a result, down to 6 per 9 innings last year. They can do better.
  3. Okay. So they have about 7 outfielders on their roster between the ages of 23 and 26 who are (or are very near) Major League ready. Someone’s gotta go. I’d have liked it to be Oswaldo Arcia—actually, I’d have liked them to trade him last year—but his trade value has sunk so much after a lost 2015, we’ll go to the next on the list. Adam Walker has great power but few other skills—tons of strike outs (195 in 133 games!) and not enough walks. I’m assuming the Orioles will let their free agents go and start a rebuild, and they might see a future Chris Davis in Walker right now. Caleb Joseph will give Minnesota a great defensive catcher for the first time since Mauer, and Matusz—entering his last year before free agency—is an above average reliever. I hope this one’s fair. I really don’t know what Baltimore’s plan is.
  4. Yeah, time to say bye to Plouffe too. Set to receive about $8MM in arbitration—too much for a guy who’s stagnated and is blocking Miguel Sano. We’re getting an established reliever who costs nothing in Treinen, another ML-ready relief pitching prospect in De Los Santos, and a catching prospect in Reetz (MN has very little organizational depth there.)
  5. Milone is sorta like Plouffe—starting to get expensive, blocking prospects. He had a superficially good year, and we’re running out of stupid GMs, so I don’t think they can get much. Taylor has no home in Seattle (behind Miller and now Marte on the depth chart), but is a solid fielder who can play a few positions and hit a bit. There are worse backups, and always a chance he gets the “Oh, I’m finally out of this horrible team” boost that ex-Mariners get. Rollins is a young lefty reliever with okay peripherals last year—the Twins’ bullpen is pretty heavily right-handed.
  6. Did you know the Twins had the worst OBP in the American League in 2015? I didn’t. They have some fun young options at DH (Arcia, Vargas, Kepler, Pinto, etc), but I think there’s a huge benefit to having an established veteran with a great eye like Jaso sorta mentor everyone in. And if he gets injured right away and misses the year, well, it wasn’t a ton of money—time to see which prospect showed up.
  7. Yeah, I really liked Cahill last year, and still like him now. He had great numbers for Atlanta after moving to the bullpen, and it’s always helpful to have an emergency starter. And I think any time you sign a guy who could be on the verge of a break-out season to a 1-year contract, you owe it to yourself to include a Team Option or cost, and a big reward if he re-discovers his stuff!
  8. David Hernandez—same deal. Good K-rate—that’s what the bullpen needs.
......Well, I think it’s pretty obvious what the big picture is here: Clear room for the young players, shore up the bullpen, and, beyond that, just stay out of the way. I don’t think the AL Central will be all that strong next year, though free agency could change that quickly. But as is…they addressed their weaknesses without increasing their payroll or trading off any major prospects.
They should make me the GM.
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2013.08.16 11:20 _depression State of the League: American League

You guys know the deal, use this thread to discuss the current storylines in the American League (had to shorten this because character limits).


70-51 5-1 +1 71-49 3-4 - 72-51 2-4 -
68-52 4-3 -1 65-56 3-3 - 68-51 2-4 -
55-65 2-4 - 62-57 3-4 - 65-55 2-4 -
54-66 3-4 - 54-65 5-3 - 62-58 5-2 -
39-81 2-5 - 46-74 3-5 - 56-65 3-4 -
  • This has been a surprisingly down week for AL teams, with only 4 of 15 having positive records since August 9. The AL West finished -1, the AL Central finished -2, and the AL East finished -4.
  • The Yankees were able to take advantage of the down week as they surged back into relevance, now only 6 games back in the Wild Card.
  • Unlike the National League, every American League division has a (relatively) close race for the top, and there are 4 teams within 7 games of the Wild Card spots.


  • The Rangers will finish off the month of August against sub-.500 teams, greeting both the Mariners and Astros for three game series at home this week. They have every opportunity to put some distance between themselves and the A's.
  • Welcoming the Indians and Mariners for three game series this upcoming week, Oakland has to fend off the Cleveland team that's fighting for a playoff spot, while at the same time not letting the Rangers get too big of a lead in the West.
  • The Tigers continue a very important series today against the Royals as they try to maintain their solid lead in the Central before the Twins come to town and try to keep winning and upset the contending teams.
  • The Indians head West for three games each against the A's and Angels, hoping to maintain their precarious position between the Tigers and Royals.
  • After battling Detroit for four more games, the Royals will come home to welcome the White Sox for a mid-week series, looking to gain as much ground as they can in the standings.
  • The sputtering Red Sox will try to regain their footing this week against the suddenly reinvigorated Yankees before heading out West to San Francisco, looking to fight back the always competitive AL East before a weekend series against the Dodgers.
  • The Rays will do their best to inch closer to the Red Sox and distance themselves from the Wild Card hopefuls as they play the Blue Jays and Orioles in three game series this week, still wondering why they can never catch a break.
  • Baltimore will play host to the Rockies and Rays this week, hoping the friendly confines of Camden Yards will be beneficial to their record than the Arizona desert was.
  • After exploding back into the playoff race this past week, the Yankees will try to take down the giants in Boston before hosting the Blue Jays for a four game series in the middle of the week, fighting time and injuries on the quest for 28.
I don't think it makes sense to go over every schedule, but let me know if you feel otherwise.


