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11 Facts About Teen Dating Violence Welcome to , a global movement of millions of young people making positive change, online and off! The 11 facts you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects millions of Americans. The term “intimate partner violence” describes physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, or psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse. (See also Domestic Violence). Dating Violence is violence committed by a person, who is in or has been in a social relationship of a romantic of intimate nature with the Complainant.. The existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on the Complainant’s statement and with consideration of the length of the relationship, the type of relationship, and the frequency of interaction ... Teen dating violence also referred to as, “dating violence”, can take place in person or electronically, such as repeated texting or posting sexual pictures of a partner online without consent. Unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime. Teens often think some behaviors, like teasing and name-calling, are a “normal ... Teen Dating Violence. Teen dating violence, sometimes referred to as intimate partner violence, is any physical, psychological, or emotional abuse that occurs within dating relationships of young people ages 12 to 18. This violence usually takes place face-to-face or electronically, such as via phone calls, text messages, or the Internet. For more information on teen dating violence prevention programs, call 978-465-0999 or visit Our 24-hour confidential crisis hotline is always available at 978 ... Dating violence means violence committed by a person—who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim; and where the existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on a consideration of the following factors: (a) The length of the relationship, (b) The type of relationship, (c) The frequency of interaction between the persons involved ... Fighting Teen Dating Violence . While teen dating violence is a common occurrence, it is hardly inevitable. Vigilant teachers, counselors, parents, and friends of victims can spot the signs and help the abused youth get help. Since abuse typically occurs in the homes of youths, parents should keep a watchful eye on their children's interactions with dating partners. For more information about dating violence or abuse, call the OWH Helpline at 1-800-994-9662 or check out the following resources from other organizations: General and Internet Safe Dating Tips (PDF, 174 KB) — Publication from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs offering safety tips for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Healthy relationships consist of trust, honesty, respect, equality, and compromise. 1 Unfortunately, teen dating violence—the type of intimate partner violence that occurs between two young people who are, or who were once in, an intimate relationship—is a serious problem in the United States. A national survey found that ten percent of teens, female and male, had been the victims of ...


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2020.09.06 18:14 NewsPlant Inside the online cult of #JusticeforSSR The story of three men united by their fever-pitch resentment towards Rhea Chakraborty, and their anger and grief at the death of a Bollywood star.

Inside the online cult of #JusticeforSSR The story of three men united by their fever-pitch resentment towards Rhea Chakraborty, and their anger and grief at the death of a Bollywood star.
A picture posted on a popular Facebook group shows actor Rhea Chakraborty next to a coronavirus illustration. “Which virus is more dangerous?” shouts the text on the image. The caption says: “2020 worst year in the history of mankind. The two most dangerous virus against humanity.”
The Facebook group in question is called “Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput”. With over one lakh followers, it’s peppered with posts hashtagged #ArrestRheaChakraborty and #IAmSushant.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
“She should be hanged,” said Singh Dheeraj, one of the group’s five administrators. “But then again, in our country, it took very long for even Afzal Guru or Yakub Memon to be hanged..."
Dheeraj is a final-year engineering student in Faridabad. He agreed to talk to me over a Facebook Messenger call only after he confirmed that I’m a “nationalist”. “I’m against anti-nationalism,” he told me. About being one of the admins of the Facebook group, he said, chuckling: “I have not told my parents or friends. They will think that I am not focusing on my studies.”
For a nation obsessed with Bigg Boss**, viewers no longer need to wait for an episode to be shot and aired. A version of this reality show, well-known for its voyeuristic appeal, plays out all day, every day, on social media and TV news screens. Ever since actor Sushant Singh Rajput died in June, the saga that followed has unfolded on our screens, and the past month has been particularly binge-worthy.**
In a profile by the New York Times in June, talk show host Jon Stewart said, “Twenty-four-hour news networks are built for one thing, and that’s 9/11. There are very few events that would justify being covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So in the absence of urgency, they have to create it.”
And this is exactly what’s happened following Rajput’s death. Except this isn’t a movie — Chakraborty cannot take off her make-up and go home at the end of the day. Instead, she’s been thrust into a real-life trial by the media, where everyone watching, from national television anchors to quiet college-going students, has turned jurist.
In the process, Chakraborty has been torn apart by leading TV news channels, which demand her arrest, accuse her of “black magic” , camp out outside her building, pass off conspiracy theories as “news”, and conduct “postmortems” of Rajput himself. Republic’s Arnab Goswami screaming about drugs is only surpassed by Times Now’s Navika Kumar breathlessly running into the studio claiming to have a bag full of incriminating documents.
“It isn’t that Arnab or Navika don’t know what they’re doing,” said Pratik Sinha, founder of fact-checking site Alt News**. “They know exactly what and why they go on camera for. They have people to please.”**
Instead, it’s worth asking why young men and women like Dheeraj, who have never met either Rajput or Chakraborty, suddenly find themselves dedicating hours to administering Facebook groups that seek “justice for Sushant”.
For this, I spoke to three men – Saahil Chaudhary, an aspiring actomodel; Surjeet Singh Rathore, a member of the Karni Sena, a caste Hindu group; and Dheeraj. What links them is their fever-pitch resentment towards Chakraborty, and their anger and grief at the death of a Bollywood star.

Humans of #ArrestRheaChakraborty

Over the course of lengthy conversations, I asked all the three men where they found their conviction to convict Rhea Chakraborty.
Singh Dheeraj
Dheeraj hadn’t been a big fan of Rajput; what drew him was the fact that Rajput, like himself, was also from Bihar and managed to make it big in Bollywood.
For Dheeraj, the logic is fairly simple as to why he believes that Rajput was murdered, and did not die by suicide.
“How can they suddenly call him crazy now?” he said, possibly referring to reports on Rajput’s mental health. “It must have something to do with the fact that Rhea was living with him, right?”
This is a popular theory. Rajput’s therapist broke confidentiality last month and said the actor had depression and bipolar disorder. While the therapist also said Chakraborty was his “strongest support”, Rajput’s family has claimed that he “started having mental problems” after Chakraborty “came into his life”.
When I asked Dheeraj what kind of changes he thinks Chakraborty brought into Rajput’s life, he paused and came up with this anecdote, which he said is tied to the idea of an “ideal home”.
“Agar Salman [Khan] ki girlfriend ya wife aur Salman ke beech scene hua, toh kiska chalega? Salman ka hi chalega. Aur jabki yahan par Sushant aur Rhea ke sath jo scene hua, usme kiska chala tha? Rhea ka chala tha,” he said. (If something happens between Salman Khan and his girlfriend or wife, who will win? Salman will. And here, if something happened between Sushant and Rhea, who used to win? Rhea used to.)
But why did he think Chakraborty was controlling Rajput? Dheeraj brought up how Chakraborty tried to “change” Rajput’s staff members and friends.
“She had things to hide...look how she was acting with Mahesh Bhatt,” he said. “Was it correct of her to behave that way when she was with Sushant? Anyway, I am a nationalist, I am anti-Bollywood, anti-Rhea and anti-all these drugs and alcohol she used to do.” He refused to elaborate further.
This feeds into the image of Chakraborty constructed by the mainstream media. Photos of her posing on a beach in swimwear, or videos of her working out in sportswear are repeatedly shown during panel discussions, suggesting to viewers, like Dheeraj, that she’s some sort of promiscuous, gold-digging seductress with no “morality” or “culture”.
After some hesitation, he admitted that he believes Chakraborty deserves capital punishment, though he was quick to add: “Justice should be achieved but not hanging. Anyway in our country it was already difficult to hang people like Yakub Memon or Afzal Guru so obviously she cannot be hanged...but she should be punished...Women are like goddesses for me.”
Dheeraj didn’t watch Dil Bechara**, the movie starring Rajput that released after the latter’s death, because he was juggling between his studies and the Facebook group. He also spends a large part of his day “counselling” women, he said. “Him [Rajput] going away has caused a lot of sadness to many girls,” he explained. “I send them videos...I try to make them understand.”**
Saahil Chaudhary
Not far from Dheeraj, in the same state of Haryana, Saahil Chaudhary took to his YouTube channel on August 27, minutes after Chakraborty gave her first television interview to Rajdeep Sardesai on Aaj Tak.
Wearing a fitted white t-shirt and a neatly shaped beard, Chaudhary folded his hands and addressed his two lakh followers: “Somebody please hammer Rajdeep Sardesai’s head.” He spewed expletives against Chakraborty — zaleel aurath, haram ki bachhi and madarchodd ki bachhi being some of them — while his followers echoed his views gleefully in the comments section below, calling Chakraborty a “prostitute” and a “lady Dawood”.
This video received over 2.85 lakh views on YouTube.
Chaudhary has been busy for the last few months, providing daily updates on the investigation into Rajput’s death. He posted his first video on June 17, two days after Rajput died, telling his viewers that it was his “duty” to “expose the dirty secrets of Bollywood”.
In the video, Chaudhary claimed to have met Rajput “four or five times”. “He was such a gentleman, so kind-hearted. Today, I’m not going to spare anyone.” Since then, Chaudhary has uploaded 48 similar videos. According to him, Chakraborty must be arrested at once and the powerful in Bollywood should be shamed.
Importantly, when I spoke to Chaudhary, he denied having ever met the actor. During our conversation, his own frustrations at not being able to “make it big” in Bollywood were evident. “Out of lakhs of people, one got a chance and he became a star, but then you killed him?” he said. “What the fuck? You murdered him?”
Chaudhary runs a gym in Haryana, and has been trying to make it as an actor and model for over 10 years. Unable to be cast even as the friend of the hero, he started to explore YouTube to make himself more visible, he said. From cooking videos to workout videos to health tips and now the Rajput case, he feels like he’s finally found a platform to gain some stardom.
Although, he added, none of his videos on YouTube are monetised. Chaudhary has over two lakh subscribers on his channel. His most-watched video, with over two million views, is regarding who Chakraborty is dating.
When I asked him for the source of his information to declare Chakraborty guilty, Chaudhary said that people sent him articles and photos that he “verifies using logic”. After this “verification”, he concluded: “Rhea is hiding facts and is involved in the murder.” During the course of our chat, he also claimed that Chakraborty is a “gold-digger” who was having an affair with director Mahesh Bhatt.
So, what would he tell Chakraborty if he ever met her? “I don’t want to talk to her,” he replied. “I will simply do what the entire public wants to do: uske kaan ke neeche bajaunga main. I will give her a tight slap. I am sure that when this happens, the public will be satisfied. With this one slap, Sushant Singh’s parents and sisters will be at peace.”
Surjeet Singh Rathore
YouTube is Chaudhary’s platform of choice, but Surjeet Singh Rathore came into the limelight when he appeared on Arnab Goswami’s primetime show on Republic Bharat on August 21.
The show was hashtagged #WhySorryRhea, and Rathore was introduced as an “eyewitness” who was reportedly present when Chakraborty saw Rajput’s body at the Cooper Hospital mortuary. According to Rathore, Chakraborty “confessed” to her crime then; she placed her hand on her chest and said, “Sorry, babu.”
“Why is she saying sorry? Was she involved?” Rathore asked Goswami, who took long, dramatic pauses and repeatedly asked Rathore to describe Chakraborty’s demeanour.
Rathore is a member of the Karni Sena, a Rajput group. When I spoke to him on the telephone, he said he was in Rajasthan, the Karni Sena’s home state, from where he would “speak the truth”. After appearing on Republic, he claimed, Mumbai became “unsafe” for him. “I am not scared,” he added. “If something happens to me or Kangana Ranaut, Karni Sena poori Hindustan mein aag lagaenge. The Karni Sena will set fire to the whole of India.”
What does that mean? He replied, “Don’t you remember our Padmavat movement?”
Here’s a quick refresher: In 2017, the Karni Sena led a violent campaign against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Padmavat, claiming it tarnished the reputation of Rajputs and misappropriated history. Before the movie was released, Karni Sena workers vandalised the film set, slapped the director, trashed a theatre playing the movie’s trailer, threatened to cut off actor Deepika Padukone’s nose and behead Padukone and Bhansali, moved petitions to ban the film, and received support from the Bharatiya Janata Party.
The group eventually retreated when Padmavat was released, saying there was, after all, “nothing objectionable” in the film.
Rathore told me he had once spoken to Sushant Singh Rajput on the phone when the Padmavat incident occurred, to tell Rajput not to support Bhansali. Apart from that, they’ve never met, though he met Chakraborty once, according to him, at the mortuary. As he explained to Goswami, he apparently went to the mortuary to see Sushant as a fellow Rajput.
Why is Rathore so involved in this case?
“I am a Rajput. I am a member of the Karni Sena. Sushant was also a Rajput, it’s my right to be involved,” Rathore replied.
When he left the mortuary, he said, Aaj Tak spoke to him but the interview never aired. So, Rathore approached Arnab Goswami who helped him “bring the news to the world”. Rathore added that Chakraborty must be arrested “as soon as possible” on the basis of her saying “Sorry, babu” to Rajput’s body.
In his post-Republic days, Rathore spends his time answering “calls from all across the country, mostly from my supporters and from TV channels”. He has a girlfriend but he quickly said, “Woh Rhea jaisi nahi hai.” She is not like Rhea.
Currently, Rathore’s Facebook page, which has over 21,000 followers, is filled with posts seeking justice for Rajput, Rathore’s TV interviews, and pictures from his time in Jaipur. One photo shows him standing on a terrace, arms extended, with the caption: “For success in need two things...Ignorance and confidence...❤️ My Jaipur.”

Politics to the Right

Through the course of my conversations with these men, it became apparent that what irritated them the most was Chakraboty’s alleged infidelity. As men, they seemed to empathise with the pain Rajput might have gone through of loving a “morally corrupt woman”.
Apart from that, the other common thread was their tendency to be aligned with the Right. However, only Dheeraj openly proclaimed his support for the BJP; both Rathore and Chaudhary said this issue isn’t political.
Dheeraj’s affinity towards the Right came forward in our conversation when he asked me if I had worked as a reporter during the citizenship law protests, and what I felt about BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s role. Mishra had made an incendiary speech in February targeting the protesters against the Citizenship Amendment Act, and the Delhi riots followed soon after, leaving over 50 dead.
When I told him that no matter what side I’m on, violence is not the way out, he said, “Violence for religion is justifiable. There are Muslims living in my lane. Tomorrow if they block the road, there is a limit to how long one can wait for the police before taking action himself.”
He also brought up Asifa Bhano, the eight-year-old who was raped and murdered in Jammu in 2018. “Why is that when Asifa, that Muslim child, was raped in a temple in Jammu, all Bollywood celebrities came out and shamed the country?” he said. “What about Hindu women? I am not saying they should not speak about the injustice against Asifa, I’m just saying you cannot internationally shame your country. These celebrities, they are not with us Hindus. They are not with the country.”
Dheeraj, Chaudhary and Rathore all agreed that the only journalists currently doing his job correctly is Arnab Goswami. Dheeraj added that he’s a fan of Zee News’ Sudhir Chaudhary and Aaj Tak’s Anjana Om Kashyap — both of whom are also known for their proclivity towards the BJP.

Lack of moderation of hate content

After these chats, I went through 15 Facebook pages dedicated to fighting for “justice” for Rajput, which has now become synonymous with arresting Chakraborty. These pages are managed by 35 admins in total, of which 20 seemed to have authentic profiles on Facebook, three were clearly fake, three were aliases, and nine I couldn’t tell.
I identified fake profiles based on the fact that they had no personal or authentic pictures. The profile images were either pictures of Rajput or representational images, the friends list was limited, and there was no personal information like place of work.
There was no consistent pattern to be established between the profiles, apart from their support for Rajput, love for Goswami, and hate towards Chakraborty. Some had a history of hateful, communal posts, or far-Right posts, some had posts critical of the government, and others had almost no political posts at all.
Here’s a sample of the sort of hate spewed against Chakraborty.
In the background of this venom is the fact that Facebook India has been facing tough questions in recent weeks over its propensity to ignore hate speech. A Wall Street Journal piece reported on Facebook’s soft approach to posts inciting violence by members of the BJP, although the social media giant has robust policies for the same — on paper, at least.
It doesn’t take much to notice that most of the pages I surveyed violate multiple regulations and standards set by Facebook, especially with regards to hate speech, bullying and harassment , and violence and incitement. Nevertheless, most of them have been online for over six weeks, and continue to garner a massive following and rapid engagement.

The news and us

So, let’s return to this question: What does the Sushant Singh Rajput case reveal about us?
It’s a vile but immensely sustainable, and successful, ecosystem, and I reached out to Alt News’ Pratik Sinha to learn more. Alt News has largely kept away from reporting on the news coverage of Rajput’s death.
As Sinha said: “I can bust facts, not gossip.”
News has now entered the realm of gossip, Sinha said, which is rooted in “mudslinging and rumour-mongering”. “Gossip is addictive. I don’t know what to bust in this bizarre case...Initially it looked like this incident was used as a campaign strategy for the upcoming Bihar election, but right now? It has somehow gained a life of its own. Where should one draw the line between freedom of speech and freedom of life?”
Sinha described the viral nature of this “news” as “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”.
A coordinate effort at hate often has two motives, financial or political. In the circus surrounding Rajput’s death, it’s impossible to pinpoint either with clarity. For the many young people involved, Sinha said, being able to earn instant recognition is motive enough.
“For example, maybe for this boy Dheeraj, if not for this case he might not have had women coming up and talking to him,” he said. “Now this may seem frivolous but for him, this must be life-changing.”
What forms a narrative, Sinha explained, is the size of the body that sustains it. Leading channels like Republic and Zee News serve up content that is religiously shared by these Facebook pages. So, who is the trigger: the public, or the news? Has social media ensured that if there’s enough public outrage, news organisations will have to take notice? Or do news channels, in their race for TRPs, produce content tailormade to appeal to the nation’s imagination?
It’s a chicken-and-egg situation, so it’s impossible to accurately answer.
For those without financial or political ambitions, this case seems to have given them a sense of purpose, or “social currency”, as Sinha called it. Dheeraj told me that apart from support, he also receives threats from Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan fans. Does that scare him? He immediately and excitedly replied, “No, no, not at all. Maybe it will be good if something big happens with me.”
When it comes to news channels, no matter what came first, media houses ensured that the story stayed alive. In the last month alone, there were four child rapes in New Delhi and a rise in caste- and gender-based violence in Uttar Pradesh. The economy is down, the unemployment rate is up, floods and monsoons have displaced thousands, and the ongoing pandemic claims hundreds of lives every day.
Yet all of this takes a backseat when compared to the Rajput case. Has the case become a distraction from the very real social and cultural fears that we face? As Orwell once said, “Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban.”
On Facebook allowing such content to thrive, Sinha said: “Content moderation is most often a business decision. If you take down a post or page that has over one lakh followers, then it means you lose that many eyeballs, which then means you lose that many people looking at advertisements. And that’s where the money flows in for these platforms. So most often, these policies are only written down, not implemented.”
In the last decade, two media trials stand out: the Aarushi murder case and the death of Sunanda Pushkar. Neither found a satisfying judicial conclusion. Trials by the media don’t happen impulsively, Sinha pointed out. “Every day, we scratch our heads as to what is happening today. But it isn’t like we were fine yesterday or the day before, right?” he said.
And ultimately, no matter the outcome of the investigation into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, the biggest reveal by the media is what this case has exposed when it comes to our society.
Arnav Binaykia, Anna Priyadarshini and Monica Dhanraj contributed research to this article.
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2020.03.11 08:27 NesVier [REPOST]8M, the state of feminism in Spain, you should all be concerned: this is their endgame