  • Peter Bourjos should be back in the lineup today, and Howie Kendrick isn't far off either, as the team look to salvage what's left of a disappointing season. The starting rotation has seen Garrett Richards come back and pitch much better than he had at the beginning of the year, while CJ Wilson and Jered Weaver have continued to pitch well despite rough starts against the Rangers and Yankees recently, respectively. And we watch as Josh Hamilton tries to wake up his bat, with 11 hits in the past 7 games and 7 RBI.
  • Trevor Crowe has been heating it up in AAA as he works his way back to the team, hoping to add something to the lineup in support of a starting rotation that's seen good starts from Brad Peacock and Brett Oberholtzer recently, along with the impressive premier of Jarred Cosart, who has a 1.15 ERA in 6 starts this season, including starts against the Rays, Athletics, and Red Sox.
  • Coco Crisp will hopefully be able to play soon as the team tries to keep the Rangers from speeding past them, but until then the offense will be in the hands of Josh Reddick, Josh Donaldson and Yoenis Cespedes. The rotation has been bolstered with two great starts by Sonny Gray and solid performances by Dan Straily and Jarrod Parker recently, while the bullpen has had three pitchers with more than 10 innings and sub-1.00 ERAs this month in Dan Otero, Ryan Cook, and Sean Doolittle.
  • Looking for whatever offense they can get in support of Felix Hernandez's dominant starts, the team has to be glad to see Raul Ibanez hit his first homer since July 12. In the bullpen, Charlie Furbush and Yoervis Medina remain strong as ERAs continue to rise all around them.
  • Adrian Beltre's bat has remained hot this past week even as his partner in crime Elvis Andrus has cooled down, helping lead the team to the top of the division. Yu Darvish and Martin Perez have held down the fort in the rotation this week as well, as Joe Nathan has been perfect in his last four save opportunities.
  • Yan Gomes and Michael Brantley are the hot bats in the lineup recently as the Tribe has had to fight off opposing offenses this past week, Ubaldo Jimenez and Zach McAllister the only two starters to leave their games with a Quality Start. The beleaguered bullpen pitched 28 innings in the 6 games, including Carlos Carrasco who pitched 5 strong innings in relief of Kazmir on the 9th and the duo of Mark Rzepczynski and Joe Smith, who have both kept opposing teams scoreless this month.
  • As Mike Moustakas remains day-to-day with calf tightness, Emilio Bonifacio went 1-4 in his first game for the team, along with the hot bats of Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer. In the rotation, James Shields has returned to form alongside the dominating Bruce Chen. The team hopes Danny Duffy can put together a good outing for this today too as he matches up against Justin Verlander.
  • Anibal Sanchez doesn't want anyone to forget that he's part of the strong starting rotation this year, and the bullpen this past week is pitching to a 3.50 ERA (about a point less without Al Alburquerque's innings). Brayan Pena and Victor Martinez have been red hot with the bad, and 6 different Tigers have home runs this past week. Oh, and before I forget: Miguel Cabrera has 11 hits, including 5 home runs, this past week.
  • Ryan Doumit seems to have recovered from his concussion as the Twins have gone positive this past week. Oswaldo Arcia with his 9-game hitting streak and Joe Mauer with his 5-hit game have lit a spark that has led to an explosion of 16 home runs this week. Andrew Albers has still yet to allow a run in 17 innings, and Liam Hendriks pitched well in his first start in the majors since April.
  • Gordon Beckham hopefully won't miss much time, if any, as he was leading an offense along with the recently hot Alexei Ramirez and Adam Dunn. On the mound, Chris Sale is doing his best to keep his name in Cy Young conversations as Charles Leesman and Andre Rienzo also had strong starts this week and Addison Reed and Matt Lindstrom have been solid this month.
  • Brett Lawrie has been on fire with the bat recently, raising his average 22 points since August 5th, while R.A. Dickey has been the Jay's best starter since the end of July. The bullpen needs a rest, though, having pitched 25.1 innings in the last week.
  • Both JJ Hardy and Chris Davis have 3 home runs in the last week, but Adam Jones went 0-for-14 in the series against the Dbacks as the Orioles got swept. Chris Tillman and Miguel Gonzalez have both pitched well in their last two starts, while Bud Norris has recovered well from his poor starts in the middle of July. In the bullpen, Jim Johnson has blown his last three save opportunities, while Francisco Rodriguez hasn't given up a run in his last 5 appearances.
  • Wil Myers and Yunel Escobar keep hitting for the Rays as Evan Longoria seems to be waking up after a poor July. Chris Archer gave up 5 runs for the first time since his very first start, but David Price and Alex Cobb contributed strong starts this past week. Fernando Rodney blew his only save opportunity of the week, causing some to wonder if he'd recently taken an arrow to the knee.
  • Ryan Dempster and Jake Peavy both rebounded well from poor outings their last time on the mound, and John Lackey and Jon Lester have both pitched well this past week. Daniel Nava is hitting near .350 in his last 10 games, with Dustin Pedroia and Jarrod Saltalamacchia also heating up.
  • Alfonso Soriano and Alex Rodriguez seem to have jumpstarted the pinstripes this week as the team blisters their way back into contention. Robinson Cano is hitting above .500 and Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki aren't taking the offense down with them as they've cooled off the way they might have earlier this season. The spark has extended to the rotation too, with Ivan Nova, Hiroki Kuroda and CC Sabathia all pitching well. But Mariano Rivera has given up 4 runs this week. Go figure.