Hi. I originally crossposted this from KiA because I was told it would interest this community. Then it was deleted from KiA, so the crosspost was removed as well. Therefore I was suggested to repost it. I've added information regarding what has happened in Spain after this year's 8M.
First of all, I am from Spain, not american, and I am not living the first person of how social justice has manifested there. But I have read and listened enough to have a basic knowledge of what you are fearing, so let me tell you a tale.
We have a law called the "violencia de género" law. It is a law that directly assumes that any violence from a man to a woman when in a romantic relationship is a consequence of "machismo" —sexism, but a word that means, more or less, "mansexism"—. This incurs into a bigger penalty. So, if for example in a romantic relationship a woman hits a man and the man defends himself he has a bigger penalty than her (with our "tribunal supremo" making a legal precedent on that: and Time went on and this law evolved into the non-necessity for the victim to prove such romantic relationship for that violence to be considered "de género" —gendered violence, so to speak— so violence from men to woman is seen as worse by our law. This is a mainstream opinion, this is not a minority, it is our law. Now, I do not know about your legal system but here we can have the victim's testimony as the only evidence for a crime as long as she is "absent of subjective incredibility", her testimony is plausible and she is persistent on the incrimination (meaning that she doesn't contradict herself and isn't ambiguous). So, any woman in a situation in which a man isn't recording can accuse that man and win the trial.
Now, what does it entail?
When a woman has been proven as a "víctima de violencia de género", a victim of gendered violence —though nowadays we are getting closer towards not needing for it to be proven— she has access to:
Job provided by the state. Housing provided by the state. Discounts on academia and most services provided by the state. Directly money from the state.
Amongst other things.
That would seem outrageous, wouldn't it? But it doesn't stop there.
8M is coming and our new government is left-wing. Our ministry of equality has a declared radical feminist on it, Irene Montero. And it has pushed forward a document to change our laws according to that date, that includes:
A plan to install "only yes is yes" into our consentment policies. By default it will be considered that no consentment was had. The "victim" needs to manifest "libremente, por actos exteriores, concluyentes e inequívocos conforme a las circunstancias concurrentes, su voluntad expresa de participar en el acto", that is, "freely, by external acts, conclusive and inequivocal according to concurrent circumstances hehis express will to participate in the act" or it is rape.
This law applies exclusively to women.
Catcalling is now misdemeanor and will incur in a fine, even in a pub. Catcalling, —"acoso ocasional" which corresponds more to "ocassional harrasment"— will be defined as "expresiones, comportamientos o proposicionces sexuales o sexistas que creen a la víctima una situación objetivamente humillante, hostil o intimidatoria", that is "expressions, behaviours or sexual or sexist propositions that create for the victim an objectively humilliating, hostile or intimidatory situation". And they leave to women the assessment, if they feel it was a compliment then it's okay, if not then it's a crime.
Now abuse and sexual aggression got into the same category. So they could punish sexual abuse as much as sexual aggression (the difference in our law is that the aggression is violent and has a bigger penalty). But with that they made sexual abuse with violence as punitive as without violence.
A court specialized in sexual violence will be made to judge these cases.
Schools will teach their students about this and girls will be taught their new rights.
The state will boost urban actions that garantee the safety and accesibility for women.
Victims will have specialized integral help.
And they will have the right to a full reparation, with statal compensations.
This is just for women.
And this is just a little, little part of it.
So, when they say to you that feminism is about equality, no. We have feminism with political power in Spain and this is what we have. Punishments specific to men, rights specific to women. Our ministress of equality sued a man for 15.000 euros for making a poem saying that she came to the power by going out with the leader of her party, even though she is from the party "defending free expression". We have centers for victims of sexual abuse where only girls, not kids can go. Our language has two genders, femenine and masculine for some words, that is the origin of these "latinxs" you have seen. We do not write like that, but in our institutions has been enforced (in some of them) the use of both genders, femenine and masculine, so it is written "los/las vecinos/vecinas que quieran ir a la comunidad podrán ir acompañados de sus hijos/hijas y los hijos/hijas de sus familias" for example. But when a word is negative we only use the masculine. It is always "el violador" or "el asesino" not "el/la violadoa, el/la asesino/a". We got past equality a long time ago. This can happen to you.
Similarly, we've had organized crime taking advantage of all of this:
A criminal group that made false reports to receive compensation.
Another criminal band with false reports of gender violence to be able to get citizenship.
A movement of mothers that systematically reported on false their husbands to take custody of the children and when things went wrong they kidnapped them.
Now 8M has already passed this year. Coronavirus was already growing exponentially on Spain, medical congresses canceled, concerts postponed, but wonder what didn't get postponed, or cancelled while:
Our government advised for companies to stop functioning if they suspected a case.
A mere funeral arleady caused 60 new cases.
They closed the senior centers of the capital.
WHO already told countries' governments to stop fucking around and do something about the spread.
The 8M biggest march that happens annually in Spain was had with no restrictions:
Because, what a coincidence, the situation "just got worse enough that same exact night". Basically we've let the disease get spread uncontrollably country-wide just for the feminist rally to be had without disturbance.
Regarding a question about how could this happen:
It was subtle, people with a feminist agenda started taking public jobs and making strong private associations. Then they stirred the poblation enough for the parties to make catering to that segment of the poblation a factor on their vote expectancy, so everytime we went to elections every party brought to the table what he could offer to women. Programs to encourage university enlistment, special help to women living precariously and, eventually the "ley de violencia de género" that established a punishment distinction of the same crime comitted by a woman and a man. Our teachers were women, most of them feminists, there were women in the media talking nonstop about how women had suffered, we men have to protect them but respect that they can and will be as good as us or even better, that we had the fault for everything that happened to them or would happen. We were slowly taught that women were both victims and stronger, that they deserved respect and reparation. Anything that happened, women primary victims, some of us ended up accepting that was the reality and they became stronger and stronger and stronger. Now 8M is the biggest march on our country. There is a "escrache" everytime someone is critical towards them, they get mobbed, attacked relentlessly, making them have to get the fuck out quick. We had one youtuber chain like five false accusations of rape towards him as he decided to say that this was stupidity. It is common ground for feminism here to have mottos like: "machete al machote", "hetero muerto abono pa mi huerto" or "ante la duda tú la viuda" —"slash the man", "dead hetero, manure for my orchard" and "when in doubt be the widow"—. Our last vicepresident (Carmen Calvo, a woman) directly said that a woman always has to be believed.
Ironically enough we had a couple of left-wing influencers, masademocrata (communist influencer, public head of a band of rap metal) and Dayoscript (basically a spanish Super Bunnyhop, youtuber and writer sometimes at eurogamer) that said exactly that, that they always had to be believed to immediately be accused of rape and scorned by their own.
So, this has been happening constantly, unrelentlessly and with little to no input from the rest of society. We just stared at it with a stupid face wondering what the actual fuck was happening".
TL;DR: The endgame of feminism is already happening in Spain, everything they are telling right now about what would happen if they had enough power is an understatement, it gets worse, much worse.
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2020.03.08 06:57 Nakalololo The Secret of the Thieves: A study of the Outlaws Refuges and the Thieves Guild


The Secret of the Thieves

Observation of those who strike the eye
A study on the Outlaws Refuges and the Thieves Guild by Llevndryn Sershilavu of House Arador Dayn – 2E588

[As part of a seminar in economic sociology of illegal markets at the university, I had the opportunity to do a little research on the representation of illegal markets in the universe of The Elder Scrolls. Here is the version of this work rewritten by my character's hand.
All of this work is based on theoretical concepts in social sciences. The bibliography can give you information on the authors and the researches involved.]

When we walk between the stalls in the squares of our cities, we think we have a monopoly on trade. Yet it stands in the hidden corners a few steps after the surface, trading under our feet - parallel markets. Under the ground, in old warehouses, in the partitioned walls that are thought to be doomed, hands cross and products flow without their existence being suspected - or rather, when their existence is ignored. Because I am not teaching you anything by telling you about these outlaws refuges. They feed the rumors that hang around in the slums when their presence is not simply known to everyone, there in the old building that everyone avoids where treasures and prohibited services are sold.
These markets function like all markets: they are the place where offer and demand meet and where goods and services are exchanged using money or barter. They have one particularity and only one which differentiates them from those that we know: they are secret. It’s this very secret that makes some people crawl down the drain. Because the secret nature involves several problems that those who act under its aegis will have to get around. Everything is reversed when one acts hidden and the guard who protects those who negotiate under the sun and ensures fair competition, happens to be the greatest threat of the traders of the shadows. However, it is not enough that a market is concealed for it to function, it is also necessary that customers can come into contact with it. In addition to concealment strategies, these merchants must therefore implement strategies allowing them to meet their customers. This leads me to formulate the following question: How do the actors of the illegal markets in outlaws refuges circumvent the secret nature of these markets in order to practice their activities? I hypothesize that the actors of these illegal markets maintain strict rules in the organization of the outlaws refuges in order to benefit from a certain tolerance of the law enforcement.
My analysis will be structured by first focusing on the degree of legitimacy of the markets taking place in the outlaws refuges. It will then focus on the potential tolerance from which they benefit toward law enforcement. It will highlight one of the strategies used by members of these shelters regarding information collect. Finally, it will explore the deviant subculture that the members of these refuges adopt.


There did not seem to me to be a more appropriate method for producing knowledge about those who hide, than to observe them. So I had to find contacts and develop a network to enter the exclusive groups of smuggling, especially since I did not intend to be confined at one city refuge, but to cover as much of them as possible for the sake of representativeness. And since I was going to see a lot of them and travel accordingly, I needed to develop a systematic way of making my observations so that they would bring me relevant information. So I focused my attention on specific points, which led me to draw the following observation grid:

Dimension Indicator
Description of the place Number of persons
Nature of the place
Description of people observed Age
Deviant subculture Environment-specific codes
Violence Presence of weapon
Violent interactions

In particular, I decided to integrate the dimension of violence, because as these outlaws refuges are governed by rules, I assumed that we could expect to see these rules maintained in a coercive manner. The dimension of deviant subculture was added to the observation grid in an inductive manner along the observation of symbols used by the refuges’ actors.
Observers are not seen well in these places. I had to be discreet and mask the indiscretion of my eyes, at the risk of having them punctured.


Outlaws refuges are found in most major cities. They are located in unused cisterns, in abandoned hangars, and even in old abandoned chapels or crypts, or in the sewers. In short, the actors who practice their illegal activities there have invested in these cities infrastructures which seem at first sight to have been neglected by their owners or by the authorities. A refuge usually has several entrances (at least two), deliberately discreet and out of sight of the law enforcement. These are sometimes manhole gratings, discreet doors at the back of a building, and in one case even a false wall which can be opened with a concealed lever.
A refuge is generally populated by around ten to twenty people, without counting the clientele which transits there. The most populated refuge I have seen, that of Abah’s Landing, had twenty-one people. These people occupy various functions ranging from handling for the most part, to laundering of wanted notices put on the head of the customer, to the sale of products, and even to the storage of goods. It was not possible for me to obtain their exact ages from the characters (many did not know theirs), but I could observe from their appearance that they varied greatly from one character to another. The distribution of the sexes seemed relatively equal.
Most of these people dress in simple clothes (shirt and woven braies), but some wear leather armor or even heavier armor. This could be an indicator of the presence of violence in these places, or at least the perception of potential violence. This possible presence of violence or its perception is further materialized by the presence of weapons on the belts of a few characters occupying the premises. However, I did not observe any violent interaction, or even any tension. The presence of weapons therefore seems rather to be deterrent.

Reputation and market legitimacy

One thing that surprised me in my research on these outlaws refuges was to find that they are governed (for those observed at least) by a set of rules. A written record of three of these rules appears in the journal of Nicolas1, a former master of the organization calling itself "Thieves Guild" having their activities in the region of Hew’s Bane (temperate region of Hammerfel sheltering Abah’s Landing), dating back a few years, and which I was able to get my hands on.
« 1. Don't steal from the Thieves Guild. We rob the merchant lords, not each another.
2. Don't kill on Thieves Guild business. Corpses can only be robbed once.
3. Don't take from the beggars. They're allies in the alleys, who hate the Guard more than we do. »
These rules are specific to a local organization, but there is reason to believe that they could be applied in other outlaws shelters claiming to belong to this « thieves guild ». Two clues let me think so. First, another passage from Nicolas' journal:
« Each town and city in the Empire has its own group of thieves. […] What if our distant cousins wore the same simple name like a mask?
To get them to listen, we'll need a reputation. […] And if I'm right, if this works, we'll fool all Tamriel into thinking the Thieves Guild is everywhere, in every province. »
Nicolas explains in this journal his desire to have the name and the rules of his organization adopted by all the outlaws refuges on the continent. The current configuration of refuges and the popularity of the name « thieves guild » tell us that he could have done it. Another clue in favor of this adoption of the rules of the « thieves guild » is the use of common symbols between the various shelters scattered on the continent. We will come back to this in the section dealing with the deviant subculture of these refuges.
Among the rules laid down in Nicolas' journal, the second which prohibits murder seems to me particularly interesting to analyze in view of the legitimacy of illegal goods and services and their degree of illegality. We see here that the murder is considered illegitimate by members of the thieves guild even if other illegal practices such as theft or handling are not. Another product which is not directly mentioned in the rules seems to undergo the same illegitimacy judgment. This is the skooma, a hard drug whose use is very frowned upon and strongly prohibited by the authorities, and of which I found no trace during my observations. Its absence surprised me but could be explained by its illegitimate nature. All the products and services that I have observed in refuges seem to be considered more legitimate, that is to say morally acceptable according to the value system in place. There is therefore a distinction made between what is illegal but considered legitimate and what is illegal and considered illegitimate.
The categorization of illegal markets located in refuges as belonging to legitimate illegality could be an element of explanation making it possible to understand how organizations called the "thieves guild" obtain the confidence of their customers and possibly why the shelters in which they operate are left relatively quiet by the law enforcement, as we will see in the next section.

Tolerance of the law enforcement

There are several indications that outlaws refuges are often known to city guards. For example, this dialogue that I overheard in the Mournhold’s outlaws refuge:
« Ilanadzeh the Fence: "This one does not understand: how could a hive of illegal activity continue to thrive under the very noses of the divine Tribunal?"Eldyme, smiling: "How, indeed?" »2
The way Eldyme responds, smiling, could tell us that she knows more and that she may judge the question naive. Another clue, this time in the form of a written description of the outlaw refuge in the town of Orsinium (Orc town in the Wrothgar region), explains more clearly what mechanism would allow the refuge to keep at distance law enforcement:
« Even in a newly rebuilt city, a perfectly good cistern can be "forgotten" by the public works department if enough gold is placed in the right pockets. »3
Here we have an implicit reference to a case of corruption of the public works department which would explain why it allows illegal activities to occur in the cistern in question.
Two mechanisms that allow refuges’ markets to persist despite their illegality therefore seem to be emerging: a tolerance of the authorities towards them, and corruption of the law enforcement.
As we have seen above, illegal activities in refuges fall into the category of legitimate illegality. It is therefore possible to hypothesize that this legitimacy, acquired in the light of local traditions and the history and culture of the regions concerned, offers a certain tolerance of the authorities vis-à-vis these markets.
The role of the guard is to reduce the feeling of insecurity. However, if the refuges’ organizations adopted the rules and the name of “thieves guild”, they also took its reputation for non-violence. The feeling of insecurity of residents living near these refuges must therefore be relatively weak, and therefore the role of the law enforcement must be perceived as less necessary. This good reputation could even be perceived as an asset for the safety of the streets in which these refuges are established, as is the case for a resident who explains that he prefers the presence of the thieves' guild to a deserted street. It therefore seems to me that it can be admitted that the « thieves guild » has managed to make itself tolerable thanks to the application of the rules which it has put in place and which have enabled it to acquire its reputation and show that it respected a certain moral. The non-use of violence is seen as a clear line of demarcation with other behaviors in public space deemed immoral. There is also a spatial dimension which is at work and which makes it possible to consider as "normal", in a certain spatial context, a situation including behaviors deemed deviant. The clear demarcation of refuges would allow these deviant behaviors to occur as long as they respect the boundary that encloses them. People living near shelters therefore also play a role in this dynamic. They are an integral part of a power relation that allows one part of the actors to tolerate and leaves the others no choice but to be tolerable.
As we have seen, there are several indications that there is some complicity between the guard and certain members of the outlaws refuges. Law enforcement officials would occasionally offer non-enforcement of the law in exchange for monetary compensation. Thus, illegal transactions are maintained and are not adversely affected, which has the effect of strengthening these markets. The spaces taken up by outlaws refuges could therefore not only be tolerated by the inhabitants in the vicinity as seen above, but also by the guard, who either do not consider them to be a threat to public order or are corrupted to leave these areas "outside the law".
My hypothesis - the one implying that the rules put in place by the actors of outlaw refuges allow them to benefit from a certain tolerance of the law enforcement - could be confirmed at a first step by the tolerance of the inhabitants nearby who do not perceive these refuges as a public disorder and therefore do not feel the need for the law enforcement to intervene. To this is coupled a corruption of the actors of law enforcement who not only do not receive the request to intervene in these zones, but in addition have a financial interest not to do so.

Information and informants

The third rule of the « thieves guild » cited above talks about the role of beggars' allies that the guild should protect. This protection mechanism is explained by the predominant role of informants and information. Often, the guard has its own informants that they protect. The thieves guild has taken this mechanism on board. In the case of outlaw refuges, beggars provide information about law enforcement to refuges’ members, not the other way around.
This circulation of information would strengthen the possibility for actors of refuges to practice their activities in secret and possibly desert the refuges in the event of a guard raid.

Deviant subculture

A deviant subculture is a culture that emerges within a group as a necessity for the good practice of their activity deemed deviant and therefore stigmatized.
There are manifestations of this deviant culture among the groups adopting the name of « thieves guild », notably through the use of symbols used to indicate various information related to the deviant activity practiced. Some are for example painted on the entrance of refuges to identify them, others can still be used to warn if a place is guarded by the guard.
📷 Symbols collected in Riften
For those involved in outlaws shelters, the need to get around a problem (that of illegality) and develop codes to achieve it is extremely present. These symbols, known only to insiders and used discreetly, are one more mechanism that allows actors in refuges to practice their activities in secret while being visible to those who make them possible, that is to say the other members of the « thieves guild » and customers. While most of the symbols are for members of the guild, those that indicate the entry of refuges are primarily intended for initiated customers.
The system of symbols developed within the framework of the deviant subculture of the « thieves guild » is therefore used as a mechanism which makes it possible to circumvent the problems linked to the secrecy necessary for the good performance of illegal markets while continuing to meet the initiated customers.


We have seen how members of outlaws refuges, adopting the name of « thieves guild », give them a good reputation thanks to the rules they have put in place as well as to the categorization of legitimate illegality of the products and services they offer. This reputation could be one of the mechanisms that can gain the trust of their customers. We have also seen how these refuges benefit from a certain form of tolerance explained by two mechanisms: the absence of a feeling of insecurity of the inhabitants in the vicinity who do not perceive them as a disturbance to public order, in particular thanks to non-use of violence in these refuges; and law enforcement corruption that creates "out of law" areas. We have also seen how informants allow refuges’ members to be kept informed of the arrival of the guard. We have finally seen how the use of symbols allowed the actors in these illegal markets to circumvent the secrecy necessary for their activities.
My assumption about law enforcement tolerance for these refuges is partially confirmed, but not the way I initially thought. I expected to find the presence of a law enforcement strategy defining tolerance zones in order to more easily contain and control the illegal activities taking place there. Unfortunately, I failed to observe this. On the other hand, I was surprised to note the important role of the inhabitants of places near illegal markets in the tolerance of these areas. The answer to my research question therefore consists of a set of mechanisms enabling the secrecy necessary for illegal activities to be circumvented. This research is of course not exhaustive and describes only some of them. There are certainly others.
The secret could be understood as an entity that felt the click of the heels on the ground and transforms the voices into breaths in the shadows, but it would be a mistake to see it that way. The secret does not exist beyond the secret keepers. All our mouths create it every day when we lie, when we omit, and when we prohibit or condemn. It arises from our interactions. Because it takes a reason for the secret to emerge, a ban to allow it. By designating what it is better not to say or do, we ourselves are contributing to make what we point out invisible. Secrecy arises out of necessity and becomes the tool of blasted practices. And with it are created small innovations, ingenious bypasses, codes, cultures. Herein, the secret is fertile and its study teaches us that information is not the only one to be of value, but that the means of obtaining it are also substantial. Thieves may be hiding there the only wealth they have not stolen.

1 Messages from Hew’s Bane
2 [OOC] Loading screen of Mournhold Outlaws Refuge
3 [OOC] Loading screen of Orsinium Outlaws Refuge
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2019.09.27 01:06 ryu289 Why are homophobes willing to make up shit about homosexuals?
Kosilek is serving life in a men’s prison for strangling her wife, Cheryl Kosilek, to death soon after she began to transition from her male identity in 1990.[That’s right, her MALE identity! So both of these queers are men and one of them killed the other, before deciding to falsely pose as a woman as well!!!!]
No, no, he misread the situation. They were talking about this person transitioning, not his wife:
Oh and the wife assulted him.
A court has overturned the demand that American tax-payers fund a sex-change operation for a prison inmate. We hope this is a sign of the winds of change blowing across America, The madness of the LGBT era could be on the way out. But just listen to this story and how crazy the queers are. Robert Kosilek murdered his “wife” who was really a man, now pretends he is a woman too… VGB says “transgender” is a fraud. It is not a medical treatment and the taxpayer should never have to pay for it, even for a law-abiding citizen, let alone a vicious murderer. In fact doctors should be banned from carrying out such unnecessary operations. Robert Kosilek is mad and crazy queers should not be making our laws
Right...because a) this guy killed in sel defense & b)
There can be no doubt about the guilt of Shrien Dewani after CCTV footage showed him in a hotel talking to the man later convicted of murdering his wife Annie. And there can be no doubt about his motives. Shrien Dewani was a homosexual who should never have married this poor girl in the first place. He paid assassins in South Africa to murder her in 2010 so that he could go on with his life of deviance and revolting perversion.
Except the CCTV footage was doctored:
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And off course it wasn't the case here.
Every time a pedo rapes boys he is accused of being gay as well, which is bs:
Now just think about this. Why would they drive all the way out there to ask him that? It looks to me as if John West must have known Evans and may even have been one of his previous “clients”. It was not likely he would proposition a random stranger in the countryside. But West was not in the mood. Maybe he was homosexual, or had been, but he did not want to pay for any services at that moment.Maybe he had no money. Maybe Evans asked too much.
VGB says: Hard to feel sorry for them isn’t it? If you were a member of John West’s family you would not be weeping for these two revolting thugs. Whether or not he was a fellow-homosexual (and the fact that he was found without his trousers suggests that he may have been) this was a callous and cowardly murder. Looks like one more example of how queers bully everyone including each other.
Even though two were married with wives...
LGBTs perpetrate millions of acts of harm and violence in society, constantly, mostly with impunity.
From the study he uses...
Typically, heterosexual victims do not report abuse to the police because: (a) they do not believe the police will help; (b) they fear retaliation; (c) they do not want to get abusers in trouble; and (d) they think it is a private matter (Greenfield & Rand, 1998). Same-sex battering victims face additional obstacles to reporting with the threat of “outing” or making the lesbian and gay victims’ sexual orientation known to the public (Kuehnle & Sullivan, 2003). In addition, the gay community distrusts the police (Kirby, 1994; Letellier, 1994, Reed, 1989). Reed (1989) reported that victims of same-sex battering were both physically and verbally re-victimized by the police.
And later on...
Recent reviews suggest that the prevalence of IPV in same-sex couples is as high as the prevalence of IPV for women in opposite-sex relationships:
He cannot read apparently...
However, there are other studies that show something very interesting: a significant percentage of the women who have had relationships with both sexes started out having heterosexual relationships. Then they suffered violence. Then they turned to women. Isn’t it quite reasonable to assume the experience of violence they had with a man impacted their psychology to deform it towards wanting to be with a woman as perhaps what they would think is a non-violent partner?
So most ipv comes from opposite sex partners? Makes sense:
So gays are beaten up by straights...
Off course they make up shit like using the gay panic defense:
Or here:
The two black girls were not taken in by his false eyelashes, make-up and high heels, they saw at once he was a man, with stubble, however mixed-up he was about it, and they resented the way he had been behaving in the restaurant. They were there with their boyfriends and they accused Polis of staring at their men and trying to pick them up. they were jealous girlfriends? Let's see the police report...
said that she was going to use a restroom, when a female individual spat in her face. Then she and another female person started attacking Polis.
Ah...they followed her in...
What was not reported in the press was that Polis had a criminal record for attacking other people. In September 2006 in Baltimore he was charged with assaulting a woman called Samantha Stockman. The defence managed to get him acquitted. Again in 2008, Polis was arrested for beating up elderly man and this time he was convicted, but by means of plea bargaining the charge was reduced to “disorderly conduct” with a minimum sentence. He was actually a prostitute and a junkie, resorting to mugging when he could not pay for his drugs any other way. He never spent more than a few weeks in prison
Where did you get this? Your links show she was only guilty of disorderly conduct...and cops are biased against trans people.
Also she got no sentence but a fine...
The “gay” media is always making out that homosexuals and transsexuals are victims. No way – the truth is that they bully other people. Transsexuals get into violent situations because they behave in anti-social, unacceptable ways and violate the bounds of decency.
Like which to use the bathroom that matches their identity?
Stupid media like Wikipedia and Huffington Post talked about it as if Polis really was a woman, rather than being a disturbed person with delusions.
Transgender isn't a delusion:
You thought a Health Commissioner would be a responsible, caring person who did not take risks? Not when they are queer. Here is one who lied about having HIV and passed on the disease to two other men on the queer pickup circuit. VGB says “My, my, they are such nice people!”
A San Francisco judge in 2003 found insufficient evidence to support charges that a former San Francisco health commissioner had intentionally infected sexual partners with the virus that causes AIDS.
Homophobes are illiterate apparently. Oh and he should ask why there is a heterosexual epidemic of aids in Russia.
But Hill’s attorney, Peter Fitzpatrick, argued in court papers and before Tsenin that there was not enough evidence to show his client had intended to infect anyone. He said that the contacts between Hill and the two alleged victims, Thomas Lister andChristopher M., were “normal relationships.” [ As normal as hell. ]
As in no gay sex?
Ah, Brendan Bain:
This ignores straights on tinder...
Thinks husband and wife should be on all legal papers thus can't be called husband or wife at home:
Jared Fogle molested little girls only fyi... A twofer in this one:
This one thinks homosexuality isn't viable from an evolutionary perspective nor does it have a genetic basis...wrong:
VGB: Here we go again. “Waa, waa, waa, waa!” “I can’t have my way so I’m going to scream and yell and beat my head on the floor until you give in.” Oh please, spare us your lame ass “born this way” mantra. Enough is enough. Go back to your closet, leave the queerness in there then you step out and get a damn life!
So you give special rights and privileges for straight couples only in violation of the first and 14th amendments?
VGB: Funniest damn things I’ve read in quite a while. Seems that if anyone mocks queer marriage, the queers get all testy and pissy about it. Well, hell, they mock real marriage (one man, one woman) all the time so I see no problem with a little ribbing here. Rub in in guys, the queers deserve to see their own bullshit
You mean mock how homosexuals are treated like second class citizens and fight for equal rights?
Sigh...I have to show this again:
VGB: Bullying Prevention Month Mayor? Where the hell is your brain carpet muncher? Your head must be between some carpet munchers legs. No wonder you can’t f’ing think straight. How in the hell did you even get elected witch? Oh, right, all the queers voted for your sorry ass. It figures. Houston TX is in big trouble with you around.
VGB: Yep, no slippery slope here. Pedophiles now think they have to have special rights. Who’s next….the one’s out screwing and being screwed by animals? Would not surprise me in the least.
Margo Kaplan, who teaches law at Rutgers University, used The New York Times as a platform to opine about the stigma pedophilia carries. The stigma, she laments, makes it difficult for adults with sexual attractions to children to get help
This is true:
They are also racist:
VGB: Poor widdle queers….always a victim…like the dumb nigers in Ferguson that caused all the problems. They were not the victims….they were the victimizers just the queers.
Look who's talking? Poor Christains...
VGB: Yet another Gay Rights Activist did it all for the sake of raping little boys. This is from WinteryKnight who’s research broke it that Mark Newton and Peter Truong (along with the Quadrant) were Gay Rights activists campaigning for gay marriage “for the sole purpose of Sexual Exploitation [of little boys]” to quote QLD Police Task Force Argos… Be sure to see all the MSM links he cites on his blogs. Will update with pictures shortly! Done! Sigh:
Yet again, a member of the glbt community utterly destroys a safe haven for children, and gives the phrase "tickle me Elmo," a whole new and disgusting meaning. This homophile, Kevin Clash, has admitted to sexual contact with a 16-year-old boy when he was 45!!
Wrong again:
This commercial is so quick, concise, and to-the-point that the homofascists already hate it. LOL!
By using a man in drag as a steryotype?
This is what happens when sexual sanity is abandoned. First, he doesn't want to be a man anymore. Now he wants to create a harem of little girls. And, before I get hate emails. I know that not all "transgendered" men want to molest children. Click here for the full story.
The person he is talking about isn't even a pedophile:
Apparently lesbians shouldn't be allowed to kiss Story says boys can choose to marry boys and girls...homophobes think boys are told they love boys because they play with them when it didn't happen...also the story and school are anyomous..
I love statistics because they enable me to speak accurately. This number, 99.93%, is a cherished piece of information for me.
OVER 99.9% of us are born male or female. That's it people. That's science. That's reality. The glbt community hates the reality of the Word of God, and now, science. Dear member and supporter of the glbt community... Snap out of it.
Where did you get your stat?
We're approaching the tenth anniversary (Sept.26th) of the murder of Jesse Dirkhising. This young boy was held hostage and repeatedly raped by a pair of gay men and died as a result of their raping him, yet his death received less than one percent of the coverage that the death of Matthew Shepard did. It's clear to me that the mainstream media didn't want to appear "homophobic" by shining the light of truth on this child's death. Amazing. The GLBT community is so feared by the mainstream media that two homosexual men can literally rape a young boy to death and be ignored by mainstream (ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC) news sources. This is the type of injustice that empowers me, the rape of this young boy.
Guess what pedophila has nothing to do with homosexuality!
Stfu! Ignoring how 18 year old boys often date 14 year old girls without consequences...
Off course no one got away with beastality... Defends a lying preacher:
And yes sir you are bigoted... Stop pretending your reasoning isn't bigoted. You are lying and thus doing more than disagreeing...
What you see in this picture is a man who decided he wanted to be a woman. After a series of cosmetic operations and silicone injections this is the result. Vile, vile vile. Makes you want to run a mile."
Look here moron:
Mark Smout of England, UK, is a horrible internet troll and oh by the way he is “gay”. His way of expressing himself is to send people delightful snapshots of his own penis, like the one below.
Except it came from here:
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2019.03.02 21:35 the_third_sourcerer [SOLVED] 58 year old arrested on 1995 rape case of a 8 year old (Göteborg, Sweden)

A very ugly rape
The assault, which the police have called "a very ugly rape", took place on September 14, 1995 in a forest area in Billdal, south of Göteborg (in the southwest coast of Sweden). The girl was driving her bike on her way home from school (Lindåsskolan / Primary and Lower Secondary School Lindås) when an unknown man jumped out of a bush and pulled her into the forest. She was subjected to such heavy violence that even her bicycle helmet cracked: the man knocked her out, inflicted severe wounds to her face and brutally raped her.
The man then left the place running and the girl managed to get to a larger road nearby where she, bloody and undressed, received help from people waiting at a bus stop (somewhere along Södra Särövägen)
According to a police theory, the perpetrator was probably familiar with the area. Alternatively, he had previously been there and done reconnaissance before his crime.
A Cold Case
In 2009, the Cold Case Squat in Göteborg took over 46 cases that were being investigated again, among them, the case of the 8 year girl. The case had been prioritised and over the years, 350 persons had been investigated because the perpetrator's DNA was found at the crime scene, however, a breakthrough on the case has been elusive.
In 2017, 22 years after the events, the police appealed for new tips regarding the case from the public.
Unlike with murders, where the stature of limitations never expires, sex crimes do after 15 years. If it was a child who was subject of the crime, the prescription period does not start counting until the child reaches the age of 18. Meaning that the case was due to expire on March 17, 2020.
Genealogy Genetics was the key
At the beginning of the year, a law change came into force that made it possible for the police to find and prosecute the perpetrator in the Billdal's case. In connection with the legislative amendment, the police were given the opportunity to search for close relatives of suspected perpetrators who themselves are not included in the register.
"We requested a genealogy search on the DNA evidence we had in the case and have received an outcome relating to a number of people in the DNA registry who, on a falling scale, are considered to be possible relatives, either children, parents or siblings of our perpetrator", says Anders Eriksson who is the head of the cold case squat in West Göteborg and in charge of the case, in a press release. "Our request in the current case was one of the first ones to be analysed and we got the result fairly promptly".
The police's press release states that the suspected man was summoned to the police to for a buccal swab, but he never appeared. The police, who then became even more interested in him, went to the man's home and found it empty. But he was later located in Halland (120km/75 miles south of Billdal) after an "intensive search effort" on thursday (February 28, 2019) and was taken into police custody and transported to the police station in Göteborg.
When the results from the National Forensic Center came later that day, it was clear that it really was his DNA that was found on the case of the girl in 1995. On Saturday morning (March 1st, 2019), the hearings on the case against the man begun, who was brought into the hall wearing the green clothes from the local jail.
According to an Aftonbladet's photographer (one of the most popular tabloids in the country) present in the hall, the 58-year-old appeared to be composed and showed no emotion.
At 10.30, the district court announced that the man was arrested on probable cause grounds.
The man denies the crime
According to the prosecution, the state has a good case and strong evidence against the man.
"It is a great success that we have finally managed to find him. There are many years hard work and commitment behind this. It feels very good that we have come this far", says Deputy Chief Prosecutor Thomas Ahlstrand.
His defence team has declined comments to the press.
The affected girl, who is today an adult woman, was informed on the DNA hit and subsequent arrest.


Long list of criminal offenses
In 2008 he was convicted of aggravated battery on a child. The victim of the crime was his own son. The crime came to light after his son told the school staff that his dad have hit him. According to the verdict, the father hold his son's head under water in the bathtub and sit over his body and on his head. He also pulled his son hair and tugged his ears. The verdict resulted on a suspended sentence and community service. The sentence was equal to half a year in prison.
At the time of the assault (on his child), the man was in a relationship with a woman whom he had married a few years before the incident. He had fathered children in the past, and has since fathered several more.
He has also at least been suspected of other crimes, for example smuggling (dated years before the assault on his son). He has also been convicted on a traffic offence.
Married several times
The 58 year old has been married to several women over the years. Just a few years ago, an application for divorce was filed to the district court.
One of his ex-wives, with whom the man has several children, was reached Friday regarding the rape charges. She tells: "It is so incomprehensibly terrible, the fact that you don't really known who it is you have lived with", she says. "I'm still in shock."
The ex-wife, who met the man a few years before the rape, says that the man was charming and pleasant at first. But soon he started showing off other darker and much more nastier sides of his personality.
"Occasionally he was normal, but also volatile. He became more and more vengeful and could often feel personally offended. If someone honk in the traffic, he would become insane. I can think of several little things that were strange".
Psychological and Mental abuse
She describes a world of mental terror inside the home's four walls. She and her children "tiptoed around the house" so as not to trigger one of his violent outbursts of anger.
"It was psychological abuse. For example, if I talked to a friend on the phone, I would hurry to hang up when he entered the room. He had a great need for control. But it was only when I exited that relationship that I understood how he manipulated the whole family."
The last straw, however, was when the man began to beat the couple's eldest son - a crime for which he was sentenced to in 2008.
"There comes a time when enough is enough. It was ok when it was just me, but when it also affected my children, it was when I decided to pack our things and get out of there", says the woman.
The couple divorced, and according to her, the children have had little to no contact with their father since then.
"Yesterday I talked to my the kids. They were quite shocked, even if they haven't had contact with him. It is beyond anything they might have expected" she says and continues when asked if she ever suspected of him "It's really hard to say. But not something like this, it's on a completely different level. It is completely shocking. So utterly incomprehensible."
REFERENCES (only in Swedish)
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2018.02.23 06:09 hello-cthulhu Non-Updating, Potentially Endangered Labels at eMusic

(UPDATE: 2/23. Sigh... I posted this just last night. 14 hours ago. And it's already obsolete because yet another great mass cull of labels is in effect. There's no way to know if this Great Cull is already all done, or if it's still ongoing. But if you look at the comments section below, you'll find updates that I and others have posted about many, many labels which now seem to have vanished from eMusic as of today, Friday, February 23. So if you're reading this, I'd urge you to use up your remaining credits NOW, particularly if it's on stuff from an endangered label.)
(UPDATE 2: 2/24. I've collected all the labels reported as missing here, including a few new ones I've caught, and posted that list in this thread:
Since I don't seem to have the ability to make this list a proper "sticky," I'm reposting this list here with all the updates I've added over the last few weeks, including a bunch that I put in tonight. As you'll see with the list, there are some pieces of good and bad news here. The good news is that a few labels now seem to be getting updates, making them current through February 2018. The bad news is that we seem to have lost one of the labels on the list, Tendril Tales, which is Hope Sandoval's label. As far as I can tell, all of her work is now scrubbed from eMusic.
Otherwise, the list as a whole has grown considerably since I first posted it, and I've fleshed it out with more details where available, usually by checking labels' websites to see if things generally are current. In some cases, labels haven't put anything out beyond the listed date, but the overwhelming majority of cases listed here are labels that have new content that for some reason hasn't made it out to eMusic yet. This suggests a red flag.
HOWEVER, as I stated before, it's important to remember that some of the labels lost in the last few culls were indeed being updated up through the bitter end, so their disappearance was as unpredictable as it was abrupt. You may recall that we had Sub Pop on the old site. We had the new Afghan Whigs on that site for two or three days, having been posted and released on a Friday, but it and all other Sub Pop content vanished when the new site was launched at the end of the weekend. So just because a label is current and complete at eMusic, it doesn't mean that it won't disappear tomorrow. It would help if, Flying Spaghetti Monster forbid, eMusic would graciously give us some heads up if they're about to lose a label or distributor, as they did many years ago when we lost the Beggars Group of labels. Sadly for us, that's just not the way they roll anymore. So the ONLY piece of information we have that something bad may be brewing for a given label or distributor is if updates simply stop coming or otherwise get chronically delayed. When that happens, it may be worthwhile to prioritize your things in your wish list from those labels.
As before, PLEASE post any updates that you may have to offer for this list, whether it's the good news of labels getting updated content, or the bad news of labels losing content or disappearing entirely, or a label that should be on the list but isn't currently. Thanks again to all who contributed to this list before.
100% Silk (With the notable exception of a February 2018 anthology, nothing after May 2017)
20/20/20 (Incomplete with only 3 albums, the last from February 2015)
American Laundromat (Incomplete catalog; nothing new since Juliana Hatfield's Pussycat from April 2017. However, it's worth noting that this label doesn't seem to have anything newer since that time. Several new releases for 2018 have been advertised, so we'll see soon where things now stand. For now, the chief concern is that the listing with eMusic is somewhat Swiss cheesed, omitting much of their existing catalog of releases.)
ATO (Deleted entirely during the February Cull, but currently restored through February 2015).
Aufnahme + Wiedergabe (Nothing since February 2017)
AUM Fidelity (Nothing after November 2015.)
Auxiliary (ASC's experimental drum-and-bass imprint. According to skerz075, the February 23rd cull wiped out anything later than 2014; but the March restoration brought back its offerings through December 2017.)
BaNone Records (Probably no longer officially carried by eMusic; only three Mason Jennings albums remain, the last from 2004.)
Bella Union (nothing since February 2017)
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records (only 2 releases, last from 2016)
BGO Records (As of early Februrary, only 16 albums appear from catalog, but as of Feb. 25, it's gone entirely.)
BMG Rights Management (Like the now departed Watertower Music, this seems to be another anomaly at eMusic. I haven't specifically noticed any deletions here; the last new release is from November 2017. Much of what's on this "label" is newer work from older artists: James, Smashing Pumpkins, OMD, Joey Ramone, Bryan Ferry, Boyz II Men, Matt Pond. I'd rank this label as one in great danger. Personally, I recommend James's La Petite Mort and Smashing Pumpkins' Monument to an Elegy, particularly the former.)
Bpitch Control (no post-January 2017 content, no sign of the newest Ellen Allien)
Bureau B (nothing post-February 2017)
Caldo Verde Records (Although this label has been more or less consistently updated, I'm adding it because it is in danger. Content filed under the "Caldo Verde" name was deleted in the February 23rd cull, but content under the "Caldo Verde Records" name is still up... for now. I HIGHLY encourage you, if you like Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon, and there's something from your wish list from Caldo Verde Records, GET IT NOW.)
Capri Records (Formerly nothing beyond August 2017. However, two 2018 releases have posted since March.)
Chapter Music (In the US, down to 2 releases. According to Magamp, this may be because Chapter Music is now being distributed by the Secretly distribution group, rather than the Orchard. The Secretly distribution group was among those lost in the latest great cull at eMusic, at the end of January 2018.)
Cherry Red Records (This catalog at eMusic is wildly inconsistent and Swiss cheesed. As of February 25th, there are some great finds there, like much of Dinosaur Jr's back catalog. But with only 60 releases left, this remnant is probably not long for the world, even though there has been some updating, including a February 2018 release.)
Cryptic Corp (This mostly seems to be the Residents' in-house label. It may be in danger, because content from this label, such as the big 80 Orphans anthology, has vanished, but much of its content is still up. UPDATE 2/25: This might be a false alarm, because I've seen this same anthology listed at 7Digital under Cherry Red Records, NOT Cryptic Corp. It was under the latter as listed at eMusic, but the fact that it's listed on another label at 7Digital itself suggests some kind of problem. FWIW, at 7Digital, this massive anthology is only $10, and further investigation shows that big box set releases are similarly low-priced there. This implies that one of the positives of eMusic's catalog, massively cheap box set releases, may have its basis in 7Digital's pricing, not eMusic's own.)
Cuneiform (No new albums since 2016, though still occasional singles. However, the label seems to be taking a break, which may explain this:
Dangerbird Records. Although this label seems to be complete and up-to-date, I'm noticing that it shares the same distributor (Fontana) as many of the recently departed labels, which may mean that it's also soon to be targeted for deletion. Indeed, if you look at who Fontana distributes, this label sticks out as one still at eMusic. They are the home label of bands such as the Dears, Holly Miranda, Butch Walker, Minus the Bear, and lots of others.
Dekorder (1 album left, from 2016)
Dronarivm (2/22 UPDATE: Good news! Some updates to this label, including a February 2018 release, but may be somewhat incomplete for 2017.)
Dune Altar (only 1 release left, from August 2017)
Easy Star (Content updates stopped as of September 2017, but seem to have resumed with 2018 releases.)
Edition Records (Patchy updates since at least September 2017. According to Soulcoal, "They've only had one new full album release on eMusic since last September (Elliiot Galvin a couple weeks ago). Everything else (several releases since last September) has been singles only. Prior to that, they pretty consistently followed up pre-release singles with full albums near the release date, but, aside from Galvin, not any more. (3 of 4 releases since September never showed up as albums on eMusic). There are singles for a couple upcoming releases already on eMusic, so I suppose we'll have a better sense of the trend soon.")
Eleven Seven Music (Like Dangerbird, this is a Fontana distributed label. It seems to be complete and up-to-date for now, but it's probably worth watching as potentially endangered.)
Erased Tapes (No content beyond February 2017. Note that it is Redeye distributed, like other labels which have either evaporated or are similarly endangered. Redeye distribution seems to keep coming up as a common factor here.)
ESP-Disk (Also listed as "ESP-Disk' " - yes, with an apostrophe at the end of the name, for some reason. The latter name variant seems the most up to date, with stuff from September 2017.)
Fat Possum (previously, only up to 2012 available, but as of July 30, only one anthology from 2008 available. This should probably just be classified as a deleted label, with that one anthology as an error.)
Fluid Audio (only 1 album, from 2015)
French Kiss Records (Note that some are listed under "frenchkiss." UPDATE: Good news! As of 2/22, this label seems to have been updated at last with content well into February 2018, including a new single from Eleanor Friedberger. Most of its content seems to be under the "frenchkiss" name variant.)
Friends of Friends (In the UK, has not updated since September 2017, but in the US, only a single EP from May 2017 is available at all). UPDATE 2/14 - New releases now seem to be available in the UK.
Hobbledehoy Records (Possible good news here. Formerly, only 8 releases, none past 2016. But a single dated February 2018 is now posted. So... will the rest of the catalog arrive?)
Holistic Music Works (Also listed as "Holistic MusicWorks," only five releases between the two listings. Four from Brian Lynch under the latter name, the last from 2014, and only one from Killer Ray Appleton in 2012 under the former.)
Hoodoo Records (This is a label which seems to exclusively issue remastered editions of classic rock and r'n'b. I've noticed their catalog offerings in eMusic declining; already, something I bought in January is no longer in the catalog. They still have some classic Bob Dylan, Elvis, Bo Diddley, Johnny Cash, and others, but it's probably worth getting sooner rather than later.)
Hybris - I'm adding this Swedish indie pop label with reluctance, because they have been updated as recently as February 2018. However, I've noticed some instability with its offerings. The "new" releases seem to be reissues of content only a few years old. An EP I put on my wishlist just last month is now gone. I've noticed content get deleted and then returned. Albums I purchased from it were even gone from the My Music cloud, requiring me to manually re-upload them, and their 2017 release, Wy's "Okay," seems to be deleted from the catalog. So... I'm not sure what's going on with them.
Jazz Village (Down to only two releases currently, both from 2016.)
L.I.E.S. [Long Island Electrical Systems] - (Nothing since February 2017)
Light in the Attic (Spread between different listings, like Light in the Attic, Light in the Attic Records, etc. Newest listing is October 2017).
Luaka Bop (Completely wiped out in the US, but in the UK, releases stop at May 2017. As the_spaceplunger observes, "A really weird one, as older releases are being added relatively regularly.")
Memphis Industries (In the US, only one Dutch Uncles/C Duncan single from March 2017; otherwise nothing after 2016. UK seems up to date)
Metal Blade (US) (nothing post-2013)
Modern Love (nothing post-Feb 2017)
Mom & Pop Music (nothing since Nov. 2017)
The Native Sound (Deleted during the February cull, only to return with that cull's reversal. However, as was the case before the cull, available releases go no later than May 2017.)
NNA Tapes (Nothing since Dec. 2014)
Om Records (Catalog was deleted back to 2008 in the February 23rd cull or earlier. But as of April, it seems to have returned, and gotten updated through 2018. It remains oddly incomplete, though. For example, Underworld's LP from 2010, Barking, is gone, yet the remix single from that same album, "Bird 1," is back. It's distributed by ADA, which is owned by Warner and is the distributor of many labels which vanished in January and February.)
Palmetto (Apart from a 2012 re-release dated Dec. 2017, nothing since August 2016).
Pax-Am Records (Ryan Adams's label, with a few releases under slight variations of the Pax-Am name. Selection is incomplete, with the last new release being the "Burn in the Night" 7-inch, from June 2015).
PIAS America (Listed under several variations: "PIAS America", "[PIAS]" "[PIAS America]". Nothing after March 2017. Update 3/9: I asked the support team about the new Editors' album, Violence, which was released today. They confirmed that they will NOT be able to get this album, despite PIAS being a label they carry. Unless we hear differently, we should assume at the minimum that this label will no longer update.)
Redhouse Records (Only releases by the Zombies; missing Greg Brown, other Americana content)
Resonance Records (the jazz label, not the other one of same name intermingled... no new releases since 2016... except one recent 2018 release, which seems like an accident given that no 2017 releases showed up, and not everything from 2018 is there, either).
Rock Action Records (US) (Only 5 releases, nothing later than 2013)
Rocket Girl (Nothing after November 2016, with one exception, a March 2018 single from White Ring.)
Ropeadope Records (Perhaps a victim of the last great cull, almost gone entirely, with only four releases left, the last from 2004).
Rune Grammofon (No releases since Feb. 2017 outside the US, though updates seem current in US)
The Royal Potato Family (nothing since 2016)
Saint Marie Records (A borderline case. It has been updated with post-Spring 2017 content, but it typically experiences a good two or more month lag after the initial release of any given album.)
Sanctuary (The few remaining releases from this label, mostly Mick Jagger solo albums, were hit by the February cull, all but eliminating this label. But oddly, with the restoration of labels from that cull, Mick Jagger is back. But most of the Sanctuary catalog remains missing.)
Scat (Only 9 releases, nothing post-2010).
Shanachie (4 albums on 3 different versions of Shanachie's name, but nothing recent)
Smalltown Supersound (Major regional variations here, with reports of no updates past 2015. In the US, however, this label seems to now be updating again, with four releases from 2018).
Sonic Cathedral (It was the case that this label had stopped updating in July 2017, at least in the US. It has been reported to be up to date in the UK. Its current status is perhaps best described as uneven, because one single from March 2018 has been added. A trickier issue is that many of its releases are on US labels, so if not here under Sonic Cathedral, may be otherwise listed. For example, Moon Diagrams is on Geographic North.)
Stickman Records (no releases since Jan. 2017)
Storyville (Uneven updates. However, two 2018 releases have been posted, so this label may be more or less back into the fold now.)
Strut (Only 19 releases outside the US, but updated with 99 releases in US.)
Suede Ltd. (As the name suggests, this is basically Suede's private label. [For legal reasons, this legendary Britpop band is officially called the "London Suede" in the US.] It may not mean anything, but their 2012 reunion LP, Bloodsports, has vanished from the catalog. As of Feb. 24, all that remains are the remastered "Suede" and "Dog Man Star" LPs.)
Tendril Tales (Hope Sandoval's label. The first single from "Son of a Lady" was posted in August, but the full album never arrived. UPDATE 2/22: Bad news. This label is now gone from eMusic entirely.)
Transgressive Records (Nothing past early January 2017).
Vagrant - Though wiped out entirely in the February Cull, the March Restoration brought back everything until 2014.
Wolf Tone - A relatively newly founded UK label, only their first release, an Elle Watson EP from 2016, is available as of 4/6. None of the subsequent releases from that label, from the Horrors, Art School Girlfriend, etc., are here.
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2017.05.25 03:30 The_Brutally_Honest Welcome to the March for Net Neutrality!