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2011.06.09 05:45 ignitionNOW Take a deep breath and admit it, everyone: Joe Mauer's left leg, and maybe more of his body, is really messed up.

Ron Gardenhire, Bill Smith, Dave St Peter, and Mauer himself are all in massive denial about how bad Mauer's left knee really is. They've consistently downplayed the injury when the facts suggest its actually getting worse. Specifically, we're talking about Joe's Medial meniscus. From Wikipedia:
The medial meniscus separates the tibia and femur to decrease the contact area between the bones, and serves as a shock absorber reducing the peak contact force experienced. It also reduces friction between the two bones to allow smooth movement in the knee and distribute load during movement.
This band of cartilage is what the doctors fiddled with in 2004. What they did exactly, I don't know. I believe it didn't fix the problem, however, because Mauer has been compensating for it ever since. In 2007, he took a turn on the 15 day DL with a stress reaction in his left fibula that required bone stimulation. A "stress reaction," by the way, is considered a precursor to a stress fracture.
Fast forward to last year. As the year wore on, it became more evident than ever that when when we complained that Mauer was really just whining about "playing hurt" - well, he probably was hurt. Observe the consistency:
Mauer wants to play but his body won't allow him. All his physical problems (except, maybe, the shoulder) stem from his left knee. He needs to stop catching and DH instead. Fans need to accept that, and take some of the pressure off the organization to rush him back behind the dish because no one in that organization, including Joe, will accept the the knee for lost as long as they feel that fans are demanding their franchise player be slotted at catcher.
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Ninja Was SHOCKED After Finding Out Why Epic REMOVED This ... Joe Mauer's retirement press conference - YouTube Joe Mauer  2009 Home Runs - YouTube Joe Mauer Career Highlights - YouTube A look at Twins legend Joe Mauer's career highlights - YouTube Joe Mauer - The Hall of Fame Case - YouTube Joe Mauer gets number retired in Minnesota - YouTube Joe Mauer - Topic - YouTube Mauer gets the runner at home in the ninth - YouTube

Joe Mauer - Minnesota Twins - MLB

  1. Ninja Was SHOCKED After Finding Out Why Epic REMOVED This ...
  2. Joe Mauer's retirement press conference - YouTube
  3. Joe Mauer 2009 Home Runs - YouTube
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Joseph Patrick Mauer, is an American former professional baseball catcher, designated hitter, and first baseman, who spent his entire 15-year Major League Ba... Watch as Joe Mauer's No. 7 is retired and etched into history with the Minnesota Twins. Don't forget to subscribe! Follow us else... In todays video we have Ninja in disbelief after finding out why this creators 'Block' creation was REMOVED from Fortnite after they ALREADY ADDED it to the ... 05.17.09: Joe Mauer fields Francisco Cervelli's comebacker off Joe Milares' glove, then dashes to the plate to tag out Brett Gardner Check out A career highlight video for Joe Mauer The best of six-time All-Star Joe Mauer's terrific 15-year career with the Minnesota Twins About Major League Baseball: Major League Baseball (MLB) is the mo... 2009: .365 AVG 28 HR 96 RBI All rights go to Major League Baseball Follow me on Twitter @justin__stewart Hey everybody! So, Joe Mauer is one of the best players from the 2000's and is one of the best Twins of all time. Today, I thought I'd take a look at his hal... Watch as Joe Mauer announces his retirement from baseball after playing 15 seasons with the Minnesota Twins About Major League Baseball: Major League Basebal... Watch as former Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer's jersey is retired at Target Field.