Welcome to the March For Net Neutrality!

Thank you for joining us and for showing your support for Net Neutrality! Here, we are organizing marches, brainstorming ideas, collaborating on projects, and fighting for what is right all in the name of protecting Net Neutrality and saving the Internet!

Not sure what Net Neutrality is?

This three minute video gives a pretty solid overview of what Net Neutrality is and why it is important! If you'd rather read, Business Insider also explains it very well and puts it simply like this:
"Net Neutrality" prevents Internet providers like Verizon and Comcast from dictating the kinds of content you're able to access online. Instead, Internet providers have to treat all traffic sources equally. Net Neutrality is enforced by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC.
Kurzgesagt's Explanation
Explained in one minute
Explained like a 90's commercial
Explained with Drawings
Explained, If you like British Accents
This Image gives a pretty good sneak peak at what it would look like if Net Neutrality is abolished (pay to access sites; essentially they're monetizing internet censorship).

Why are we protesting?

Because Net Neutrality is at risk of being extremely overhauled or abolished altogether! On Thursday May 18, 2017 the FCC voted 2 - 1 to revise Net Neutrality rules. The good thing is that they have to give at least 90 days for public opinion before they can finalize anything. So, 90 days from May 18, 2017 brings us to August 16, 2017 as the earliest date for a decision. Between now and August 16, 2017 we need to let the FCC know loud and clear what the public thinks of them potentially removing Net Neutrality Rules.
So, periodically we will make a sticky post of events that are going to go on THE NEXT CALENDAR DAY (tomorrow). We want to catch the FCC by surprise so they don't have time to prepare and we can have full effect. All of the directions and everything you'll need to know will be in the post. This will happen periodically throughout the summer until we begin The FCC's Hell Week! So stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe. Over there ------>

How can I help?

Good Question! I'm glad I asked!
There are several ways you can help! Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Start talking about it! Share your knowledge of Net Neutrality and its importance with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. The more people that are aware of it and understand it, the more likely we are to be successful! Feel free to share our posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Join the March! On August 12, 2017 we are taking to the streets! We are going to (peacefully) march on the FCC!!! We'll release more details as we get closer to the date, but keep that day open! It's a Saturday and going to be a great close to the FCC's "Hell Week" we're planning!
  3. File an Official Complaint with the FCC! Let them know what you really think and why Net Neutrality is important to you!
  4. Send a Certified Letter to the FCC! Certified letters are a postal service in which the sending and receipt of a letter or package are recorded! So, it goes on file that they received your letter and they won't be able to ignore it! Click for the Address!
  5. Call the FCC! Voice your opinion with Consumer Complaints! Their phone number is: 1 (888) 225-5322
  6. Whenever you see people talking about Net Neutrality, link them back here to /MarchForNetNeutrality! Note: There is a difference between linking back here in context and spamming. Please don't spam.
  7. Stay tuned on /MarchForNetNeutrality! Subscribe to get our updates! We will have periodic events throughout the next couple of weeks that will make the FCC's job a little bit tougher until they finally start listening and protect Net Neutrality rules!


Find Us Here

Don't forget to come back to this thread every once in a while! It will always be stickied! We'll be updating as more information comes out and we reveal a plan to Save the Internet!

The /MarchForNetNeutrality Team
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2017.04.09 09:23 clearliquidclearjar WEEKLY EVENTS 4/9 – 4/18

Two weeks in a row! Do it do it.
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
  • Temple Israel: Jewish Food Festival. “Corned beef, pastrami, matzo balls, rugelach, cheese cake, stuffed cabbage, hamantaschen, black and white cookies, knishes, great music, artists and so much more!” 10am-4pm
  • Athena’s Klassy Room Gallery: Red Hills Pagan Council Pagan "Picnic" and Council Meeting. “Please bring a potluck dish to share. We also encourage you to bring your own dinnerware, silverware, cups, etc... Don't forget a drink. We will be working on decorations for the Beltane Ball right after the council meeting if you would like to help please plan on hanging out for a little longer.” 11am
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Grass To Glass Academy. “Fruits and Vegetables - Mom always said to eat your fruits and veggies. Beer is no different. Fruits and veggies can create amazing flavors and are one way brewers are expanding the face of the beer world.” Noon/$30
  • Florida Capitol: No War with Syria: FL Capitol Protest. Noon
  • Wakulla Library: Sinatra: Voice for a Century Screening. Noon
  • Cascades Park: David Byrne's Contemporary Color. “Join us for this special event presented by the Word of South Festival and the Tallahassee Film Festival. Co-director, Turner Ross will be in attendance at this film screening and there will be a Q&A after the show!” 12:15pm
  • Monticello Karting: Endurance Race. “Race with us - $600 will cover the cost of racing with a four-person team (includes kart rental.)” 9am check in to race/noon to watch
  • Gulf Specimen Marine Lab: Poisonous Creatures of the Sea. “This weekend we discover what creatures in the sea use poison as a defense mechanism. After taking a tour around the lab looking at all of our poisonous creatures we will do a fun puffer fish craft!” 1pm-2pm
  • Lake Jackson, Sunset Landing: Tally Yakkers Outfitters Demo Day. 2pm-4pm
  • The Wilbury: Breathe Now tour with Lazarus Wilde/ Brighter Poet and more! 2pm
  • Shuckers: Friends of Lake Jackson Meeting and Mixer. “Local organizations, businesses and government agencies will be on site to provide updates, share information, and speak about their connection to Lake Jackson as “The Jewel of Leon County.” 2pm
  • Aveda Institute: OM & FOAM an outdoor yoga and beer event. “21+ all-levels outdoor yoga class followed by a complimentary beer to benefit the Gulf Restoration Network.” 4pm/$20
  • The Plant: National Women's Liberation Tallahassee Organizing Committee Monthly Meeting. “The National Women's Liberation Tallahassee Organizing Committee is hosting its fifth monthly meeting in Tallahassee! At this meeting, we will be discussing women as an oppressed class. Also, we will get some NWL chapter work done in the meeting and help you figure out a role organizing in NWL if you are looking to get more involved. Please read ahead and come with your thoughts, questions, and experiences about this theory of how we are kept down as a class and what this has to do with building a feminist movement.” 4pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Second Sunday Blues Jam. “Bring your guitar, harp, voice, and any other instrument and join us every second Sunday for a blues jam. Open at 6pm for dinner, drinks, and player registration. House drum kit and bass rig provided.” 6pm/free
  • Leon High School: Entertainment for Change Inaugural Event. “Entertainment for Change's big night is right around the corner and boy should you be excited! EFC @ FSU is a nonprofit that seeks to bridge the gap between creative/visual arts and social/environmental concerns. At Leon High School, we will be showcasing some major acts and projects allowing FSU students to express their passions freely. EFC intends to be a platform for positive, constructive, and inciteful conversations in the local community.” 7pm
  • The Warrior: TV Mike and the Scarecrowes, Rachel Hillman, Invented Truths, and The Rest of Ray Brower. 8pm/$7
  • Growler USA (U Square): Kill the KEG at Growler USA! “It is the start of the week and we need to open up a tap for new beer! $20 all you can drink until the keg is empty, from 8-10pm! Winner(s) will receive a free Growler T Shirt and a 64 oz Growler from select taps! Bring out your team and whichever team goes through the most pitchers wins!” 8pm/21+
  • Under Wraps on the Parkway: Bar Trivia With Hank, This Week Featuring Harry Potter. “50 questions of friendly trivia. Plus great Mediterranean food, delicious wraps, and beer by the bottle or bucket that won’t kick you in the wallet. $20 tab for 1st place. Near all the state offices – start your week off right.” 7pm/free
  • Junction @ Monroe: Monday Night Bingo. “Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a chance to win some big cashola! It doesn't get any better than [email protected]. Every Monday from 7pm-9pm we've got cash payouts up to $250 per game with multiple games each night PLUS a 50/50 drawing each week benefitting the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild.” 7pm-9pm
  • Blue Tavern (N Monroe St): Lost Mondays with Belmont & Jones. 8pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:35pm/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke with Nathan. He’s got all the songs. All the songs you want to sing. 9pm
  • Side Bar Theater: Open Mic Mondays with Karaoke and Games. “ Open Mic: Drums, Guitar Amp, and Bass Amp will be provided. (Bring your own guitars and various instruments!) Karaoke, Nintendo 64 ( Mario Kart, Starfox, and more!), Foosball, Cornhole.” 9pm/free/18+
  • The Warrior: Hip-Hop Open Mic Monday's // Dj T Wixx on site // Bring your Tracks. 10pm
  • Proof: Arts & Drafts 2017. “Join us for an evening of fun, art, silent auction, drinks, & food! Best part of the evening is your support for the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Bend!” 5:30pm
  • The Moon: Explosions In The Sky w/Thor and Friends. 7pm/$30/18+
  • Chabad at FSU: Passover Seder- 1st night. “Join us and hundreds of other students and community members for the largest Seder in the Panhandle. Matzah, wine, grape juice, gefiltefish and all the traditional Jewish food.” 7:30/$18 suggested donation
  • The Wilbury: Cat Family Records Presents Tail Light Rebellion with The Rest of Ray Brower, Austin Dienger, & Matt Binder. 8pm
  • Frenchtown Farmers Market: Tuesday Market. “We're open on Tuesdays now! Come get some local goodies on your way home from work or school!” 3pm-7pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Live Rehearsal Tuesdays. “Tuesdays are Live Rehearsals at [email protected]. Sponsored by the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild. Utilize our complete backline and PA for rehearsals, jams, or hold auditions. Up to one hour slots (or more depending on number of signups) per artist/group.” 4pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Bob Dogan. 6pm
  • Growler USA (University Square): Trivia Night. 6pm
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Northside Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. This is a great geeky date night option. If you’ve got teens or kids that want to go to trivia (hey, nerds come in all sizes), this is a PG/PG-13 night. 7:30pm/free
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. Lively and fun. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Midtown Pies: Trivia and Deliciousness! 8pm
  • Fire Bettys: Now That's What I Call Tuesday! Dance Party. 8pm
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Karaoke with DJRah. 9pm
  • The Warrior: Open Mic "SingeSong Writer" Edition. “Full bands welcome. Free Pitcher for a 15 minute or more ORIGINAL Set.” 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Trivia Tuesday! 9:30pm
  • Applebee’s on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • Leon County Extension Office: Leon Artisanal Cheese Making Workshop. “Want to make delicious cheese at home? We'll show you the "WHEY", at this beginner's level workshop. Cost includes samples, materials, recipes, & supplies to make your own at home!” 6pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: The Underhill Family Orchestra w/ Wanderfoot & Lil' Grizzly. 7pm/$12/21+
  • Super Secret Bonus Level: Tournament Tuesday - Smash Bros Melee. 7pm/free to enter
  • Black Dog on the Square: Pink Moon Ride. “Take a bike ride to watch the April Pink Moon rise above the wetlands. This is one magical ride, as we casually bike about 20 round-trip miles to the Apalachicola National Forest. We mostly travel along the St. Marks Trail system, and we'll also use the hard packed clay Munson bike trail to ride about a mile into the forest to access a white-sand beach wetland where we watch the moonrise, listen to the chorus frogs, and look out for fireflies. No mountain bike needed, btw, the trails are packed well. Be sure to charge & bring your lights.” 7pm
  • Unitarian Universalist Church: A Trek Across Scotland on the West Highland Way. “In the summer of 2014 Gregg and Morgan Patterson trekked the Camino de Santiago. This led to a walking habit, and they have hiked throughout mountains and parks, on beaches, and on islands such as Dog Island, St George Island and Puerto Rico. Last summer they chose to do a 100-mile trek through Scotland--the West Highland Way. During their presentation Gregg and Morgan will share both the physical and mental challenges of this journey and also life lessons learned on The West Highland Way.” 7pm
  • Dohnányi Recital Hall: Brazilian Choro: Concert-Lecture by pianist Roee Ben Sira. 7pm
  • FAMU Dept of Music: Swingin' Into Spring Jazz Concert. 7:30pm
  • Blue Tavern: Roda Vibe - Brazilian Choro Music. 8pm
  • The Warehouse: Rodney Jones. “Please join us for the Jerome Stern Distinguished Writers series, this Tuesday, to hear poetry from Rodney Jones!” 8pm
  • Madison Social: The Booze-ness Lunch: Free Drink During Lunch “If Don Draper did it, why not you. We are introducing the weekly Booze-ness lunch, because one cocktail in the afternoon just makes you more creative and productive (its science). Come have lunch with us, Centrale or Township and enjoy a delicious adult beverage on the house with food purchase.” 11:30am-3pm
  • Bird's Oyster Shack: Lab Sessions with Jim Crozier, featuring Bruce Graybeal. 6pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Daniel Tenbusch. 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Quizmaster General Knowledge Trivia. “Quizmaster is hosted by Bennett Miller from 7-9pm every Wednesday, and features three rounds of general knowledge trivia (and a weekly food special). It is free to play and teams of up to 6 are welcome. The winner of each round receives a sample flight, and the Quizmaster for the night receives a $25 gift card and serious credit on Geek Street.” 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • Junction @ Monroe: Bike Night, Bingo, and Karaoke. 7pm
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. Drink delicious brews and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. Local beer, local trivia in the heart of Tally’s Art District. A food truck is always out front for this, too, or you can order and pick up something great at the Crum Box Gastgarden (the caboose in RR Sq). Bar tab for 1st and 2nd place teams. 7:30pm/21+/no cover
  • The Warehouse: Open Mic feat. Mike the Prophet. “There is a lottery for time slots. Now smoke free!” 8pm
  • El Patron: Karaoke With Big Bob. 8:30pm-11:30pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke. 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Corner Pocket: Karaoke. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • The Capitol: Broward Young Black Progressives host the Rally on Tally 2017. “This march will be a millennial-led mobilization around the state to become more engaged in the legislative process; to by bringing groups from various areas in Florida together to march, rally and advocate for criminal/juvenile justice reform; mental health awareness; environmental protection and preservation; educational standards and funding and economic development.” 10am-4pm
  • FSU Integration Statue: FSUEarth Month: Getting Here Sustainable Transportation Fair. “FSU reCycle Bike Program is excited to partner with several organizations to host Getting Here, a sustainable transportation fair on Wednesday April 12 at the FSU Integration Statue from 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. Learn everything you need to know to get to and from campus by bus, foot or bike!” Noon-3pm
  • Bread and Roses Co-op: Co-op monthly meeting and potluck. “Bring a dish and let's dish! This is our monthly meeting to talk about what's new at the co-op ,what's working or needs improvements.” 6pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: A Brilliant Monster: Crowdfunding, Movie Night, Meet and Greet!. “Local filmmaker, Fred Rabbath, has some truly remarkable projects under his belt and is now looking to fund his latest, most intriguing and challenging project to date, A Brilliant Monster. Tonight, Fred will be showcasing three of his short films and his exceptional feature length film entitled 'Listen' and will be present with his production team to discuss his upcoming project with you.” 7:30pm/$5
  • The Standard: Techyes ft. Billy Kenny. 9:30pm
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday featuring Fried Turkeys. 6pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Joe Dinkel. 6pm
  • Growler USA (University Square): Wing Eating Contest. “Like wings as much as you think you do? Think that you are a Pro or at least Semi Pro at it? Show off your skills at Growler USA from 6PM-11PM every Thursday. Rules: $20 entry fee per person for all you can eat wings, winner will be anounced on our Facebook page the following day. In addition to gettting to show off and eating a mountain of wings, the winner will receive $25 Gift card and a Free Growler USA T shirt!” 6pm
  • Beef O’Brady’s: AJ Johnson Trivia. 6:30pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Open Mic Night. “Bring your instruments and play an open slot or just come and be entertained in Tallahassee's best sounding room!” 7pm/free
  • Skybox: $10 Cornhole Tourney. 7:30pm
  • Warhorse: Bar Trivia With Hank: AV Night. “3 rounds of music, 2 rounds of pictures! Happens on the first Thursday of every month. Full bar, fantastic pizza, and fun facts.” 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. 8:30pm
  • Unique Wonders: Live Comedy with Big Hou! 8:30pm/$5
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Brass Tap Midtown: Karaoke with DJ Rah. 9pm-Midnight
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke with Nathan. All the songs. $1 Pabst drafts. 10pm
  • Tallahassee Harley-Davidson: Bike Night! “This month we've got Free Wheelin' Band rockin' the stage! Big D's BBQ will be cookin' up the finest southern grub! The group benefiting from this Bike Night is FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (C.A.R.D)! AND The World Famous Harley Girls Bikini Bike Wash is BACK!” 6pm
  • Ruby Diamond: Wayne Shorter Quartet: The Unfolding. 7:30pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Thursday Evening Gastgarden Sessions With Royce Khan. 8pm
  • Club Downunder: Acid Mothers Temple w/ Babylon. 8:30pm/GP $10/18+
  • 926 Bar and Grill: The Battle. “The best and only roast battle and comedy.” 9:15pm
  • Coliseum: MIGOS. 10pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Backstage Garden Happy Hour with David Lareau. 5pm-8pm
  • Growler USA (University Square): Live Music. 6pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Velma Frye. 6pm
  • Hobbit South: Karaoke. 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Paul. 8:30pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Skyzone: GLOW- Featuring DJ LooseKid. “Grab all of your friends and get your jump on with live music featuring Dj Loosekid, glow lights & laser beams! Check in early to take advantage of the full 2 hours of jumping! Each jumper must wear a reflective shirt, or purchase a shirt in the park. Due to the popularity of this event and early sell outs- we highly suggest you reserve your tickets online beforehand. We cannot guarantee tickets for GLOW will be available in the park at the time of the event.” 9pm-11pm/$25/no one under 5yo
  • 926 Lounge (Formerly Pugs): The Friday Night Party. “Get your pre-game on at Happy Hour with Tom from 4-9 and the dance party getting rolling at 10 pm with our favorite house DJs slinging sound all night long. At midnight, join our talented Queens for an amazing show!” 9pm/$5, $7 under 21/18+
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Devin Cywinski. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Challenger Learning Center: Home School Days - "All Things Small". “It's a small world after all! Experiments may include using microscopes, magnifying lenses, and learning about small cells of living things. Investigate mircoparticles and the use of nanotechnology. The program is limited to students in grades K-5 only. The cost is $20 per student. CLC Members receive a 10% discount. Fee includes all materials and popcorn snack.” 9am-noon
  • Fifth & Thomas: Backstage Garden Party w/ Willow. 5pm
  • Hurricane Wings: Evan Taylor Jones- Sunray Sessions Tour. 6pm
  • Gamescape: Painting and Hobby Seminar. “$5 Entry - Includes cost of supplies, a free Citadel Paint Brush, and Miniature to practice painting on. Local Hobby Professionals will be on hand to provide painting tips and tricks to help you step up your hobby and painting game. Never painted a miniature before? Not a problem, come on down, and our hobby professionals will teach you the painting basics! This event is for both beginner and veteran hobbyists of any and all miniature games!” 6:30pm
  • Bad Girls Club: Futuro (Brazil) – Slug. 7pm/$5/all ages
  • Club Downunder: International Night of Dance at Club Downunder. 7:30pm/free
  • Junction @ Monroe: Emi Sunshine with Boo Radley. 8pm/$15
  • The Wilbury: HighTest, Tuesday Supper Club, Brady. 8pm
  • The Blue Tavern: The Late Show with Luis Rodriguez. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Albert Castiglia Band. 9pm
  • Side Bar: Magic City Hippies w/ Just Chameleons & Wild Planet. 9pm/$12
  • The Warrior: Rip Junior, The Ned, Sgt. bear, and Dylan "Ragpicker" Allen. 9pm/$7
  • Fifth & Thomas: Frank Jones Band. 9pm
  • Park at Monroe: The Downtown Marketplace. 9am
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “The Frenchtown Heritage Market offers a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown produce. Live music, cooking demos, fruits vegetables, and honey sold directly by farmers.” 10am – 3pm.
  • Growler USA (University Square): DJ Night. 6pm-9pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Cowboy Chris. 9pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary: Tallahassee’s Longest Running Goth Night. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Introduction to Blacksmithing. “In this basic introduction to blacksmithing workshop, participants will work alongside an experienced blacksmith to learn some history and basics of the craft. At the end of each session, everyone will take home their very own simple project as well as the experience of working in an 1800s period blacksmith shop.” 9am
  • Island Wing Company: WingFest 2017. “Come out for a great family friendly event that will feature LOTS of entertainment, food/drinks, and the best atmosphere in town.” 11am/free
  • Athena’s Garden: Second Saturday Live at Athena's Redux. “Sing a song, have a blast, our Karaoke is back. Check out our amazing Tarot Readers. Save 10% off storewide. And much more!” Noon-6pm
  • The Brass Tap: Tallahassee Brews & Burgers Festival (3rd Annual). “Join us for a day full of craft beer, burgers, music and community. Unlimited beer tasting is included in the ticket price, while burgers/food are for purchase.” 2pm-6pm
  • New Leaf Market: Easter Rock Hunt. “Skip the candy and hunt rocks at the Co-op! Saturday, April 15 from 3-6 pm, visit either New Leaf Market Co-op location for a free rock hunt! Painted rocks will be hidden throughout both stores for you to find. Plus, a few special surprises will hidden alongside some of our favorite rocks.” 3pm-6pm
  • Flippin Great Pinball: CAPT April Pinball Tournament. “Join us for our monthly IFPA-sanctioned pinball tournament. Qualifiers begin at 5pm and there is NO tournament fee, just pay for your admission. This is an all ages event and all skill levels are welcomed to compete. Try something different and see if you can claim the top spot!” 5pm
  • Gaines Street: Easter Egg Hunt for Adults! “For years we have had to watch while children have all the fun, hunting for Easter eggs and bragging about their treats. Well! Not anymore! April 15th will be Gaines Street’s first grown up Easter egg hunt! A chance for you to search all over Gaines street and railroad square for eggs that are filled with freebies and discounts from all around town.” This is going to be amazing. Go here for details and rules. 6pm-10pm
  • Hotel Duval: Miss Tallahassee PRIDEFEST 2017 Pageant. 6pm
  • FSU Union Green: WSU & kNOw More Present: Take Back the Night. “In 2016 the Victim Advocate Program addressed nearly 300 cases involving the FSU community for sexual battery, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, relationship violence or domestic violence. This April 15th @ 7 p.m. the Women Student Union and the kNOw More Student Advisory Board will be hosting Take Back the Night, an event to uplift survivors and raise awareness on sexual violence. The event will consist of a speak out where survivors will share their stories and a march around the campus that everyone is invited to to show their support!” 7pm
  • Garages on Gaines: Jazz & Beyond presents Ecology & Alkebulan. 8pm/$5
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: ARI AND STACHE. 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield. 8pm/$10
  • The Junction @ Monroe: The Bottom Dollar Boys. 8pm/$12
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: John Primer. 9pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Macaxeira Reggae Samba. 9pm
  • The Warrior: Altar Of Flesh, Dark Star Coven, Last True Evil & QUOR. 9pm/$10
  • Play Sports Bar: Money Man. 10pm
  • Gaines Street/Railroad Ave: The Souk – “Come grab brunch from Tallahassee's finest, enjoy local musicians and check out local vendors. BRUNCH! Gaines Street hosts 12+ locally owned dining establishments in a 2 block area - we've got something for everyone! VENDORS! We've got vendors all up & down the block! Have some stuff to sell? Bring it down!. And tons of live MUSIC!” Noon-5pm
  • GrassLands Brewery: Queer Trivia: Let's Get Beers Together. “GrassLands invites the Tally LGBT community and friends to come down and enjoy local craft beer and queer-themed trivia every Sunday. LGBT-themed trivia provided by Trivia With Hank. $30 bar tab for 1st place. Stick around afterward for queers and beers.” 5pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Easter Brunch W/ the Rachael Hillman Band. 10am
  • Madison Social: Adult Easter Egg Hunt. 11am
  • Indianhead Factory: Zula, Sexy Dex and the Fresh +2. 8pm/$5
  • Waterworks: Selena Tribute Performance. “Yvette Smith makes an appearance with the impersonation of Selena. A Tribute to The queen of Tejano.” 10pm/free/21+
  • Growler USA (U Square): Kill the KEG at Growler USA! “It is the start of the week and we need to open up a tap for new beer! $20 all you can drink until the keg is empty, from 8-10pm! Winner(s) will receive a free Growler T Shirt and a 64 oz Growler from select taps! Bring out your team and whichever team goes through the most pitchers wins!” 8pm/21+
  • Under Wraps on the Parkway: Bar Trivia With Hank. “50 questions of friendly trivia. Plus great Mediterranean food, delicious wraps, and beer by the bottle or bucket that won’t kick you in the wallet. $20 tab for 1st place. Near all the state offices – start your week off right.” 7pm/free
  • Junction @ Monroe: Monday Night Bingo. “Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a chance to win some big cashola! It doesn't get any better than [email protected]. Every Monday from 7pm-9pm we've got cash payouts up to $250 per game with multiple games each night PLUS a 50/50 drawing each week benefitting the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild.” 7pm-9pm
  • Blue Tavern (N Monroe St): Lost Mondays with Belmont & Jones. 8pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:35pm/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke with Nathan. He’s got all the songs. All the songs you want to sing. 9pm
  • Side Bar Theater: Open Mic Mondays with Karaoke and Games. “ Open Mic: Drums, Guitar Amp, and Bass Amp will be provided. (Bring your own guitars and various instruments!) Karaoke, Nintendo 64 ( Mario Kart, Starfox, and more!), Foosball, Cornhole.” 9pm/free/18+
  • The Warrior: Hip-Hop Open Mic Monday's // Dj T Wixx on site // Bring your Tracks. 10pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Live Rehearsal Tuesdays. “Tuesdays are Live Rehearsals at [email protected]. Sponsored by the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild. Utilize our complete backline and PA for rehearsals, jams, or hold auditions. Up to one hour slots (or more depending on number of signups) per artist/group.” 4pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour. 6pm
  • Growler USA (University Square): Trivia Night. 6pm
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Northside Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. This is a great geeky date night option. If you’ve got teens or kids that want to go to trivia (hey, nerds come in all sizes), this is a PG/PG-13 night. 7:30pm/free
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. Lively and fun. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Midtown Pies: Trivia and Deliciousness! 8pm
  • Fire Bettys: Now That's What I Call Tuesday! Dance Party. 8pm
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Karaoke with DJRah. 9pm
  • The Warrior: Open Mic "SingeSong Writer" Edition. “Full bands welcome. Free Pitcher for a 15 minute or more ORIGINAL Set.” 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Trivia Tuesday! 9:30pm
  • Applebee’s on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • Florida State University Student Services Building, Room 203, (874 Traditions Way): The Battle over the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Water Basin. 5pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Keychain, Justin Symbol & The God Bombs + more TBA. 7pm/all ages
Keep checking back, sometimes I update. Got anything to add?
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2016.03.16 17:43 M_Tootles (Spoilers Everything) Aerys's Lovers Die, Septa Scolera, Taena, Marei, Olenna, Maegor, Daario? - Mega-Tinfoil Essay Part 3 of 3


Due to reddit's size limits, this uses the following abbreviations: The Quiet Isle (tQI), The Faceless Men (tFM), the ruling Princess of Dorne, Doran, Oberyn and Elia's mother and Lewyn's brother (tPoD), The Elder Brother (tEB), Ser Morgarth (SerM), Lewyn Martell (LM), Quentyn Martell (QM), Arianne Martell (AM), Doran Martell (DM), Oberyn Martell (OM), Elia Martell (EM), Aerys II Targaryen (AT), Jaehaerys II Targaryen (J2), Rhaegar Targaryen (RT).
Eventually I'll post a version on my wordpress with far less abbreviations.
Part 1 of this essay argues that LM (and possibly RT and Jonothor Darry) survives the Trident and is tEB on tQI and, later, Ser Morgarth. Marwyn the Mage is a Martell: Lewyn's older brother and tPoD's younger brother. Plus lots of other stuff.
Part 2 of this essay argues that tPoD is a busy beaver in King's Landing, giving birth to J2's daughter EM in 257 and AT's son (OM) in 258 (before either Targaryen becomes king). She and AT have a long-term "thing" and bring JL into their "thing" in 259. JL has sex with tPoD and both LM and AT and gives birth to AT & LM's chimera son, Tyrion. His black hair incenses Tywin, who cuts out JL's tongue and sends her to the Silent Sisters. Plus lots of other stuff.
This picks up right where Part 2 left off.

The 'Death' of The Princess of Dorne

AT is heartbroken and anguished by JL's 'death', and like tPoD suspects Tywin of foul play. He is right, and he is right to never again trust Tywin. His mind actually begins to slip -- though it ever teeters back and forth.
Then, in 274, three related events occur and Lewyn is plunged into years of depression, drinking and violence.
The key to everything is the 'death' of tPoD.
Many have assumed she lived until just before Robert's Rebellion, presumably because of one oddly opaque passage:
"Prince Rhaegar married Elia of Dorne, not Cersei Lannister of Casterly Rock. So it would seem [tPoD] won that tilt [against Tywin]."
"She thought so," Prince Oberyn agreed, "but [Tywin] is not a man to forget such slights. (SOS Tyr X)
If tPoD thinks she wins, the logic goes, she must still be alive when RT & EM are "formally [!] betrothed" in 279.
In fact, I will show that tPoD thinks she "won that tilt" in 273-4, meaning that after Tywin rebuffs whatever offers she actually makes to him (we only know what OM's belief about those is), she immediately shores up an agreement with AT to marry (AT's half-sister and her daughter) EM to (EM's double-half-nephew and AT's son) Rhaegar. She 'dies' without seeing it happen, though.
Let's deductively prove when tPoD 'dies'. We know she's dead before Hotah arrives in Dorne:
[Caleotte's] face was so smooth and fat that it was hard to tell his age, but he had been here before the captain [Hotah], had even served the prince's mother. (tCoG)
Not only does Caleotte pre-date Hotah, he even served tPoD. Ergo: tPoD pre-dates Hotah.
And we also know Hotah came to Dorne with Mellario, so tPoD must die before Mellario arrives, lest Hotah be present when tPoD is present:
Dorne had seemed a queer place to him as well when first he came here with his own princess, many years ago. (tW)
Since Arianne is born in 276, Mellario arrives (with Hotah) by 275 at the latest. She and DM are already betrothed in 273, and DM was already 25, so it's most likely Mellario is in Dorne by 274, narrowing the window for tPoD's death to the year after the Casterly Rock excursion. All our ducks are thus in a row.

Elder Brother Lewyn's Lost Love and AT & OM's Concurrent Insanity

Two other sets of events occur for which we now have a crucial piece of context:
  1. AT's newborn son Jaehaerys dies and AT goes on a death orgy, killing a wet nurse and then a mistress and her family.
  2. 16-year-old OM challenges Lord Edgar Yronwood to a "first blood" honor duel over a woman and inexplicably poisons his sword, resulting in Lord Edgar's death. (SOS Tyr V)
In other words, both AT and OM go temporarily batshit in 274, and now we know why: their madness is precipitated by their grief over the death of AT's long-time lover and OM's mother, tPoD.
When baby J dies, AT first blames his wet nurse and beheads her. That's plenty nuts. But then after a little time passes comes the formative event of young LM's life, one he would carry with him and reference 26 years later while living as The Elder Brother:
Not long after, in a change of heart, Aerys announced that Jaehaerys had been poisoned by his own mistress, the pretty young daughter of one of his household knights. The king had the girl and all her kin tortured to death. (TWOIAF)
Compare this to LM's story in the guise of tEB (keeping tFM's "lying game" in mind):
There was a girl I wished to marry, the younger daughter of a petty lord, but I was my father's thirdborn son and had neither land nor wealth to offer her... only a sword, a horse, a shield.
LM is a Prince of Dorne. His status is not the reason he does not marry, lack of inheritance notwithstanding. And indeed, tEB doesn't explicitly say that his birth order is the reason they did not marry: he only leaves Brienne (and the reader) to infer it. The reality is this: the "girl [LM] wished to marry, the younger daughter of a petty lord" and AT's "mistress, the pretty young daughter of one of his household knights" who AT tortures to death, are IMO one and the same.
The question is: is it a tragic coincidence that AT's mistress, whom AT comes to believe has poisoned his son, is also Lewyn Martell's love? Or, given:
  • Tyrion's black Dornish hair making him look like LM's son
  • Joanna's death "because" of a son AT perhaps comes to believe is LM's
  • LM's love for AT's young mistress and (probably) her love for LM
  • AT losing his second great love (in a year) and confidant/mentor, tPoD
...does the jealous and now grief-crazed AT lash out in the cruelest fashion to take LM's happiness away from him, too, publicly blaming baby Jaehaerys's death on poison to invoke the widespread belief that:
They're all poisoners, these Dornish. (DWD KB)
I think it's the latter, and I think AT blaming LM for JL's "death" in childbirth probably starts with whispers from Tywin, who in the wake of tPoD's death seeks to swing the pendulum of power from Dorne to Casterly Rock.
At the same time AT is going nuts (and being manipulated), his son OM is also out of his mind with grief, poisoning Lord Yronwood in what should have been a "friendly" duel. (Does Yronwood perhaps cast aspersions on his mother tPoD, enraging him?) The aftermath proves that tPoD is thought dead:
Blood feud and rebellion would surely have followed Lord Edgar's death [at OM's hands], had not her father [DM] acted at once. The Red Viper went to Oldtown, thence across to the narrow sea to Lys, though none dared call it exile. And in due time, Quentyn was given to Lord Anders to foster as a sign of trust. (WOW Ari I)
Notice that it's Doran who is now the leader of House Martell, not tPoD. He is simply castellan in 273 when E&OM and tPoD go to Casterly Rock (SOS Tyr X), and a castellan doesn't decide issues like exile. It follows that tPoD dies between 273 and OM killing Yronwood in 274.
The only question is, how does tPoD die? The answer is, she doesn't. She fakes her death and is still alive today. To explain that, we need to look at what Aerys does next.

Aerys's Redemption

In 275, after murdering LM's girl and her family, AT does something that at first seems totally out of character:
King Aerys fasted for a fortnight and made a walk of repentance across the city to the Great Sept, to pray with the High Septon. On his return, His Grace announced that henceforth he would sleep only with his lawful wife, Queen Rhaella. If the chronicles can be believed, Aerys remained true to this vow, losing all interest in the charms of women from that day in 275 AC.
WTF happened to make AT suddenly find religion and get celibate!? It's pretty simple: he learns JL and tPoD are not dead but hiding out in Holy Orders and is thus convinced Tywin manipulated him into pulling some evil shit, and he swears to make amends.
  • Say WHAT?
OK, we already know Jaime sees JL in a vision. Not a dream -- a vision. How does somebody else send such an accurate, conscious portrayal of JL to Jaime? Somebody else doesn't. But apparently the Faith has a glass candle in the Sept of Baelor and The Faith is being run by a Faceless Man. JL's been there a looong time now, and she's top of the Silent Sister food chain herself. I think she sends it. She's been a tongueless silent sister since 273. But in 275, she's pretty fucking appalled with AT's actions. She's not the only one.

Honey. Can You Pick Up Some Milk? This Shit's Gone Sour.

I have previously posted the first 2/3s of an analysis about the Three Septas that guard Cersei. Click through to read about why Septa Unella is Maege Mormont and Septa Moelle is Septa Mordane.
Therein I note that Cersei thinks of the three Septas as collectively old:
Septa Unella stood to her right, Septa Moelle to her left, Septa Scolera behind her. If the queen should bolt or balk, the three hags would drag her back inside, and this time they would see to it that she never left her cell. (DWD C II)
Hag: An old woman considered to be ugly or frightening; an unpleasant or ugly old woman; an ugly or slatternly old woman; a witch or sorceress.
Let's now look at Septa Scolera. Unella (who is the 46-50 year old Maege Mormont) says something telling to Scolera:
"Was there a trial?" [Cersei asked.]
"Soon," said Septa Scolera, "but her brother—"
"Hush." Septa Unella turned to glare back over her shoulder at Scolera. "You chatter too much, you foolish old woman. It is not for us to speak of such things." (DWD C I)
The middle-aged Unella/Maege (old enough for spiteful, vain Cersei to refer to her, at least as part of the trio, as a "hag") calls Scolera "old woman", from which we can infer Scolera is truly old. And indeed, Cersei singles out Scolera's age when she fantasizes about elbowing her in the face:
If the gods were good, the wrinkled old cunt might crash into Septa Unella and take her down with her. (DWD C I)
On Cersei's walk of contrition:
Septa Unella and Septa Moelle kept pace with her, with Septa Scolera scurrying behind, ringing a bell. "Shame," the old hag called, "shame upon the sinner, shame, shame." (DWD C II)
Scolera "scurries" because she's short, and she's definitely old. What else? She's easily the most "chatty" of the three, and at one point even says to Cersei, "It is good to see you smiling again". (DWD C I) This seems awfully empathetic for a Stark ally. So what's she look like?
Septa Scolera was thick-waisted and short, with heavy breasts, olive skin, and a sour smell to her, like milk on the verge of going bad. (DWD C I)
Wrinkled old cunt Scolera is way too old to be Maege or her under-26-year-old daughters, and olive skin is wrong for the Mormonts of The North. Indeed, we know they have skin that "reddens" in the sun:
Under a bleached white vest, [Jorah] was bare-chested, skin reddened by the sun. (GOT D VIII)
Yes, Jorah is once described as "swarthy" in juxtaposition to Daario, but this is explicable by his dark eyes and hair and the effect his dense dark stubble has on a face's apparent complexion. Olive skin simply doesn't "redden", per se.
  • Thick-waisted and short? Hang on. That sounds familiar. QM. "Short." "Too thick about the middle."
  • "Olive skin"? Salty Dornish.
  • "Heavy Breasts?" AM has "full", "round ripe breasts" that "filled his hands". (SK)
  • Smells like milk? Google "gout sour milk".
  • Sour milk products are pretty much the best thing gout sufferers can consume.
  • In case you forgot, Doran Martell has gout.
  • Scolera
  • Scollera
  • Sollera
  • Sallera
  • Sarella
News flash: Alleras the Sphinx/Sarella Sand is named after her grandmother, Sarella Martell, The Princess of Dorne, who "died" c.274 and is hanging out being "the nice one" to her lover and best friend Joanna Lannister's daughter Cersei, 26 years later. And "oh by the way": 65 years old seems about perfect for Scolera/"Sarella", and indeed that's the age postulated for tPoD way back when. (FWIW, I didn't actually ID tPoD as Scolera until after coming up with the age math.)
Bonus Crackpot: Who is Septa Mordane, originally? There are no "similarly patterned" first names, which makes me wonder whether it's an assumed name. Morgarth is as close as any. House Jordayne rhymes, and points to Dorne. Mors Martell is the founder of House Nymeros-Martell. "Dane" is a homonym for Dayne. Morgarth is a fake name. The names Morgarth and Mordane each put Mor[s] Martell next to Arth[ur] Da[y]ne. Sansa gets her love of (Dorne-associated) lemon cakes from somewhere. If Mordane is a "Stony" Dornish operator, her taking refuge with Scolera in the Sept of Baelor as Septa Moelle may have an interesting explanation, as might her two curious absences from court in AGOT. And her presence in Winterfell is probably not coincidental. She is likely sent by someone with knowledge that Jon Snow is (close Martell ally) Ashara Dayne's son. Okay, fine, ignore that last bit if you must.

tPoD Is Alive! How'd That Work?

Given that tPoD is alive in 300, she must fake her death shortly after visiting Casterly Rock and go underground. Note that it's actually possible that Tywin poisons her while she's visiting him, and her "dying" could be a strategic response to his treachery. Notice that OM says:
"Cersei promised Elia to show you to us. The day before we were to sail, whilst my mother and your father were closeted together, she and Jaime took us down to your nursery." (SOS Ty V)
Read literally, this implies they did not sail the next day as planned. Why not? Remember that tPoD is certainly "dead" within a year of this.
Circumstances make me think that tPoD figures out what happened to JL, possibly drawing her conclusions from Cersei's loose lips, since Cersei threatens the wet nurse with tongue-ripping and tells OM:
"'Everyone says he's like to die soon. He shouldn't even have lived this long.'" (SOS Ty V)
Why does Cersei think Tyrion is "like to die soon"? He is just "a hideous red infant with stunted legs" and a head "perhaps... larger than most". But he sounds healthy:
"You did have a monstrous great voice, I must grant you that. You would wail for hours, and nothing would quiet you but a woman's teat."
The obvious explanation is that the household is whispering that Tywin will kill Tyrion given his black hair. His eventual blond hair likely saves him from death. If Cersei (or anyone else in Casterly Rock) says something similar to tPoD, or if E&OM tell her what Cersei says and what Tyrion looks like, she can certainly put two and two together, imagine LM is the father and think JL's death even more suspicious.
Tywin might well fear his ruse will be uncovered and seek to silence tPoD by means that can't be definitely traced back to him: i.e. certain poisons. We actually have circumstantial evidence that Tywin poisons tPoD and that tPoD (or JL) informs Aerys of this: GRRM instructed artist Amok to make Aerys "very thin" because "he was afraid of being poisoned". Afraid in part because he knows Tywin pulled this shit on tPoD?
If tPoD realizes Tywin has poisoned her, it would only confirm her suspicions. But if anyone knows antidotes, it's the Red Viper's mother.
Having 'died' sometime after "falling sick" at Casterly Rock, tPoD seeks out and eventually finds Silent Sister JL and becomes a Septa to be near her mutilated friend and "longtime companion", and to plot revenge. When AT falls immediately under Tywin's spell and kills LM's (and JL's half-baby-daddy's) love, tPoD and/or JL somehow reach AT, and suddenly his inexplicable Come To God moment makes all the sense in the world.
Despairing at learning what really happened to JL (and tPoD) at Tywin's hands, probably blaming himself and his licentiousness for involving LM in the trio's longtime three-way action and thereby endangering JL (and his maybe-son), and deeply shamed by tPoD for assenting to torturing LM's love and her family, Aerys is once and for all steeled against Tywin's machinations. He abides by the "keep your enemies closer" maxim, however, and does not dismiss Tywin, perhaps partially for fear of outing tPoD and JL.

Oberyn's Seed

Meanwhile, exiled Oberyn begets Nym (probably at the time of his duel with Lord Yronwood by the mistress in question) and travels to Oldtown, where he knocks up Tyene's mother in 274-275. Shortly thereafter he travels to the Disputed Lands via Lys.
In Essos, I think OM has another "secret" daughter, possibly legitimate from an unknown-in-Westeros marriage to a Myrish woman. Having just had Tyene, he names this one Taena. Taena Merryweather is a decade younger than Cersei and thus fits this timeline perfectly. And she sounds exactly like Oberyn's daughter by way of a Myrish woman. She even answers the age old question: "WTF is up with all the nipple talk in AFFC?"
The Myrish share the Rhoynar's olive skin and dark hair, so Dornish blood as such would be difficult to isolate in a "Myrish" woman.
Taena is "a sultry black-eyed Myrish beauty". She has "black hair and big dark eyes," is "as tall as the queen," "long-legged and full-breasted, with smooth olive skin, ripe lips, huge dark eyes, and thick black hair that always looked as if she'd just come from bed." "Her lips [are] full and dark." She's a "sloe-eyed beauty," "a serpent."
She's at least able to act like she's into fucking Cersei, while Cersei finds her "too beautiful by half," smelling "of sin, like some exotic lotus." Cersei fucks her despite having no previous interest in women. (SOS San I & III, FFC C II)
Taena laughs loudly and often, just like her father OM, and she has a Martell's love of wine:
That night the queen summoned Lady Merryweather to her bedchamber. "Will you take a cup of wine?" she asked her.
"A small one." The Myrish woman laughed. "A big one." (FFC IV)
Then she gets "quite drunk," or so Cersei believes.
Taena screams "Oberyn's daughter!" at us, beginning with the "serpent" reference. OM's most striking feature is his big-ass black-Targ eyes, which she shares (hers slanted because of her mother), and Cersei's Targ blood is attracted to Taena's. Her preternatural sexuality is straight-up OM, and that serpent comment is LOL referential shit. OM's long-legged too, given his "long strides", and both are tall.
And all that nipple talk finally pays off!
AM (OM's half-niece) has:
Round ripe breasts with their huge dark nipples. (SK)
Was there ever a woman with nipples so large or so responsive? (SK)
Taena actually answers that until now much-laughed-at question!
Her breasts were larger than the queen's and tipped with huge nipples, black as horn....
So, yes, "so large." And...
Cersei cupped [Taena's] breast. Softly at first, hardly touching, feeling the warmth of it beneath her palm, the skin as smooth as satin. She gave it a gentle squeeze, then ran her thumbnail lightly across the big dark nipple, back and forth and back and forth until she felt it stiffen.... There was no pleasure in it, not for her. For Taena, yes. Her nipples were two black diamonds, her sex slick and steamy. (FFC C IV)
Yes! So responsive! Taena's nipples are like AM's because they're fucking (not like that... well... probably they would be like that) cousins!
Knowing Taena's identity, there's some fun irony when Taena's husband tells Cersei:
""We have Dornish red and Arbor gold, and a fine sweet hippocras from Highgarden."
"The gold, I think. I find Dornish wines as sour as the Dornish." As Merryweather filled her cup, Cersei said, "I suppose we had as well begin with them." (FFC C IV)
If only Cersei knew how sweet she actually finds the Dornish...
Obviously, then, if Taena a "Water Snake", she is Doran's agent at court:
"Dorne still has friends at court. Friends who tell us things we were not meant to know. This invitation Cersei sent us is a ruse. Trystane is never meant to reach King's Landing." (DWD The Watcher)
Oberyn's daughter Taena is the reason Doran stays informed.

Viserys's Tournament

In 276, with tPoD dead, Tywin pulls out all the stops. He stages a tournament at Lannisport in 276 to honor Viserys's birth, hoping to get AT to betroth RT to "his" 10 year-old daughter Cersei, thereby honoring the agreement they had made 14 years before to marry AT's trueborn son to JL's firstborn daughter. (Tywin at least knows Cersei is JL's, which may be the best he can do.)
"Your father proposed the match," Lady Genna told [Cersei], "but Aerys refused to hear of it. 'You are my most able servant, Tywin,' the king said, 'but a man does not marry his heir to his servant's daughter.'" (FFC C V)
This is a delicious dig since AT knows very well it's bullshit.
During the tournament, Cersei and her friend Melara go to see Maggy the Frog, who foretells Cersei's doom and Melara's imminent death. Cersei kills Melara by drowning her in a well. It's interesting that Maggy is made to appear a grotesque verison of tPoD:
She was short, squat, and warty, with pebbly greenish jowls. Her teeth were gone and her dugs hung down to her knees. You could smell sickness on her if you stood too close, and when she spoke her breath was strange and strong and foul. (FFC C VIII)
The parallels -- short, squat, heavy breasts, odor of sickness, to say nothing of QM being "Frog" as well -- seem clear. For now, I read this as a "mere" literary allusion: the two women are Cersei's black and white angels, so to speak. Even c.300, with Cersei half-mad and fucking up everything, tPoD feels personal empathy for her despite being a political foe, whereas Maggy is a Lannister ally yet despises Cersei. At least that's my present reading. But Maggy may make another appearance in...

The Defiance At Duskendale

After the Lannisport tournament, Aerys again does the smart, not-at-all insane thing and appoints loyal, true men as Rhaegar's squires (Myles Mooton and Richard Lonmouth) instead of Tywin's choice of "his" son, Jaime Lannister. (TWOIAF) He is probably "praying" regularly, thereby consulting with his mentolover, tPoD.
Tywin gets pissed and in 277 pulls his coldest shit since the Reynes and Tarbecks: The Defiance At Duskendale. I think he covertly orchestrates the whole thing. Lord Denys Darklyn is perceived in Duskendale as having been a "sweet young fool," and it's widely believed his Myrish wife Serala, called the Lace Serpent, plays a key role in manipulating him into his hopeless gambit. It's likely she's Tywin's catspaw, and it's probably Tywin who in the aftermath ensures that her tongue is quickly torn out before she can reveal Tywin's role to someone who will listen.
Tywin plays AT like a fiddle, advising him not to go to Duskendale in order to get the distrustful AT to do just the opposite. When he does, Ser Gwayne Gaunt of the Kingsguard is killed and AT is captured by the Darklyns. Wanting AT dead or broken, Tywin ignores calls for a parlay and AT's imprisonment drags on for 6 months.
Tywin issues an ultimatum which is rightly decried as imperiling AT's life. He points out that Rhaegar will be a better king anyway, hoping to ingratiate himself with the man he believes is about to "owe" him his crown. His plan to see AT killed is undone when Barristan Selmy miraculously rescues AT. Tywin hoped Selmy would be killed along with AT, but a half-victory of a broken, PTSD-addled AT is still a Lannister win.
Regarding Serala, I think there's something very odd going on here: Serala and Melara (Cersei's drowned "friend") are very similar names. We know there's something funny going on with drowning. See: Patchface, the Ironborn, etc. And we know Maggy uses blood magic. Might it be possible that Serala is Maggy, rejuvenated with the youth of Melara's life? This is pure speculation, but it smells funny.

LM and EM Come To Court

At some point around this time EM and LM are summoned to court. It could take place any time after tPoD's death up through 279, making EM 17-22 and LM 18-23. Because we know Ser Gwayne Gaunt of the Kingsguard dies in 277 at the beginning of Duskendale, my guess is they come to court late that year, with LM appointed to replace Ser Gwayne.
Note that after his older sister's "death" (which he believes, at least initially) and the murder of his love by AT in 273/4, LM becomes the "sad" man tEB describes, despondently using and abusing women and alcohol. It may be hoped his appointment to the Kingsguard will resuscitate him, and perhaps it does. Perhaps he even becomes aware that his sister and/or JL yet live. The idea that he is still a lecherous drunk with nothing to live for by the time of The Trident may well be part of his own "lying game". Or not.
Meanwhile, after Duskendale, AT now has PTSD exacerbating his underlying mental health issues. Still, he knows enough to suspect Tywin's treachery at Duskendale and makes plans to replace him with his own double-first-cousin, Steffon Baratheon. While there is no doubt that the public purpose of Steffon's mission to Essos in 278 is to find a bride for RT, "of noble birth from an old Valyrian bloodline," here's my question: How the fuck do you fail at that mission?
What, there's no noble Valyrian lady within a ten year age span whose father wants her to marry the future king of the Seven Kingdoms? That is preposterous.
Steffon's mission looks like it's probably (at least in part) political cover for AT to follow through on his long-time plan (with tPoD) to marry RT to AT's half-sister (and AT's lover's daughter), Elia. Whatever else is going on, it's not somehow failing to find RT a wife.
Given Steffon's experience fighting the Blackfyres in The War of the Ninepenny Kings, I think any secret mission is likely tied to Targ exiles -- the Golden Company, the Blackfyres, or the Brightflames. Note that immediately afterward, Varys is brought to court.
The pregnant question, then, is this: What does Steffon half-Targaryen/B. accomplish on his trip, and who doesn't want Steffon landing and might have the means to make that happen?
Steffon's death (yet in 278) enrages AT (who Cressen remembers still "had not been quite so mad" at this time), who blames Tywin but fears to dismiss him.

Aerys Keeps It Up

SOS Jai II might be some revelatory shit if you assume there's more we're not being told. Tywin summons 12 year-old Cersei to court in 278 or early 279. Perhaps he yet hopes for a match with RT. If not, Viserys is only 10 years Cersei's junior, and EM certainly isn't healthy. He denies suitors for Cersei, as Aerys justifiably no longer trusts Tywin at all and begins to slip into madness.
After the defeat of the Kingswood Brotherhood in early/mid 281, now-Ser Jaime calls on Cersei in the capitol. She tells him Tywin is planning to wed him to Lysa Tully, but points out that "if Jaime takes the white [replacing the recently deceased Harlan Grandison], he could be near her always." (SOS Jai II)
"Father will never consent," Jaime objected.
"The king won't ask him. And once it's done, Father can't object, not openly...."
"But," Jaime said, "there's Casterly Rock..."
"Is it a rock you want? Or me?"
He remembered that night as if it were yesterday. They spent it in an old inn on Eel Alley, well away from watchful eyes. Cersei had come to him dressed as a simple serving wench, which somehow excited him all the more. Jaime had never seen her more passionate. Every time he went to sleep, she woke him again. By morning Casterly Rock seemed a small price to pay to be near her always. He gave his consent, and Cersei promised to do the rest. (SOS Jai II)
  • He consents to her. And her supreme confidence that she'll be able to "do the rest" comes from where? Just WTF does Cersei think she's doing here?
  • Does Jaime magically get to appoint himself to the Kingsguard? No.
  • Does Cersei? No. She's a 14-15 year old girl.
  • So how does she expect to get this idea to AT and convince him it's not some dastardly plot of Tywin's he can't see through? (The last part is key: AT is paranoid as hell of Tywin's schemes.)
I think her supreme confidence and her ability to go straight to AT come from the only place a woman's power comes from, as far as most of Westeros is concerned: her sex. I'm guessing 14-year-old Cersei fucks her dad Aerys. She knows she can exploit his (to her) odd (paternal) affection for and (Targ) attraction to her to get Jaime appointed. That is the one way she can be sure of getting access to AT and making him believe (at least for now) this isn't some scheme of Tywin's.
Note that Cersei screwing AT exploits the exact same thing the Jamie-for-Kingsguard plot itself exploits: AT's hatred for Tywin and desire to see him laid low.
Cersei succeeds. And no wonder:
Whatever else one might say about [Cersei], she did know how to make men love her when she cared enough to try. (FFC Ja II)
Just as she will later fuck Lancel and Osney Whent Kettleblack to advance her cause, so she fucks AT and thereby fucks over Tywin and gets what she wants.
A moon's turn later, a royal raven arrived at Casterly Rock to inform him that he had been chosen for the Kingsguard. He was commanded to present himself to the king during the great tourney at Harrenhal to say his vows and don his cloak. (SOS Jai II)
Make no mistake: of course AT views Jaime's investiture as a blow against Tywin, particularly in light of his secret paternity. But he does it because Cersei has his ear via his cock.
  • Granted it's possible Cersei simply convinces him. But notice that Tywin immediately removes her from court. He doesn't leave her as a lady-in-waiting to Rhaella; he doesn't leave her to be near RT and Viserys. He takes her home.
  • A third, better possibility is that Aerys or Varys know about Cersei and Jaime and use Cersei to lay the groundwork for Jaime's acceptance. This would account for Tywin removing her and never trusting her again.


It might occur to careful readers that Marei at Chataya's could be AT and Cersei's daughter. However, Tyrion notes that Shae is "younger than Marei", and since Shae is 18 in 299 AC, this means Marei is too old. But this doessn't mean she's not related to Cersei.
I submit that Marei is Joanna Lannister's "post-mortem" daughter with Aerys, conceived after he realizes she is alive in 275. Let's take a look:
Marei was a cool, pale, delicate girl Tyrion had noticed once or twice. Green eyes and porcelain skin, long straight silvery hair, very lovely, but too solemn by half. (COK Ty VII)
  • Marei's skin is "pale" and "porcelain". Joanna herself has "pale soft hand[s]". Cersei has "pale smooth skin", "fair skin", her daughter (with Jaime) Myrcella's "pale as milk". (GOT E X; FFC Jai VII, C II & SK)
  • Marei's eyes are green, as are Joanna's her daughter Cersei's. Marei's hair is Targaryen silver.
  • Marei is a reader, like Tyrion and the "bookish to a fault" Rhaegar. (SOS Dae I)
  • Marei is "too solemn by half," just as Rhaegar "took no interest in the play of other children" and is "determined, deliberate, dutiful, single-minded." Selmy doesn't think "it was in Rhaegar to be happy," and that "there was a melancholy" and a "sense of doom" hanging over him. (SOS Dae IV)
Marei's aforementioned qualities mirror those of JL, JL's daughter Cersei, AT's son Rhaegar, and JL & AT's son (with LM) Tyrion. And her name is a perfect combination of "Cersei" and "Marla," JL's mother.

Harrenhal: Lewyn's Shame?

I find it most likely that LM's coupling with JL is consensual. So is there any "payoff" for tEB's comment that he took some women "by force", or is this just evidence of a period of unknown depravities? One possible answer is Harrenhal.
Ashara Dayne dances "with a white sword, a red snake, and the lord of griffins, and lastly with the quiet wolf." (SOS Bran II) OM, Connington, and Ned, but most people assume the "white sword" is Selmy or her brother. What if it's LM, and what if this is important?
Selmy makes no mention of dancing with her in The Kingbreaker, and his memories are consistent with being a distant admirer. He also remembers that Ashara
...had thrown herself from a tower soon after, mad with grief for the child she had lost, and perhaps for the man who had dishonored her at Harrenhal as well.
Grieving for a man who dishonors you seems odd, unless the dishonor is forgiven, or pro forma. We know this man dies, else why is he grieved? Selmy also thinks:
If I had unhorsed Rhaegar and crowned Ashara queen of love and beauty, might she have looked to me instead of Stark? (DWD KB)
It can be argued that "looking to" Stark instead of Selmy implies something dictates her looking to someone for help/succor. An event like being "dishonored". Might this be an assault by LM, in keeping with tEB's statement:
"I had women too, and there I did disgrace myself, for some I took by force."
The trouble is, Selmy doesn't seem to view LM as total pond scum, as you'd think he might if LM literally rapes Ashara. He says "Prince Lewyn was as valiant a brother-in-arms as any man could wish for" by way of endorsing Quentyn Martell. (DWD Dae VIII)
True, this statement is only about valor in battle. Might there be a hint of discord tucked away in this passage?
I swore no oath to Dorne, Ser Barristan told himself. But Lewyn Martell had been his Sworn Brother, back in the days when the bonds between the Kingsguard still went deep. I could not help Prince Lewyn on the Trident, but I can help his nephew now. (DK)
It might be argued that one only knows bonds run deep if they are sorely tested. Do LM's actions threaten to sever the bonds between Selmy and LM?
Suppose a drunk LM has sex with young Ashara (perhaps in light of OM's surefire lust for her). Might he coerce her enough that tEB later rues it, while doing nothing unconscionable by back-ass-wards Westerosi standards? Or does he black-out and assume he coerced her because of her subsequent reaction, which is fact a product of her realizing he doesn't care/is a dead end/etc. The stinkeye Stark would be giving him would fuel his doubt and regret. Wholly consensual sex is of course possible, and Selmy might see this as dishonoring Ashara but not irreparably impeaching LM. (In this case, tEB's talk of taking women by force refers to something else.)
Whatever the circumstances of any LM/Ashara sex, if she doesn't hate him afterward, would Selmy? Ashara may forgive a contrite sober LM, or there may be nothing to forgive. And what about when she's pregnant? If she puts it out that LM is responsible yet seems okay with him, might Selmy not grit his jealous teeth and keep their bonds intact. Selmy isn't the brightest bulb, so while he may view sex as dishonoring he may be ignorant of the use of "force". Finally, Lewyn's heroic, dutiful "death" at the Trident (and the passage of time) might serve to wash away any grudge Selmy bears him after anything he knows or suspects happens at Harrenhal.
These ideas make more sense if B+A=J, which would necessitate a conspiracy of silence regarding Brandon's paternity to protect Ashara, her child, and House Stark's alliance with the Tullys, a conspiracy in which she'd need to adduce someone else as the father. In this case, there is a motive to forgive LM for rapey-ness in order to use him as the "public father" of her unborn baby.
In all these scenarios, Selmy might indeed wonder whether Ashara grieved LM, even while thinking LM "dishonored her" via sex at Harrenhal.

Something just clicked: The Queen Of Thrones and Maegor Brightflame

By the way, we can now sketch an explanation for OM's relationship with Willas Tyrell: OM's mother and Willas's grandmother are strong-willed libertines who shared experiences bedding or attempting to bed Targaryen men in King's Landing, right? Recall that in 246 (the year before tPoD conceived DM) 18 year old Olenna Redwyne was spurned in her betrothal to J2's younger brother Daeron. It is possible that she lingered at court for the better part of a decade (Mace being born in 256 or later). It's doubtful she, like tPoD, hooks up with J2, given his love for his still young wife, but...
  • Is she paramour to Maegor "Brightflame" Targaryen, about whom we know pregnantly nothing beyond his birth in 232, 4 years after Olenna is born?
Daeron is gay, so Olenna probably spends her teenage years twiddling her sexual thumbs. Meanwhile Maegor is growing up big, strong, and Targ-hot, possibly under the same roof. Keep in mind he's the rightful king when his grandfather Maekar dies in 233, but is passed over for Egg (Aegon V) because he's an infant and it's feared he would be insane like his father Aerion.
If Olenna lingers at court (and looks anything like Margaery), she and Maegor are sexual time bombs waiting to go off. What's more, both she and her father, Runceford Redwyne, are undoubtedly pissed that she isn't marrying a Targ Prince anymore, and would entertain a different route to the same end.
  • But is there any evidence this happened?
In fact there is. Assuming you're familiar with the basics of Blackfyre/Brightflame theories, you know many believe Illyrio is a maternal Blackfyre who was married to the bastard Va(e)rys (probably intentionally castrated by Egg's agents) Brightflame's bastard sister Saera Serra Brightflame, begetting Aegon "VI" Mopatis-Blackfyre-Brightflame.
  • And what does Tyrion find when he goes booze hunting in Illyrio's house?
Tyrion chose a cask of strongwine marked as the private stock of Lord Runceford Redwyne, the grandfather of the present Lord of the Arbor. (DWD Tyr I)
Not only that, but he dresses in Redwyne-colored children's clothes:
a musty pair of burgundy breeches and a blue velvet doublet lined with cloth-of-gold.
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2012.08.09 05:54 tabledresser [Table] IAmA norwegian police officer AMA

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Date: 2012-08-08
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Questions Answers
Do you have long black hair and listen to Death Metal? I did, actually. Not anymore though. Didn´t look to good and kept me a virgin for some years.
Hahahahahaha good one what,s your favorite band ? Metallica had me for a good couple of years, before it got harder. Don´t remember a lot of band names, sorry. But it´s mostly radio now. I´m a pathetic sell-out.
What is the most often committed crime in Norway? Hard for me to says as i am not a leader, but from street level you see a lot of shoplifting, drug related crime, break-ins, and weekend tomfoolery. Norwegians tend to drink way too much, and i alwys swear not to drink too much to myself. But i forget...
Come to Finland, we'll see who drinks too much. Don´t enter contests i know i wont´t win. I´d love to come visit, but i´d only lose. The farther north you get, the better people are at drinking it seems.
I wish to visit Norway within a couple of years either by car or motorcycle, these questions might help me save some money ;) Do come over!
Are the speeding tickets expensive in Norway? In NL I had to pay €93 for 9 km/h over the limit on the highway in comparison. First of all, bring extra money for food as a road side diner will set you back about 30usd for a steak. And then there´s the drinks (don´t drink and drive by the way).
What kind of speed checks are actively used and how common are these used (laser guns? speeding camera's?) Speeding is excessively expensive over here. (I don´t work traffic and i don´t have a lot of interest in it, and as i tend not to ticket people for things i do myself). But it can go as high as 1000eur for tickets (and propably more) before you loose your license. And if you do several things at once, it gets piled on top. IE if you run a red light and speeding while doing it it would be 4000nok+2000nok (biggest fine first, then half of every ticket after that gets added on).
What's the biggest fine you've had to write so far and what crime was it for? I would worry about lasers and civilian cars. Civilian cars most have video now, but some only do an average check (distance:time)-(good margin of error safety). If you get clocked at, say, 70 in a 50 zone in an average check you probably were doing about 80-85 on your speedometer.
Thanks for the IAMA, very interesting so far :) I think i crossed the 10000nok marker on a guy who was driving well above limit in a bus lane in rush hour. Those arrogant guys pisses me off privately and its actually three offenses, not two (driving in bus lane, speeding, passing on the right hand side (not legal fyi)). Felt good cause he was actually an arrognt bastard with a VERY important life and a Mazda MX5.
How was it to work on that day last summer when Breivik did what he did? What did you do that day? How was the feeling among the colleagues? It was a very sad day. Interrupted my vacation and drove in. Cant really say what i did that day specifically as i could be identified. But i did guard duty for the first 24 hours. Oslo centre has never been so quiet. Eery. And in the aftermath of things i´ve done my best to stay off the case. I want as little to do with that man as possible, although it might had been a good career move to do otherwise. Edit: Among colleagues there were a lot of rumors, two guys arrested and so forth (not fourth!). We usually have a pretty laid- back attitude to things and joke around. This did not happen a lot 22.07.12.
How do you view marijuana as a substance being on the enforcing side of the law? Everyone knows it is way less harmful for you than drinking but yet it is is still globally scrutinized. With the way things are moving here in Canada and around the US, I believe legalization is the way forward. Hell, the entire war on drugs has failed, what do you think? This is a question i face almost every day doing what i do. As an official i have to say no, but my experience have taught me to not see everything in black and white. This might be a long one... I´ve grown up around a lot of people doing way too much weed/ hash and seen what this drug can do to you. On the other hand, anyone drinking 6-12 beers every day would be in a similar or worse state, so in this context its not much worse. But cannabis does impact your psyche in a somewhat different manner than alcohol. I´ve had friends with shotguns in their mouths because of this. But not everyone ends up this way. I think drug use, especially at a young age is harmful, but more a symptom of a problem then the problem itself. But the route from soft drugs to hard drugs is sometimes very short. What i see the most of is weed-to-pills and weed-to-coke. But if you´re 16 and doing coke, something might be seriously wrong in your home or a lack of this. I think we could try prescribing weed and heroin, but not to people under 18. I think the war is failing, there will always be supply, but we can do something about demand. But thats also a political thing. Sorry if i come across confused. I sometimes am.
I´ve had friends with shotguns in their mouths because of this. Not because of cannabis no, must have been either a mental condition or additional drugs used. Cannabis alone do not have any such impact on your psyche! It seems to me it can be a trigger in some cases. Underlying mental diseases and the likes. But i´m no doctor and i knew this guy well. Nothing else then cannabis, but way too much. Can´t prove it, but i believe him. Your choice if you´ll believe me. Moderation, man.
What I meant was that people won't get in the situation to buy awful shit as often when you legalise the less-awful shit and sell it properly. Sell it like a bar and have the "bartendeweedtender" pay attention that you don't buy too much and go out stoned out of your ass. ABout the rohypnol, are you sure those people don't use anything anymore? Maybe they were taking rohypnol because it was easier or whatever. Or on the black market and hide it because it's now illegal? Rohypnol got replaced with other pills. And we tend to find something of everything thats out there. So when i say they´re gone, i think they´re gone. And i like the idea of supervised, controlled substance use, but in my mind it´s utopia. Look how drunk we get in bars, and they´re supposed to limit our drinking. I don´t think we have the self control.
Have you met police officers from other countries with different approaches to law enforcement or levels of crime? Are they different types of people? Yes i have been to the US and spent some time with brothers there. We do have something of a common mentality, but how work is done is so different. I never expect the next guy to stab or shoot me, and i think we´re a lot less paranoid here in Norway. But i always try to stay safe for me, my family and my partner(s). But if you´re caught doing something here, the sentence won´t be too long and i think that makes criminals a lot less desperate. I like to think we dont have as much corruption as other countries as we do get an ok paycheck.
"But if you´re caught doing something here, the sentence won´t be too long and i think that makes criminals a lot less desperate" Although im norwegian myself, I think that is a very good point. Upvote to you sir!
So you consider them as brothers? In the US there is a common perceptionthat the " cop blue wall" will do whatever they need to(legal or not), to protect themselves and each other. Does this eixst with you? We do have that sense of camaraderie, but being from Norway we always turn things down a couple of notches. Honesty is better then dishonesty. I myself have been to Internal Affairs several times, both as a suspect and a witness. Lying won´t get you nowhere. Be honest and the truth will do the rest. We get a lot of crazy/ psychiatric people reporting us for the strangest things. Not all crazy though.
As a Norwegian living in the US, I am pretty horrified by US police and their lack of education. Most go through a 10-12 weeks training before they are turned loose on the population. Can you tell us what you had to go through of education and training in order to become a police officer? Our training differs immensely. We go to school for 3 years (law, language, computers, sociology, CSI, PE, Arrest techniques. We only do about 6 weeks of weapons training in camps. We also have a pretty good selection program before you get into the academy.
Have you been out looking for Sigrid Giskegjerde Schjetne? I live at Skullerud, just moved here from the middle of Oslo. Creepy welcome to the neighborhood :( We've been working hard at this ever since saturday. Were really trying our best, but the amount of volunteers showing up is mindblowing and very a great example of what makes norway a good place to live. But sometimes creepy, yes :-( Edit. Since sunday morning. Days keep blending these days and ita been a long one 2day.
I'm guessing you are of the same opinion as me, she's dead. I'm guessing it was premeditated (not the target but the event it self) and seeing as no evidence of the perp after all the police and volunteers he's planned somewhat and is intelligent enough not to panic or screw up (yet at least). Well no one knows. Except the one(s) who did it. Everything seems a bit "bad", but people can survive the most incredible things. Hope she´s alive but sadly, hope is fading..
Thing is, statistically if an obductee os not found withint 48 hours the chance of the person being alive is extremely slim. So guess we have to hope the kidnapper(s) are traffickers instead... Ouch lets not hope either. Statistics arent my strong side. But logic doesn´t give me hope.
South African here... Aren't you bored with the lack of real crime in your country? Closest I came to a "civilised" world was Denmark & Sweden. Then you´d be blown away with Norway! Even less here.. Apart from last year we had as many murders as you do in a day. And a lot of them get solved (sadly not all though). The carzy thing is we do have a lot of weapons here per capita. I´d love to come visit just to get some perspective the other way ´round. I think all norwegians should count themselves lucky we´ve got oil and good friends. Not drink it all away and behave as we´re better than y´all.
From Vikings to the most peaceful people in the world. WTF. Evolution? I´m gonna get blasted by some Ricky Gervais motherfucka for that one.
Apart from last year we had as many murders as you do in a day. What seems to be the profile of those cases? gang violence? passion crimes? Some gang related, but the bulk seems to be domestic and/ or family. Knives for the most part. I don't like knives. But i´m no murder analyst...
What do you think about the stories you hear about American law enforcement? Some of the stories are too hard to believe. But then i see the video tape. But that being said, it seems a lot is taken out of context. If you get creative following me around for a day, i´m sure i´d look like a proper asshole. Not that i´m the best cop there is.. I´m not.
Do you ever get to carry a gun? Yes i do. We each have our own personal hk p30L 9mm. Pretty good actually. Spoken as a glock fan. Edit. Dont carry it around. Locked down in car and brought out for special occasions.
Special occasion? Cans - yes Moose - seen one once and never dared look back. They are pretty damn big.
Shooting cans and mooseS? But on a serious note, special calls and assignments require us to wear one, but for our own safety as well as the publics. I personally dont want to wear one all the time.
I just want to say I'm so happy that police don't carry around guns constantly around in the streets, I've been to other countries and I just feel so uneasy when there's police or military police with guns or automatics :S. Glad you feel this way. Although i think it´s only a matter of a few years before we also do, this being an international world and travelling criminals are making it big. We´re not alone anymore.
Here in the US and Canada virtually all departments either issue a 12 gauge or assault rife for the cruiser. Does your department? Also, what car do you use? Not all, but some. wont say too mach on this.
A guy breaks into your house but, you don't have a gun. How are you going to shoot him? Checkmate. If he has a gun, surprise him, take his gun and explain to him what he did wrong. Norwegian style.
To an american that sounds crazzy. even here in australia police carry guns around :S why wouldnt you :S. Top on my list is: don´t want to lose a fight and risk getting it pointed back at me. We really don´t come across that much that needs a weapon to be solved. You´d be surprised at how far talking could get you. A weapon on the hip would just come across as "offensive" to a lot of people up here i think. I´d like a tazer though. Just for work.
You scurred of Bullwinkle? I get the comic reference, but not much more. Only had nrk (government channel) growing up. Different times. Make an LA Law joke and i´ll jump on the grenade!
So it's like like the armed offenders unit in the UK... What type of vehicle do you use? Ment much, not mach before. Going a bit fast here for a non scholar. We´ve got units for most things yes. Some heavy duty guys capable of most things. And vehicles, patrol - MB Vitos (good for transports), Volvo V70 and VW Passat (better and fast movers), and then there´s older, crappier, newer, specialized ones and so on. But these three are the most common ones.
After seeing a a guy get tazered, I think I would rather get shot. I saw a guy get tazered during a riot; he shit himself, and was foaming from the mouth by the time he gave up. Oh man, i really want to test a tazer on myself just to see how bad it really is. I´d pick shit in my pants over hole in my stomach anyday!
Link to That´ll scare me yes. they´re tall enough on all four feet.
As a civilian, I'm scared to death of those (undercover) Passats. And maybe you should be :-) Keep checking that mirror for hints of blue..!
I've been around guns my entire life (American; Avid Hunter) and I think I would take a pistol round any day over a tazer. That's just me though... If I had to choose between buck shot and a tazer... I think I'd take shitting my pants as well. If were talking about .22cal to the hind i might consider it. Just for bragging rights.
Is this a colleague you happen to know? :) Also, if you would be kind enough to share, were you on patrol the day of the bombings/shooting in Oslo and Utøya? Did your life get turned upside down in that moment? If you weren't on patrol/can't canswer; How has the political climate in Norway fared as a result of that incident? Don´t know the guy but i´d taken a photo for myself before telling him! Punkd (ohh im getting old). I was on vacation like many others and rushed in to Oslo to do what i could. Not as much "turned" as "twisted". I had believed we would get hit someday, but not like this. Guess i was a little influenced by the media and society as well. As of climate and changes, seems to me like much is the same, though people in general tend to call in on a lot more suspicious activity. I dont think it´s abad thing, but paranoia should have it´s limits. But keep calling in! Do call 10 times more than you should then 1 time too little! Unless you´re a mental pacient with paranoid diagnosis. Please call your doctor first.
I'm a foreigner in norway, and I heard that if the police entered an armed war ( as in war with guns ) you can't use your guns unless you call the station for permission. Is this right? or was I being trolled :) No troll. But there is a chain of order. If we´ve got time, we ask for permission from our police chief. BUt if some Johnny pulls out his gun in front of my car, i aint gonna call nobody, and thats ok.
Do your soccer referees always do such a bad job? signed, A Canadian. Always. but i´m no soccer fan, thanks to our judges.
Were you at all involved in the investigation of the 2011 shootings? Know any victims? Thanks. Did some Oslo guard duty in the aftermath. I knew Trond, the police officer. If he couldn´t stop him, no one could. Very suspicious guy and ex-boxer. Old school. RIP.
That must have been hard, I'm sorry. I heard he saved his son from the gunfire, at the cost of his own life. Courageous, too, apparently. Very. All my respect to my fallen friend.
I'm Finnish. Can we be bros? Also, what do Norwegians think of our dear neighbour Sweden? I've visited Northern Norway twice, absolutely beautiful and a great place to go fishing! Bros before ho´s. I think we all think that swedes are superior to us in style, hair and innovation. But we do have oil so why bother? And the fishing (i hear) is the best. I only started eating fish some years ago. Sushi goes down fast now!
In Finland there is ALWAYS some kind of rivalry... It's stupid but funny in a weird way. Same here, especially in the force. Good for results. As long as no-one goes overboard :-)
Do you ever do anything that is against the law? Not talking about confessing murders here, but small crimes, like copying a car from the internet-type of stuff. Hahaha I plead the fifth.
I will assume thats a solid yes ;) Assume away. I´m pullin a Chapelle on this one.
I mean, I assume it's not called "pleading the Fifth," but in Norway do you have the right to decline to testify so as not to incriminate yourself? Related: Has a drunken tourist ever asked you to read them their Miranda rights? Well we do get some random Americans and/ or movie geeks who tells us we should mirandize them. But those who know the name, surely must know the game!? But, yeah, a couple of years ago we actually started giving everyone their rights when arrested. It SHOULD be done, but sometimes people forget, and before interrogation you get everything read out to you.
Have you ever watched the TV show cops? What do you think of it? Love it!! They act tough and deliver. A bit hands- on for my approach sometimes but people don´t want to lose in front og a camera i guess. I´m a bit baffled at how little communication goes on sometimes. How do they get information from people they don´t talk to and only fight with.
I´m a bit baffled at how little communication goes on sometimes. How do they get information from people they don´t talk to and only fight with. < You are probably referring to the LAPD... assault first, ask questions later! Probably..
I think I saw a video where the Norweigan? police looked at a couple giving a public blowjob? Is that what you guys do? Do you guys encounter this a lot? Is Norway's sexual "culture" (more accepted? perhaps?) different than Canadian's/ North Americans? Are there more public nudity/ more sex crimes? I think that one was finnish. Couldn´t load the subs so didn´t get it all. But they seemed like good police. Not so many "fun" nudes, more of the obese, alcoholic, stinking, perv nudes. Not so fun while there, but fun when your car is clean again and a good story has risen!
I'm from Denmark, so I reckon that the "Scandinavian" police might have quite a bit in common. What's your opinion on that f.ex. a 16 year old child, who rides a tuned moped (Lets say it does around 50), can get a 2000 DKK fine, when a full-grown man who does 200 km/h on a highway gets a quite similar fine? It´s not in proportion. But 200kmh here would get you jail time. Kids need to be treated differently then adults. Respect and lenience are two key words.
Are the Norwegian girls as hot as they seem to the rest of the world? Nodout. i´ve got me one so i´m happy :-) hope she is as well..
As said, not going to do it, got no reason to run :) I´m glad. Don´t be a statistic! :-)
Any gypsy stories? You wont believe it until you´ve smelled it. A lot can be said, but they are people, but not used to behave like us is some ways. Porta-pottys for instance. They dont shit in the hole for some reason.
Were you called when the massacre happened on the island of Utøya? Not called, i called in.
Since cop shows are huge over here in america, what would you say is the craziest stereotypes of cops in Norway vs the ones in the USA ? Hmmm... People don´t let me in on the stereotypes, guess it comes mostly behind my back. But lazy-no-good-doing-coffee-drinking-mustache-wearing-powerhouses are a thing of the past. Luckily. It´s a whole new breed now from 15 years ago. Those days where you beat and submissed into coercion are well and over with. I hope.
Do you look like this? A bit more same-ish and have you seen jompa btw?
Actually saw him at the airport once, if I'm not horrible mistaken. (Could been someone looking like him, thou) And now he´s gone...
Why are you guys not putting the RUSS in jail for me? I got egged and mad! This is why i stay inside during may. And i don´t do overtime in may. Girls wanna kiss us so bad. And guys. Not that theres anything wrong with that!
Hehe, just realized I wanna be a cop, they wanna kiss you. giggles If you can take the abuse, go for it!
What is your favorite thing about Norway? Something you think Norway is best in the world for. Nature, forgiveness and community. Thats three, i know :-)
I think it's only when "the bad guy" is reported to have weapons themselves. Correct? That might be one. But not the only one.
Everyone I ask has a different answer. I always like to have my swiss army knife with me. I never go a day without using it, whether I am working or not. In the UK the law is very clear: unless you have a reason (job, hobby etc.) you can only carry a knife 3 inches long or below, that folds away and does not lock. Anything else needs a reason. I seem to remember being a kid and a boyscout and knives were no big deal (this was not the city though). Can I be fined/arrested for a swiss army knife or Leatherman? If you have beliveable cause. IE being a boyscout in uniform, being a carpenter, being on your way to do something that requires a knife. If you´re wearing a Leatherman in your belt, doing normal things and being a normal person, you could probably convince ME to not arrest you. But if you´re out on the town, drinking and in Oslo centre, you´d have a hard time convincing me. The size of the blade is not as important. It could be a nail clipper. If you stab someone with it, you´ll get charged with carrying a knifelike object, and its the same.
Takk for svar. I would not walk around the city with it (though I would have, out of ignorance, had I not checked on the web in case there were laws, turns out there were). It goes without saying stabbing someone is illegal and will cause an arrest, but don't you think it's a bit extreme arresting someone who might be walking in the park with their Leatherman in a pouch on their belt? Has it always been this way? Park+Leatherman+normal guy. Wouldn´t even ask you about the Leatherman. Just talk and talk. You´d get sick of me in 10mins :-)
I figured that mostly. When we've had stabbings and people "saying they have guns and bullets" (only had a bullet..) you've been here pretty quickly. It's just that it seems we're sitting on druggies for 2 hours and then got to send them away. It's a bit weird :p. Yes but you see the difference, right?
If you´re lying on top af a drug dealer with cuffs on it´s an unconveniece and a hassle.
If someone´s pulling knives and guns out, we´ll drop everything else!
But consider what other missions goes down on our lists if people lie like this. Someone might be beaten in their home, or killed by a drunk driver we could´ve caught...
Indeed. The norwegian police is way understaffed. Aren't you guys also mostly active during weekdays, and not weekend-evenings where most of the shit hit the fans aswell? Seems to me like we´re best staffed on weekdays and in the daytime. But then again, i am not punching the time sheets. ALLTHOUGH - we do have money for overtime on weekends and we are a lot more officers out now than, say, 3 years ago.
Does anyone ever try to bribe you? Nope. Guess i don´t look like the bribeing type of guy. People have with others though. They didn´t get away with it.
Have you ever arrested a member of a black metal band for burning down a church, stabbing someone repeatedly, or for committing any other true kvlt crimes? No but i saw the burnt down church. I´m not yet too old for this shit.
Since one of the major cultural exports of Norway is Satanic Black Metal, do you have to deal with blasphemy often? Have you heard of Varg Vikernes? What are your views on Satanism? Varg Vikernes is a sad, disillusioned man living i recluse on a farm writing books now. Blasphemy is not a big thing over here. Church and state got separated some years ago, and most norwegians are ok with that. If you are a satanist and don´t bother others that´s ok with me. Stabbing people repeatedly is not.
How much gun training have your received as a police officer? Do you feel that it is enough or did you wish there was more? Much want more. We´re getting better, but also, training more means fewer of us on the streets (instructors and being off training). Constant dilemma.
What do you call yourselves Norweagians? Grammar? Norwegians.
Did the Utoya shooting affect your job in any way? This could be from higher up (like changes in policies) or personal (want to do the job more/less). Do you believe in the Norwegian justice system (no life sentences)? It made a huge impact. On all levels. The commission set to investigate our response will deliver its report on monday. We are all awaiting the conclusion(s) and i am sure there are a lot of things that could have been done better. But we did what we could without knowing what to expect. The media have gotten some things wrong. But i don´t know too much about everything that happened, most is just rumors at this stage. I´m very motivated to prevent things like this to happen again. We have to take care of everyone before they turn into monsters. The justice system here is close to foolproof in my eyes, but life sentence without parole should be a real alternative, not just a theory, as it is now (21years with option to extend). Some people just don´t belong in society. ABB being one of them.
What's better Norse Mythology or Greco-Roman? Oh, man. I didn´t go to history high and i slept through college.
So what do you think about crime dramas like: The Killing, Beck, Wallander, Varg Veum etc? Killing, Beck, Wallander - haven´t seen much of it. Varg Veum - how come these cases doesn´t get solved by the police? Man we are incompetent! PI get all the clues, and we none! The Wire though, gotta love it! Realistic as hells.
Varg Veum is not bad but I thought Forbrydelsen, Beck and Wallander were really good. Was going to ask if you were like Gunvald Larsson in Beck ;-) Link to Takk. Haha You had me at "i fuck your wife every day". Priceless.
SO.. What station in Oslo are you situated at? Sentrum? Manglerud? An other? I would say, but won´t. Our worlds not that big. But its one of the biggest.
OK. But answer me this: What kind of duty do you normally do? I can say street level, but not "on the beat". I´ve grown tired of that part. I will get in trouble if someone sees some of my answers and finds out who i am. But i can satisfy any other curiosities you might have...?
Jeg er bare nyskjerrig ;) Only wondering because I know a lot of Oslo cops, most on op-central, though :D. Det er lov :-) (it´s allowed) Cops are always nice to know! Most times :-)
Do you really hate crime and offenders, or you're working in police only for money? None of the above sir!
Every crime has an offender, but every offender has his reasons (not all sane but..). Something that seems unbelievable at the time, might seem understandable given some insight (fyi I'm glad google autocorrect is with me today). But the exception here being 22.07.12 and terror in general. But then again i guess they have their own logic and "reason", and maybe not the best of families. We´re very left-ish up here. But politics is NOT my game! I just do what they say, and then moderate it a bit ;-)
Hei og takk for at du gjør en AMA! Var du på vakt under 22. Juli i Oslo? Hvordan opplever du tryggheten i Oslo som politimann, føler du deg trygg på jobb der? Hva er din verste opplevelse på vakt? Kjempe takk for at du gjør en AMA, hilsen en felles nordmann! Tror jeg har svart på denne under. 22 juli topper nok værste-dag listen. Og takk!
What's the marijuana situation like in Norway? I was reading that there has been talk about decriminalizing? What are your thoughts, as a police officer? I think i covered this in another post. Repost me if you want something more :-)
Do you smoke weed everyday? No mr president.
Hva synes du om Harry Hole? Stereotype number one, but a good guy with good skills. Love the books, haven´t read the last one sadly.
But seriously, what kind of research into Norwegian policing did Jo Nesbø actually do before writing the books? Have no idea. But he isn´t too far off the chart. So i guess he has do a good deal.
Nå, jeg ville bare øve mitt norsk litt. Nå, jeg ville bare øve på norsken min litt. You stand corrected. But my english is poorer then your norwegian so...
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2012.04.18 15:09 tabledresser [Table] IamA Norwegian girl who stood 200 meters away from the Norwegian Government building as it blew up the 22nd of July, AMA.

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Date: 2012-04-17
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Questions Answers
What did you first think it was? What did you do right after you heard the bomb go off? First I thought it was some sort of demolition gone wrong, and I tried to remember if there were any scheduled demolitions or something in that area. Also, from the sound of it, it sounded like it came from the Oslo Central Station, which is about 500 meters south of the Government building, but since the Central Station is a very tall structure, I suppose it reflected the sound or something.
Right after the bomb went off, I started talking to randoms on the street, and (jokingly) arrived at the conclusion that someone must have blown up the Government building. A surprising number of people were laughing, some even said we had it coming for our involvement in the Middle East and such.
Then my mom called. She told me to get out of town as soon as possible, which was difficult since all public transportation had ceased, but aforementioned friends had a car, so it worked out.
This is pretty much what I thought. I was down by the Central Station (by Børsen) and everything shook. Then my mom called, she used to work in Høyblokka (the blown up building) and she saw the smoke from north in Oslo. Breivik hadde jo planlagt flere mål, men grunnet pengemangel fikk han ikke laget nok bomber... Aftenposten, arbeiderparti-bygget, NRK, og så videre. Hadde de sprengt arbeiderparti-bygget, kunne jeg nok kanskje vært død nå. Jeg stod foran McDonald's i Storgata, liksom. Ekkelt å tenke på. Jeg dro jo rett opp på en skogfest like etter smellet, og ei venninne ringte meg og fortalte at det var en gærning på en øy som dreiv og skøyt AUF-kids, og at i alle fall ti var døde. Jeg trodde først hun tulla, sånt skjer ikke i Norge, liksom. Deretter kom det fler og fler folk på festen, alle hadde med seg nyheter. Uff, det var grusomt. Kjente du noen på Utøya?
Then I went home from work and a friend came to pick me up about an hour and a half later. We were driving to Asker, and loads of police cars passed us on the freeway going out of Oslo. We were really confused. Then we got to his place and saw the news. So bizarre and wierd..
How do you feel about stopping Anders Behring Breiviks defence speech from coming on Norwegian TV (only being filtered through quotes and people commenting on his quotes)? I understand how some people might not want to hear it, but they are free to turn off their radios and TVs.
I think anyone should be allowed to defend themselves, no matter how much we disagree with them. I am disappointed that Breivik isn't given the same rights as everyone else, and it undermines the Norwegian people's effort to remain civilized after the bombing. (Civilized: Not going all USA on people, being suspicious of EVERYONE, arresting random people for looking funny at police officers, etc.)
(Civilized: Not going all USA on people, being suspicious of EVERYONE, >arresting random people for looking funny at police officers, etc.) As a United States citizen I would buy you a beer if I had the opportunity. Well said :) I'll hold you to that!
The phrase and the implications of "going all USA on people" scares me for more reasons than I can reasonably articulate. This amuses me more than I can reasonably articulate.
I'm an American that wants to move to Norway! :) Do it! You won't regret it.
It's hardly normal for a public trial to be broadcast at all, and it really would be exactly what he wanted. Everything he says will be made available for anyone interested in due time--as is normal for a public trial. A public trial for a public massacre.
I totally want to try some långfärdsskridsko. Well, you won't get those in Norway, because that's Swedish;D.
Norwegian: Æ, Ø, Å Swedish: Ä, Ö, Å.
Oops, I screwed up ... I meant long distance river skating. I think långfärdsskridsko means long distance riding shoes.
I might be wrong, though. Norwegian and Swedish are almost the same, with a few exceptions that makes communicating with them hilarious.
Edit: I think 'skrid' means 'avalanche', or something like that.
Avalanche is 'skred' in Swedish, not 'skrid'. 'skrid' means proceed or glide. Aha! I am wiser now.
*Greetings from Austria. Aksel Lund Svindal is awesome, I root for him over most of our skiers, but Anders Bardal had to be the most lucky ski jumping overall world cup winner I have ever seen. ;) I don't watch the ski races, but it's nice that you're rooting for our athletes!
"Green party" som i MDG? Jepp.
You are claiming the labour party took advantage of the situation? I don't vote labour myself, but fuck you very much! Since you insist: Jail.
What we are discussing, and the only question of importance to the trial, is whether he should be convicted as a criminal and put in jail or considered mentally ill and be hospitalised for the rest of his life. Also, getting angry on Reddit er å bæsje litt på leggen, da.
Pent å høre, samme her! Hvordan kan man ikke stemme på noen som har en gressplen som inventar i boden sin, liksom?
True that. You're still way off. You're the kind of angry person who needs someone to yell at. I've already considered most of your views and concluded that you're seem very educated on the matter and that I mostly agree with you, despite not sharing your opinions before you presented them. I have no desire being right. You, however, seem to hate being wrong and bash people just in case you are.
Which, in this case, you are not. I'm just sayin', bro.
Wow. Everybody else is either imbeciles (FrP) or evil (Høyre). You seem sane. I could go deeper, but it doesn't matter to you unless you're Norwegian. And if you're Norwegian, you understand where I'm coming from, whether you agree or not.
Du preiker mye sannhet! Elsker det at Herr Båtstrand minner om Mr Tumnus også. For en kar! Som representant for den kvinnelige delen av befolkningen, kan jeg vedgå at Båtstrand har en MEGET vinnende utstråling. Herrejøjemin, for et skjegg.
Enig. Men for et slapt håndtrykk. Har du... TATT på ham? * *,
Do you think Anders had help from "insiders" to get weapons and bullets to help him do what he did? Either that, or he's VERY crafty. And from the current live video feed and descriptions of him, he doesn't seem very crafty at all. More like a stupid teenager proud to front some moronic case that will make everyone know "how awesome he is", or something. But that's just my opinion.
Read your other answers and like them, but in the Breivik discussion most other Norwegian redditors seem to be very different from you. Thanks Oh, what do the other Norwegians say here on Reddit?
Did you know anyone personally that was unfortunately killed during Breiviks spree? I am glad to say I did not. I've heard tons of stories from friends and acquaintances, though.
One good story from Utøya: One of my little brother's friends, who wasn't even a very good swimmer, carried a wounded friend on his back all the way to the next island. That is a true hero!
I just noticed you typed this, "...or anything else regarding Norway...". I watched five minutes of one episode, didn't care for it. That being said, I'm not the target audience. I'm bored whenever there are no spaceships, swordfights or dinosaurs.
What do you think about the TV show "Lilyhammer?" You need to ask someone else!
Many people in America tend to depict Norway as an almost utopian place where there is beautiful mountain countryside, no crime, good economy, little poverty, and a government that listens to it's people. Is Norway really like that? (Besides the time of the attack happened) Beautiful mountain countryside: Yes, full of ass-backwards people who vote for FrP (what Sarah Palin would be in if she was Norwegian) because they don't like foreigners and paying taxes. But yeah, the mountains are amazing, and everyone should visit Norway some time just to see them, especially during summer.
No crime: Little serious crime. We have our assault rapes and bank robberies, our drug dealers and car thefts, but on a daily basis Norway is almost crime free... If you don't count ents, trees and those who distribute it, whom I don't consider criminals at all. (Pro legalization, ofc.)
Good economy: Hells to the yes. But people expect you to have money, too. So that if you're poor, you're suddenly not worth shit, even if you have a home and don't starve. Poverty in Norway isn't dying of hunger, it's being left out. I think this worst for children.
Government listening to people: Haha, really? No government I know of does that. The Norwegian government (owned by the Labour Party) doesn't give a shit about the people. IMO.
Thats the last straw. I'm moving to Norway. Have you ever been to Flekkefjørd? My great grandfather is from there! :D. It's called Flekkefjord!:P And no, haven't been there. And yes! Come, come, Norway is pretty much awesome. At least compared to most places.
What's your opinion on Blitz? Been there a couple of times, and MAN, they are a mad bunch of bitches. Mad as in angry. It seems to me they just hate everyone who isn't a blitzer.
If you need a place to hang out that doesn't throw you out if you don't pay for a 39 kr latte, I suggest Hausmania. Nicer people, better food (in my opinion) and the atmosphere is just... freer.
Hey since you are here, how cold does it get in June in Norway? I'm gonna take a trip past Bergen and on to the atlantic road... but I'm planning on camping. Wondering how bad of an idea that might be. I was just in Oslo last weekend and it was -1 and ice rain in the morning. I have actually been in Bergen, so I don't personally know what it's like during the summer. Rainy, I've been told, but that's all.
But Norway CAN be pretty warm in June. If you're lucky.
As a former Oslo resident i totally disagree with my fellow Norwegians statement here. Blitz is a REALLY welcoming community regardless of race/looks/tastes. They do however judge you quite heavily if your political viewpoint is too far right =) I have attended concerts there, those were really nice. But on a daily basis, I feel like it's sort of a secret club you weren't supposed to know about.
And well... If I vote, I vote Green Party, other than that I tend to be mistaken for an anarchist. I don't know what to tell people, though. Not really sure what I am, but I am VERY certain I do not challenge the common Blitzer's world view.
Starvin' Marvin should visit both, in my opinion, and make up his own mind. Perhaps he likes aggressive punks. I prefer relaxed hippies!:)
Last year in Trondheim, a city in the middle of Norway, we had temperatures as low as -30C during the winter and somewhere around +30C during the summer. With tons of rain and snow and shit, of course. Never a year without snow, rain and sludd and slaps and sørpe and holkeføre and neglsprett.
Did it deafen you? For a second, but I don't know if it was panic or actually being deaf. I heard that high pitched tone (you know what I mean) but I do that whenever I'm scared shitless.
For future reference, what you were experiencing is called tinnitus (if I understand correctly.) Ah! I knew that. I just forgot.
EDIT: Seriously people? Downvotes? It's ok to help people if it doesn't sound like they know a term for something they're describing Why do I get it when I'm scared? Any theories?
It's something that develops gradually. Usually not too noticeable when you're young. When I'm old, I'll just grow myself a new ear in a petri-dish. Complete with hairs and eardrum and everything.
just for formalities, do you have any proof of who you are (it can be confirmed with the OPs if you want to be anonymous)? There's been some fake AMAs lately, I'd be sad to see this be another one! The only proof I have is my own facebook status from some hours later... I'm sorry I can't prove it. I understand if you choose not to believe me.
Do you think Norway is a county worth moving to? Do you think think foreign people have a hard time adjusting to the Norwegian culture? Do people speak English on a daily-basis in Norway? If you're from a country where people speak on the bus or actually touch eachother without one party feeling harassed, you might not like Norway. Everyone stands a few feet away at the bus stop, we don't kiss when we greet someone and if you talk to strangers, they think you're crazy. Once you get to know people, though, they are nice. Oh, and Norwegians hardly ever apologize for anything, like stepping on your foot.
People younger than 50 are usually able to speak a full English sentence, but old people usually only speak Norwegian, and sometimes German. Younger people are very proficient at speaking English, mostly thanks to gaming and pop culture.
I'm curious why do old Norwegians talk German? I don't know. I just made the observation that they usually speak German before English. With that said, the majority only speaks Norwegian.
Oh, and Norwegians hardly ever apologize for anything, like stepping on your foot. "Oh, did I step on your foot?" "Yepp." "Would do it again." Haha! I wish!
1.) How do you feel about the trial not being broadcast to the public? 1: It was the only way, when the case affected the public this much. I am glad we know what's going on.
2.) Are you afraid something like this will happen again? (or that he has inspired more people to carry out more acts?) 2: I am, actually. But that's the traumatized part of me, the part that stood in Storgata and saw the smoke speeding down from the Government Building. I don't know if other people are afraid too. I just jump whenever I hear thunder.
As an American, I'm so impressed with the way your country has worked through this -- introspection rather than violent lashing out at other countries to feel better about yourselves. We could learn something here. Best of luck. Everyone can learn from us, I agree. Most other countries would declare war on something or someone and spend their resources accordingly. Here we bought roses at marched down the street.
Link to And congratulation to your country on how you handle the situation. I don't speak much German, so I can't confirm what he's saying, but I can confirm what I see. And it seems accurate, yes.
The date of my birth. How long did the shock last? Thanks to a bunch of friends living downtown, I was talked down from the shock, so it only lasted about half an hour... But I was shaky for a week, and every time I hear thunder, or demolotion or things falling... Flashback!
Thats terrible. Im interested in Norway so im going to go off topic and hit you with some stereotypes out of curiosity. What are your religious views? Do you listen to metal music? Have you seen Trollhunter, did you like it? I'm an atheist humanitarian, I think. I'm very skeptical by nature, but always open to at least investigating new ideas.
I did listen to metal before, but now I'm more into electronica, for some reason.
I saw Trollhunter, and I liked it - but Otto Jespersen (the protagonist) is a comedian, not an actor, and it shows.
Awesome, thank you for indulging my curiosity. Did not know that about Otto Jespersen, then again how would I. Great AmA. Very interesting/informative. One more. Whats the best Norwegian film you've seen that you would suggest? *Fatso (Foreveralone virgin is forced to live with hot Swedish chick) *Mannen som elsket Yngve (Commie kid exiting the closet) *Elling (Adult aspie's mother dies, he has to move out) *Svidd Neger (black kid grows up in rural Northern Norway, thinks he's Sapmi)
Do you believe in elves? Do you know anyone around you who does? Sorry, no elves. I know people who believe in them, but... That's because they're hippies. High as fuck, trippin' on DMT and shit.
Thank you. Now I wonder how hard it will be to get ahold of these. Ahoy, I know a bay where the wenches are wet and the grog is golden...
A DMT trip lasts only 15 minutes and I highly doubt someone would be even able to talk during such a trip. Yeah, but they are able to talk afterwards.
I've never ventured to those waters. I don't oppose it, just never have. First time for everything? Yarr, matey.
of all, Norway rules! You guys love fish and metal music, thats cool! Haha, I came to Reddit, I think I'm pretty relaxed about insensitivities.
of all, what was the immediate aftermath like? I've always wondered what it would be like just after a bomb went off.. were people screaming and running, was it like a movie? Sorry if its insensitive, just really curious! Fire alarms went off in all buildings, smoke emerged from the bomb site and filled the city, people were screaming, kids were crying, everyone who'd been inside the buildings rushed out, filling the streets. I saw a woman who bled from her head, I think she was hit by glass from the imploding windows of a nearby 7Eleven. Didn't look serious, though.
Do you agree with the judge that recently got removed the case that Breivik should face the death penalty? I don't agree with him, and saying something like that on Facebook (or wherever it was) when you're the judge is bloody stupid.
So in USA, we are told that "this can happen to us" (and sometimes it does). After that attack, does Norway have that "this can happen to us" attitude, or does it just seem like something that happened and probably won't ever happen again? I haven't encountered any of that "this could happen to us"-attitude. Perhaps it's just not in us. Hooray!
Mental note to use "daft as bread" in the future. Also try using "born behind a barn". Northern Norwegian expression describing someone who's beyond retarded.
Has this become Norway's equivalent to 9/11? How do you think this is going to affect pop culture/public conscience in Norway? I think it might be an equivalent, yes. It has already begun to affect public conscience in that discussing negative aspects of immigration has become more taboo, and even the police has stated that they encourage people to inform them if anyone's having "dangerous opinions".
But it's not bad. At least not yet, and it will never reach American proportions.
Pop culture has already sung most of its songs about it, but mentions of it are everywhere. The newspapers hasn't been writing about anything else for almost a year, it seems.
Now I'm also confused on your penal system, is Brevik facing a lifelong sentence in prison or is there a chance he could end up exiting prison in the future? We could keep him in custody indefinitely, I think.
You seem very opinionated, borderline prejudice, about some of the things you've mentioned in your replies. You used some strong language about both the labour party and the progress party. What caused you to form these strong opinions? Do you think they are objective or subjective? I am a subject, therefore my opinions are not objective. I never pretended they were. I did not make this thread pretending to be an ambassador for Norway, or anything. Feel free to disagree with me.
Labour Party: The usual, broken promises, corrupted power structures, Mafia-like handling of internal disputes, involvement in some pretty dirty business (some are actually conspiracy theories), and so on. The Progress Party: The vast majority of their voters seem to lack comprehension of the way society works. For instance, you can't make everything cheapebettefastestronger while lowering taxes. You can't throw every Muslim immigrant applying for citizenship out of the country, because not all of them are angry, fundamentalist men who wants to rape women and live on state benefits.
I read the FrP manifesto(is that the right translation of parti-program?), and compared to those of the other parties, FrP used FAR more single-syllable words and short, simple sentences. It was as if they were targeting 9th graders, or (ironically) people who don't speak Norwegian very well.
These are a few of my reasons why I don't like AP (Labour) or FrP (Progress).
Just to give people an idea of how powerful the bomb blast was, I live about 15-20 km away. Even with that distance and hills/mountains between me and Oslo, I still heard a loud rumble when it went off, and even felt some light tremors. I assumed it was just powerful thunder. Can't imagine what it was like 200 metres away. You didn't know anyone on Utøya, I hope? I did not, but some of my friends did. My little brother's best friend was there, but he survived.
Do you know who fredric aasbo is? Hes the man. Sorry to answer my own question. You know my homeboy Fredric Aasbo? Shiiiit, son!
No, I don't know him. Do you know Carl?
What do you think the public sentiment is on "multiculturalism" in Norway? When I visited Oslo it didn't seem any more diverse than anywhere else in Europe, maybe less so than many cities. The Norwegian sentiment on multiculturalism varies from place to place - the most important factor in forming an ethnically Norwegian person's opinions about foreigners (I think) is whether or not he or she has access to other cultures. I'll give a few examples, since I've lived a lot of places in this country: - - - 1: Rural coastal town in Northern Norway with one asylum housing about 50 people: "Them foreigners come here and steal our shit and rape our women. I wish they'd just go back to Niggerland and spread their AIDS there in stead." (I've hear people say things like this.) - - - 2: Worker town in south-eastern Norway with ghetto suburbs: "Well, some of them are nice, some are criminals, I like the ones who are nice." - - - 3: Oslo West: "Oh, they're so adorable, look at their funny clothes." (Or so I've been told) - - - 4: ... And in the Eastern parts of Oslo most people get along.
Also do you personally think Anders is insane? Do Norwegians think that the potential for him to be put in psychiatric care is a good thing or would they prefer prison or maybe even the death penalty if it was an option? I don't think he's insane, I think he's stupid. Literally - he lacks knowledge about almost everything he's stating as reasons for the attacks. He seems proud, almost - as if he's fronting a case he thinks is 'cool'. Showing off, doing gestures in court, etc - he thinks he's awesome. He's like a teenager. Most people want him to go to jail, because they - like me - don't believe he's crazy. And even if he was, I think they'd prefer him going to jail. Many would like to see him killed, but I honestly think that if people had the chance to kill him, they'd just pity him and slam him into some jail cell and let him rot there.
How popular is the right wing sentiment that Breivik bears in Norway or Europe in General? I did see support for Breivik in many forums. Ofcourse, the majority were oppposing, but i definitely saw support for him. It is as you say. A minority supports him, but most people don't. I don't know what else to say, you put it best yourself:P.
Are you following the trial closely? I'm not reading every article, but I do pay attention, yes.
Do you know any live streaming sites? streamed live earlier today, I don't know about now.
What were your initial thoughts as to what happened? Actually - As soon as I stopped thinking it was some sort of demolition gone wrong, I thought somebody blew up the Government Building. And I was right.
What do you feel about multiculturalism? Some people automatically decry his acts of violence but then they.........sympathize with his reasoning. Every culture is a multiculture. A culture is a gathering of people who exchange ideas, and even though they might - ethnically - be similar, everyone has different viewpoints. The sum of everyone is a culture, and a culture exists thanks to multitude. A culture where everyone thinks, believes and wants the same is called a mono-culture. (Like when you go to Mongolia and find a Starbucks next to McDonald's and people listen to Justin Bieber on their Sony Ericsson Xperias)
Hence, I am for CULTURE. And a culture without new impulses is harmful to those it envelops. We need new people, new ideas to bring the world forward.
However, we must be allowed to point our fingers at dangerous ideas and tell those who advocate them that we will not have it. For instance - American views on health care would ruin Norwegian society. As would Islamic ideas of female submission, South-Asian work ethics (they work 'till they drop, and the West abuses this), Russian corruption, and so on. Every culture has something good, every culture has something bad. We must not exclude people, but we may exclude some of their ideas.
Sorry for the long rant, but I trust you know what I mean.
Are right wing propaganda networks allowed in Norway? (Things like Fox News, radio shows like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, etc., fear mongers.) Yes, they are allowed. Like in any other country.
But the NRK (Norwegian State Broadcasting) is more or less owned by the Labour Party, and most of the other TV/radio channels are bought and paid for by commercials, which means that they mostly won't raise political issues, fearing they'll lose viewers.
Norway is a predominantly socialist country, which means that the media also favors the Left. Unfortunately, right-winged news sources tend to be pushed out of business by the Leftist Media - or so I'm told by those who favor the 'blue parties'. We have reason to worry if this is true, but I can neither confirm nor disprove it.
How does it feel to know that the asshole behind all of this will only get 20 something years? I have trouble believing he'll run smiling out of the prison in 20 years, no matter the outcome of this trial. And even if he does get out, he'll be banished to a cabin on a windy mountain somewhere and CLOSELY monitored for the rest of his life. I'm not too worried, actually.
Would you date an American? I've always liked Scandinavian ladies. Personally, what I care about when it comes to a man's nationality, is whether or not he'll be going home to stay anytime soon. I can't do long distance.
Hilsen fra Norge :) Det må ha vært forferdelig å være så nærme bomben... Glad for at du slapp at noen du kjente døde da :) Hvorfor var du i Oslo da bomben gikk av, bor du der? ________________________ Greetings from Norway :) It must have been horrible to be so close to the bomb... Glad you didn't know anyone that died though :) Why were you in Oslo when the bomb went off, do you live there? Yes, I live in Oslo. I was downtown because of a job interview, but... for obvious reasons, that never happened. And I'm glad, really. Would have sucked to get that job anyway:P.
It was horrible, but the memory of it is more like a movie than my other memories. Can't explain it, it's like watching myself from the outside.
Lika du potetball? /m eller uten sokker? Nope. "Do you like potato ball with or without socks"...
Do you like potatoballs with or without sugar ^ Liker du potetballer med eller uten sukker? would be right.
I ...was testing you? :P My written norwegian is terrible :( I know! I just corrected you, so you get better!
Maybe it's tactless to joke, but did you act anything like this? Yes! In that I didn't actually SEE the explosion. And joking is never tactless!
Why do the Norwegians hate whales so much? I'm ancestrally half Norwegian. I'm from Alaska and grew up with locals who hunt whales. I've eaten whale. But when I browsed Norwegian corners of the internet (admittedly this was 15 years ago). I was surprised at how pervasively some Norwegians liked to just kill whales. It seemed a common perception at the time. Is this just Norwegian knuckle-dragging by a few? I like whales! But I'm voting for The Green Party, so...
I don't think that would be the case if it wasn't for the party in the forest. Then I'd just be a scared, nervous wreck. I have to say, I don't know how I'd react if he was shooting at me or anyone I knew personally. Closest I come to the massacre, was my brother's best friend, who survived without a scratch.
If I ever get out to Norway, we're hanging out! Sounds like just the way to follow up such a traumatic experience, letting it all go! And yeah, it was awesome. Add me as a friend and tell me if you ever come to Norway!
I am glad that you aren't suffering any long-term PTSD symptoms, and also read some of your other comments and am thoroughly warmed by your attitude that even this man deserves a fair trial. Way to be awesome :) Everyone deserves a fair trial. If we start exempting people from that rule, we're heading down a slippery slope. Suddenly you don't deserve a fair trial because you've got a different faith than the majority, or something.
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